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This issue, as the previous one, is brought out as a tribute to the goCden jubiCee of India's independence. 'This issue is 
very 'Indian ' in nature, as it deals with the vernacular names of the birds of the Indian subcontinent. Many of the 
vernacular names of Indian birds are still undocumented or going into oblivion, with the passing of the older generation 
and the disappearance of wildlife in many areas. 

"We bring out Volume 3, Number 1 of<Buceros as an effort to record these names before they are lost forever. The names 
have been taken from Mi c£ (Ripley 's 'Handbook^ some regionally based field guides or checklists, information by (BNHS 
scientists and members, or other naturalists who reside, work^ or had worked in different parts of India. This is only 
the beginning of this exercise, and we propose to update the list with the feedbackjwe receive from readers. 

The following persons were instrumental in adding or correcting the information available on vernacular names at the 
(BNHS : (Dr. (jayatri VgraforJfindi and%ashmiri names, (Dr. 'Hillaljyothi Singha for fissamese and (Bengali names, 
(Dr. <Y. % (Rao for gujarati and Telugu names, Mr. %.%. Mohapatra for Oriya names, Mr. Mihir (Devare and Ms. 
Madhavi Inamdar for Marathi names, (Dr. S. (Balachandran and (Dr. S. Alagar Rajan for Tamil names, (Dr. Ranjit 
Manakadan for Telugu and Tamil names, Mr. S. R. Nay af^ for %annada names, and Mr. Jinesh Madhavan for 
Malayalam names. 



The classification of birds and the scientific names followed in this manuscript are largely based on Ali & 
Ripley's Handbook. However, we have made changes in the scientific names, where they have undergone 
changes as given in Ali & Ripley's Pictorial Guide. We have not followed the classification or adopted the recent 
changes in the scientific names (some of which are still debated) as given in Inskipp, Lindsey and Duckworth's 
An Annotated Checklist of the Birds of the Oriental Region, as a good amount of the vernacular names given in 
the publications we referred to were based on the old classification and as per the species status in the Handbook 
or Pictorial Guide. 

Since the Handbook has names for subspecies also (which now appears to have been an unnecessary 
exercise undertaken by the authors), for brevity's sake, we have used the most well known name for the species, or 
by a name that fits all the subspecies well. In cases where there were no suitable names to suit all the subspecies, 
we have resorted to names used in Ali & Ripley's Pictorial Guide, sometimes gone back to Ripley's Synopsis, and 
if even these were found inadequate, we referred to the publication of Inskipp et al. mentioned earlier. 

We hope to update the work done in this publication in accordance with the new classification and species 
list some time next year, after we get sufficient feedback from readers and have access to more publications in the 
regional languages not available with us now. The purpose of this manuscript, besides documenting the vernacular 
bird names, is intended to serve as an impetus for further development and consolidation of the vernacular bird 
names of the Indian subcontinent. 



The British may have introduced systematic and scientific ornithology to the Indian subcontinent, but it appears that the 
early 'natives' must have been avid birdwatchers on their own. How else does one account for the plethora of names in the many 
languages of the Indian subcontinent, quite a few of which are very neatly coined to fit the bird species concerned. 

It has been acknowledged that the richness of Indian culture is due to its diversity of races, cultures, languages, customs, 
religions and festivals. At the same time, excess of diversity has its drawbacks in that it prevents development, especially in those 
fields that warrant uniformity. In the case of bird names, it did not permit any local name to become accepted even within a 
region that even has a common language. Additionally, it allowed an imposed or dominant foreign name to gain preference over 
the local name. Till recently, there were hardly any books on birds in the vernacular languages. 

Many of the known names for birds are probably still not documented or may already have been lost with the passing 
generations. The early Indians paid little attention to the recording of information on paper. Knowledge was, to a good extent, 
passed on to the pupils verbally by the guru, who had similarly learned it all from his guru. Thus, all the knowledge was 
memorised and 'stored' in the brain. Added to this, education was denied to most of the classes, except the Brahmins, so a very 
high proportion of the population were not able to read and write, or record information. Thus very little written information is 
available now for referencing. Another problem was that the language used in those days was Sanskrit, a language which was 
understood by only a very small minority of the population, and as in the case of Latin, is now dead as a spoken language. But 
still, there remain some interesting written accounts on birds. The earliest record of avian brood-parasitism was described 
unambiguously in Sanskrit literature for the Indian Koel, many centuries before Aristotle (384-322 B.C.) or his immediate 
colleagues or predecessors began to write about the European Cuckoo. 

The Mughals, who came to rule over much of the Indian subcontinent, and similarly the Europeans, were better historians 
and made efforts to document all they saw and experienced. These two races had an added interest in the wildlife in that they had 
no qualms about hunting animals for food or sport, unlike the Buddhists and a good proportion of the Hindus. This made them 
more familiar with the wildlife of their areas. Quite a few of the Mughal Emperors, especially Babur and Jahangir were avid 
naturalists and they took care to record their own personal observations, as well as known facts. Jahangir's Memoirs are replete 
with observations on birds written with accuracy and insight that would do credit to a modern student of bird behaviour and 
ecology. He even established and patronised a school of animal paintings at his court, which had the unique distinction of having 
produced a miniature painting of the Dodo, which became extinct in 1681. 


The Europeans, who introduced scientific ornithology into India, documented profusely all they saw and heard. Credit has 
to be given to the early European ornithologists based in the Indian subcontinent for documenting and thus preserving the 
vernacular names of the birds of the regions. T.C. Jerdon, the author of the first major scientific book on Indian birds (Birds of 
India: 1862-64), thoughtfully listed the vernacular bird names of different regions of the Indian subcontinent. This precept was 
not followed by Oates and Blanford in their Fauna of British India - Birds: (1889-98), but was fortunately continued by Stuart 
Baker in his Fauna of British India-Birds (1922-30) in eight volumes. Ali & Ripley's Handbook of the Birds of the Indian 
subcontinent further supplemented the information on the vernacular names. 

The recent major field guides of the Indian subcontinent do not give the vernacular names of the birds e.g., T.J. Robert's 
Birds of Pakistan and Tim and Carol Inskipp's Birds of Nepal. A positive trend is that vernacular names are being documented 
in some regionally based publications in English, e.g., Dharmakumarsinhji's Birds of Saurashtra and Neelakanthan, Sasikumar 
and Venugopal's A Book of Kerala Birds. The increasing importance given to the use or preservation of regional languages 
(against English or Hindi) has aided in documenting the vernacular name of birds of different states. Notable among these are 
Punjabi Names of the Birds of Punjab, published by the Department of Forests and Wildlife of Punjab state and Checklist of 
the Birds of Gujarat by Lavkumar Khacher and Lalsinh Raol. The authors have coined and added group names to birds, which 
did not earlier exist or were unknown. This was necessary in many cases, either where names did not exist or where the group 
names of birds were used for a broad range of species. For example, in many Indian languages, birds of prey from sparrowhawks, 
buzzards to eagles are all grouped under one name, just as some English speaking people unknowingly call all raptors as eagles. 
Similarly, people of an area that know of only one species of junglefowl, will call their Red Junglefowl as junglefowl, while the Grey 
Junglefowl too would have the same generalised name in another area. Hence, such inevitable name changes will have to be made. 
This is one step to Salim Ali's desire for standardisation of vernacular bird names to satisfy the demand for popular bird books in 
the regional languages. 

In Table 1 , we summarise the list of vernacular bird names recorded in the Indian subcontinent, which are largely taken 
from Ali & Ripley's Handbook. We have supplemented the list from other publications, which are acknowledged at the end of this 
manuscript. There appear to be many doubtful cases (wrong pronunciation) of vernacular names, judging from our own present 
knowledge of vernacular names and from enquiries with people from the different regions of India at the BNHS. Correct 
pronunciation of a foreign language has always been a problem and it becomes a further casualty when written down in another 
very dissimilar language. In many cases, the local names have got modified beyond recognition to make them unknown to even the 
locals of the region concerned. Both the Britishers and the many races of India were experts at misinterpreting and mis- 
pronouncing names, especially of Dravidian languages, which are real tongue-twisters. The regionally based books that have come 
out recently have straightened out the mispronounced names to a great extent. 


From a perusal of the names in the table, suspicions arise that some of the vernacular names (especially in the recent field 
guides), are literal translations of English names. Such names were invented either by over-enthusiastic locals or trappers 
associated with the 'outsider ornithologist', or 'inventions' of the local ornithologists' to complete the book or checklist in a hurry! 
For example, in one publication in Marathi, the vernacular name of the Purple Moorhen is given (translated?) as Jhambli 
Pankombdi (Purple Waterhen). Other examples where the vernacular names seem literal translations of English names are Barf ha 
titar (Partridge of the snow) for Snow Partridge, Gai bagla (Cow Egret) for Cattle Egret, Kulathu kokku (Pond's heron) for Pond 
Heron, Tellabora neeti kodi (Whitebreasted Water Hen) for the Whitebreasted Water Hen, Pahari myna (Hill Myna) for Hill Myna, 
Gulabi gorinka or gorvanka (Rose Myna) for the Rosy Starling and Manjakanni chilappan (Yelloweyed chatterbox) for the Yellow- 
eyed Babbler. The top honours for 'plagiarism' should go to Safed kaan bulbul, which exactly translates to White-eared Bulbul (do 
the Indians also call the tuft of differently coloured feathers at the sides of the head of birds as ears?) and Madhyam (middle) bagla 
(stork) for Median Egret! However, in some cases, one has to ponder if the similarity in names occurred by chance (due to the 
characteristics or behaviour of the species), or who copied the name from whom! In the case of the publications related to Punjab 
and Gujarat birds cited earlier, the compilers of the book have admitted they had to resort to such steps in the absence of local 
names. It would have been proper for others to have done so. 

There seems to be a surfeit of names from certain regions of India (e.g. Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Kashmir) compared to other 
areas (e.g. Orissa, Maharashtra) in the Handbook. This is probably due to the fact that many of the ornithologists who took an 
interest in finding out the vernacular names, were either based in these states or had gone there for the surveys. The recent 
regionally based books in the local languages have brought out many of the names not recorded for species in the Handbook. 
BNHS scientists who had worked in the different regions of India in the 1980s and 1990s too have made additions to the list. 

In the Kerala and Punjabi publications cited earlier, the authors have adopted the English group names for some birds, e.g., ibis, 
plover, godwit and pochard, while in the Marathi and Gujarati books or checklists, the prefixes of English common names (e.g., 
Jerdon, Franklin and Kentish) have been used. Such additions look very incongruous when juxtaposed against the vernacular 
halves. A perusal and adoption of the nearest regional name should be attempted first, before resorting to English names - in the 
absence of a proper local name. 

We have made deviations in the manner in which the Handbook has presented the vernacular names. In addition to the 
heading of the languages under which the vernacular names are grouped, Ali & Ripley, in some cases, also gave the places or 
districts from which the names originate. We have done away with place and district names, as in India, we now have one 'state 
language' in a state. However, for areas where there are distinct ethnic groups or tribes, we have retained these names, e.g., the 
different tribes of Assam, or the language spoken by certain inhabitants of the Himalayas spread across various states, i.e. Pahari. 
We hope that these communities will gradually accept the predominant language of the state, so that development of ornithology in 
the state gets hastened and is made easier. 



• Many of the current English common names for birds were original or derivatives of Indian vernacular names, e.g., shama and 


Except for Philomachus pugnax, where the male is called Ruff and the female Reeve, all the other common names in English 
have the same name for both the sexes. This is not so in the case of the Indian vernacular names, where the sexes have 
different names for quite a few species, especially among ducks, birds of prey, minivets etc., where sexual dimorphism is 

It appears that some vernacular bird names are onomatopoeic in genesis. Examples are Kaka /Tamil and Malayalam), Kaki 
(Telugu), Kowwa (Hindi) for crows; Kuku (Kashmiri), Kukku (Lepcha), Phuphu (Kumaon) for the Cuckoo; Tuiya tota (Hindi), Tui 
suga (Nepal), Tiya or Tiya tota for the Blossomheaded Parakeet and Awak or waak for the Night Heron. Others were based on 
the physical characters, food habits, diet or habitat the birds frequent. Examples are Naththai kuththi narai (Snail Pecking 
Stork), Tamil for Openbilled Stork; Peenigala Konga (Corpse Stork), Telugu for the Adjutant Stork; Tena gadda (Telugu) and 
Ten parandu (Tamil), both of which mean Honey Eagle, for the Honey Buzzard; and Samp mar (Snake Killer) for the Whitebellied 
Fishing Eagle, which feeds largely on sea snakes. 

The cormorants and gulls have the suffix of Crow added to them in some Indian languages. The cormorants are called water 
crows and gulls, sea crows. In the first group, it is probably due to their black colour, and in the case of gulls, it is due to its 
scavenging habit, crow-like raucous calls and maritime habitat 

The name used for harriers in Tamil and Telugu translates to Cat Raptor, and is apt as the faces of the species have the 
composure and countenance of a cat. 

Telugu names prevalent in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh (where one of the ENVIS staff had worked earlier), such as Korra 
koncha (Demoiselle Crane), burrlakka (quails), ratipoluka (sandgrouse), Samba kaki (Crow Pheasant), Tikka titta (meaning mad 
bird due to its incessant calls both during the day and night) for Red-wattled Lapwing are unrecorded in literature. We have 
added these to the list of names given in the table. This shows that a lot more documentation needs to be done on vernacular 
bird names from the different regions of the Indian subcontinent. 

In Telugu, the flamingo is known as Samudrapu chiluka, meaning sea parrot due to its parrot-like bill. 


• The vernacular names for the wagtails sound more comical when translated into English. In Malayalam and Tamil, it reads as 
Tail Wagger, and in Telugu, Bum Wagger ! 

• The wagtail group is also called Vannathi kuruvi (Dhobi Bird) in Tamil as they frequent the vicinity of washermen at rivers and 

• The rustic charm in naming of birds is evident in the Sindhi name for the Blackheaded Bunting, Booree, which means deaf. The 
reason for this name it is said, is that no amount of scaring will chase this species from crop fields. 

• The White-throated Fantail Flycatcher has the apt name of Nachan (Dancer) in Marathi, which is befitting as the movements of 
the bird gives the impression of a delicate dancer. 

• Examples of wrong pronunciation of vernacular names by outsiders are the words Chinna (meaning small) which got corrupted 
to Sinna (a word that does not exist in Tamil) and Kampa (meaning thorn/ scrub) into Campa in Ali & Ripley's Handbook. 

• The Little Stint is called Kosu Ullan in Tamil, which translates to Mosquito Wader. Trappers in the Great Vedaranyam Swamp, 
Tamil Nadu say it is named due to its small size and the large flocks it forms, which from a distance look like swarms of 

• The cute name Rani didao gophita (Little White Water Princess) is used for the Pheasant-tailed Jacana in Cachar district, Assam. 

• In Malayalam, the Black Drongo is called as Kakka tampuratti (Queen of Crows) and the Grey Drongo, Kakka tampuran (King of 
Crows)! Did such names originate from Kerala's fairy tales? Does the name of Madayan (meaning fool in Tamil) for the Pond 
Heron also have a fable behind it? 

• Artisans' names are given or prefixed for some bird groups in the vernacular languages, due to certain characteristics of the 
species. Examples are tacchan kuruvi (Malayalam) and sutaar (Marathi), meaning carpenter or carpenter bird for woodpeckers; 
sonar (Marathi), meaning goldsmith for orioles; tambat (Marathi), meaning coppersmit for barbets; and taiyalkaran kuruvi 
(Tamil), darzee (Hindi) and darji (Punjabi), meaning tailor, for tailorbirds. 

• It seems fascinating that there are names for nondescript groups of birds as the warblers, e.g., for the Booted Warbler in 
Malayalam (see Handbook). This only proves that the early Indians did pay attention to nature and birds. 



In Telugu, the Grey Shrike is known as Kasai pitta, meaning Butcher Bird, which is what the shrike is also called in English. 

The recorded names for all the predominantly yellow coloured orioles in Hindi is Peelak, meaning the 'the yellow one'. The 
absence of different names for individual species highlights the need for standardising the vernacular names of birds so that 
ornithology can develop in the vernacular languages. In the absence of existing names, new names will have to be coined. 

The Telugu name for the Lesser Florican is Nela nemali, meaning Ground Peacock, probably due to the presence of peacock like 
plumes on the head of cock floricans. 

• The names in Telugu for the Bonelli's Eagle and Booted Hawk-Eagle are Kundeli salawa and Udatala gedda, which roughly 
translates to Hare Raptor and Squirrel Raptor respectively. The Handbook mentions the prey of the former as large birds and 
hares and the latter, as small mammals (squirrels and rats) and small birds. This shows that the locals did have a good idea of 
natural history of these birds. 


The list given in this publication is in no way complete. It is hoped that we get a feedback of the correct vernacular lists 
from the different regions of the Indian subcontinent from Buceros readers. Based on this, we hope to bring out a revised list 
sometime during next year. In the meanwhile, it is hoped that the various ornithological societies or individuals of different states 
will start recording standardizing and publishing the vernacular names of birds of their states, after consultations with 
ornithologists of their respective states. The names will have to be recorded in English also, for the benefit of others. Such an 
exercise is already taking place in Assam by the Wildlife Afforestation and Nature Trust (WANT) at Guwahati. It had also been 
carried out (as mentioned earlier) by the Department of Forests and Wildlife, Punjab. We wish to reiterate that weeding out of 
adopted English names in the vernacular names should ideally be carried out. Instead of English names, a suitable local or 
neighbouring state's name can be adopted. In the absence of any suitable name, some deshi name can be coined with a little bit of 




Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 


Blackthroated Diver 

Gavia arctica 



Redthroated Diver 

Gavia stellata 



Great Crested Grebe 

Podiceps cristatus 

Ass: Shiva-hanh, Guj: Chotili dubki, Chotili moti dubki 


Rednecked Grebe 

Podiceps griseigena 

Guj: Shiyalu moti dubki 


Blacknecked Grebe 

Podiceps nigricollis 

Guj: Shyamagreeva dubki, Shiyalu nani dubki 


Little Grebe 

Tachybaptus ruficollis 

Sind: Tubino, Hindi: Pandubbi, Pantiri, Dubdubi, Churaka, Sans: Laghoo vajjul, Kash: Pind, Pun: Dubkani, 
Ben: Dubdubi, Pandubi, Duburi, Guj: Dubki, Nani dubki, Mar: Pandubi, Ori: Dubudubi, Ta: Mukkulippan, 
Tanni pullu, Te: Munugudi-kodi, Chinna munugu, Kan: Jala chatare 


Cape Petrel 

Daption capensis 



Streaked Shearwater 

Calonestris leucomelas 



Pinkfooted Shearwater 

Procellaria carneipes 



Wedgetailed Shearwater 

Procellaria pacifica 



Short-tailed Shearwater 

Procellaria tenuirostris 


11, 12 

Audubon's Shearwater 

Procellaria Iherminieri 

Maid: Hoogula 


Mascarene Black Petrel 

Bulweria aterrima 



Jonanin's Gadfly Petrel 

Bulweria fallax 



Bulwer's Gadfly Petrel 

Bulweria bulwerii 



Wilson's Storm Petrel 

Oceanites oceanicus 



Duskyvented Storm Petrel 

Fregetta tropica 



Leache's/Forktailed Storm Petrel 

Oceanodroma leucorhoa 



Redbilled/ Short-tailed Tropic-bird 

Phaethon aethereus 


Redtailed Tropic-bird 

Phaethon rubricauda 



Longtailed/ White Tropic-bird 

Phaethon lepturus 



White /Rosy Pelican 

Pelecanus onocrotalus 

Sind: Pen, Hindi: Hawasil, Bi: Bellua, Birwa, Bherwa, Ben: Ganggoya, Gaganber, Garapolo, Gorapullo, Ass: Dhera, 
Bhela, Mani: Uphong, Guj: Gulabi pen, Kutch: Pen, Ori: Raja hansa, Ta: Koolakeda, Te: Chinkabatu, 
Mai: Kotumpannom, Sinh: Pas boruwa, Pasbara 

21, 22. 

Spottedbilled/Grey Pelican 

Pelecanus philippensis 

Same as above, additionally Sans: Mahaplav, Guj: Ruperi pen, Chotli pen (for subspecies crispus), Mar: Zholiwala, 


Masked Booby 

Sula dactylatra 

Guj: Shyam mukh waghomada 


Redfooted Booby 

Sula sula 



Brown Bobby 

Sula leucogaster 

Guj: Badami waghomada 


Large Cormorant 

Phalacrocorax carbo 

Sind: Wada silli, Hindi: Ghogur, Paan-kowwa, Jal-kowwa, Sans: Maha jalkak, Kash: Neiar, Pun: Wadda jal kan, 
Ass: Bor Pani kaori, Cachar: Di dao-Kwa, Ben: Paan-kawri, Guj: Jal kagdo, Moto kajiyo, Mar: Motha pankawla, 
Kardhok, Te: Bontakaki, Pedda neeti kaki, Mai: Valiya neerakakka 



Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 


Indian Shag 

Phalacrocorax fuscicollis 

Sind: Wada silli, Hindi: Ghogur, Pan-kowwa, Jal-kowwa, Sans: Maha jalkak, Kash: Neiar, Pun: Wadda jal kan, 
Ben: Pan-kawri, Ass: Pani kaori, Cachar: Di dao-Kwa, Guj: Kalo jal kagdo, Vachet kajiyo, Mar: Kardhok, Pankawla, 
Ori: For cormorants - Panikua, Ta: Neer kagam, Te: Bontakaki, Neeti kaki, Mai: Kinnari neerkaka 


Little Cormorant 

Phalacrocorax niger 

Hindi: Paan-kowwa, Jograbi, Sans: Laghoo jalkak, Pun: Jal kan, Ass: Pani kaori, Ben: Paan kawri, Guj: Nano jal 
kagdo, Nano kajiyo, Mar: Chota pankawla, Ta: Neer kagam, Te: Neetikaki, Chinna neeti kaki, Mai: Kakkataravu, 
Kan: Putta neeru kaage, Sinh: Diya kawa 


Pygmy Cormorant 

Phalacrocorax pygmaeus 




Anhinga melanogaster 

Sind: Silli, Hindi: Panwa, Pandubbi, Sans: Madrugu, Pun: Bhujanga, Bambi, Ben: Goyar, Ass: Maniori, Bejiagir, 
S.Gonds: Chakuri, Guj: Sarpagreeva, Surpgriv, Mar: Sarpapakkshi, Tirandaz, Ta: Pambuttara, Te: Pamubatu, 
Kan: Haawakki, Sinh: Diya kawa, Belli kawa 


Christmas Island Frigate Bird 

Fregata andrewsi 



Lesser Frigate Bird 

Fregata minor 

Guj: Nano chanchiyo 


Least Frigate Bird 

Fregata ariel 



Great Whitebellied Heron 

Ardea insignis 



Giant Heron 

Ardea goliath 


35, 36. 

Grey Heron 

Ardea cinerea 

Sind: Saa, Hindi: Nari, Sain, Kabud, Anjan, Sans: Parssik anjan bak, Kash: Brag, Pun: Nari, Bi: Khyra, Ass: Ajan, 
Halkheda, Ben: Sada kank, Kank, Anjan, Guj: Kabut, Kabooth bagala, Mar: Kudal (Kolis), Rakhi bagla, Ori: Kuji 
baga, Ta: Sambal naarai, Te: Narayana pakshi, Mai: Charamunti, Kan: Boodu baka, Sinh: Kalapua karawal koka, 
Indura koka 

37, 37a 

Purple Heron 

Ardea purpurea 

Hindi: Nari, Laal anjan, Laal sain, Sans: Neel bak, Pun: Kirmachi nari, Bi: Khyra, Ben: Laal kank, Ass: Laal kol, 
Guj: Nadi, Nadi bagalo, Mar: Pavkali bagla, Pankadi bagla, Ta: Chen-naarai, Te: Yerra narayana pakshi, 
Mai: Chayamundi, Sinh: Karawala kokka, Barendi kokka. 


Little Green Heron 

Ardeola striatus 

Hindi: Kancha bagla, Ben: Kana bak, Kuro bak, Guj: Lili bagli, Lili bagali, Mar: Hirva bagla, Wak, Ta: Doshi kokku, 
Te: Dosi konga, Mai: Chinna kokku, Kan: Jaugu hakki, Sinh: Podi kokka, Maid: Rabonde, Rabulli 

42, 42a 

Pond Heron 

Ardeola grayii 

Hindi: Bagla, Andha bagla, Chama bagla, Khunch bagla, Sans: Andh bak, Kash: Broku, Pun: Chhappari bagla, 
Bi: Bogli, Ass: Kona moochuree, Ben: Konch bak, Gond: Ral puchake, Guj: Kani bagli, Kani bagali, Mar: Vanchak, 
Bhura bagla, Ori: Kantiabaga, Ta: Kulathu kokku, Kuruttu kokku, Madai katan, Madayan, Te: Guddi konga, 
Mai: Kulamunti, Kan: Kolada baka, Sinh: Kana kokka, Podi kokka, Maid: Hudu rabulli 


Chinese Pond Heron 

Ardeola bacchus 

Mani: Lampra 


Cattle Egret 

Bubulcus ibis 

Sind: Kurk pakkhi, Hindi: Surkhia/Badami/Dorai/Gai bagla, Sans: Go balaka, Pun: Badami bagla, Ben: Go bak, 
Gai bak, Ass: Go bog, Mani: San-dung-il, Guj: Dhor baglo/bagalo, Mar: Gochandi khao, Gai bagla, Ori: Gai baga, 
Ta: Unni kokku, Te: Samti konga, Mai: Kalimunti, Kan: Hasu ballakki, Janu ballakki, Sinh: Harak kokka 

45, 46. 

Large Egret 

Ardea alba 

Sind: Baglo achho, Hindi: Tar bagala, Bada bagala, Malang bagla, Turra bagla, Sans: Prasch jesht bagla, 
Pun: Wadda bagla, Ben: Dhar bak, Bada bak, Ass: Bor bog, Mani: Loklenba, Gond: Mala konga, Guj: Moto safed 
baglo, Moto dholo bagalo, Mar: Mor bagla, Thorla bagla, Ori: Bada baga, Ta: Periya vellai kokku, Nedalai, Te: Pedda 
tella konga, Mai: Perumunti, Kan: Dodda bellakki, Sinh: Loku sudu kokka, Badadel kokka 

47, 48. 

Median Egret, Smaller Egret 

Egretta intermedia 

Sind: Baglo achho, Hindi: Patangkha bagla, Patokha bagla, Karchia bagla, Sans: Shudra jyosna bak, Pun: Gabhla 
bagla, Ass: Maju bog, Ben: Korche bak, Mani: Lang khong sang, Guj: Bula, Dhola bagalo, Mar: Madhyam bagla, 
Ta: Vellai kokku, Te: Telia konga, Kan: Madhyam bellakki, Sinh: Sudu kokka 


Little Egret 

Egretta garzetta 

Sind: Bararo, Hindi: Kilchia or Karchia bagla, Sans: Shudra balaka, Pun: Bauna bagia, Ben: Chota korche bak 
Ass: Bamoni bog, Teteri bog, Guj: Kilichio, Nano dhol bagalo, Mar: Lahan bagla, Chota pisal bagla, Udanch, 
Ta: Chinna vellai kokku, Te: Chinna tella konga, Mai: Chinna munti, Kan: Sanna bellakki, Sinh: Sudu kokka 


Indian Reef Heron 

Egretta gularis 

Hindi: Kala bagala, Sans: Krishna bak, Guj: Dariai baglo, Dariyayi bagalo, Mar: Vela bak, Kala bagla, Ta: Karai 
kokku, Karuppu kalla vayan, Te: Theerapu konga, Mai: Thiramunti 


Eastern Reef Heron 

Egretta sacra 




Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 


Night Heron 

Nycticorax nycticorax 

Sind: Gadri, Hindi: Waak, Kwaak, Tar or Taal bagla, Kokrai, Sans: Nakht bak, Kash: Bor, Pun: Chor bagla, 
Ass: Waak chorai, Ben: Bachka, Mani: Chongkhu, Guj: Awaak, Waak, Mar: Raat baggal, Raat kokku, Kvarf, 
Ori: Rati baga, Ta: Vakka, Te: Chinta wakha, Mai: Toppi kokku, Kan: Nisha baka, Sinh: Rekana kokka 

53, 54. 

Malay/ Tiger Bittern 

Gorsachius melanolophus 

Ass: Raaj bog, Mai: Thavittu kokku, Sinh: Re kokka 


Little Bittern 

Ixobrychus minutus 

Kash: Goi, Mar: Tapas 


Chestnut Bittern 

Ixobrychus cinnamomeus 

Hindi: Laal-bagla, Pun: Lakha bagla, Ass: Itaguria, Ben: Khyri bak, Laal bak, Guj: Surangi pan bagli/bagati, 
Mar: Laal bagla, Kardatapas, Ta: Kuruttu kokku, Te: Chinta wakha, Mai: Sandhya kokku, Sinh: Meti kokka 


Yellow Bittern 

Ixobrychus sinensis 

Hindi: Jun bagla, Ben: Kat bak, Guj: Pili pan bagli, Mar: Pivla tapas, Ta: Manal naarai, Te: Pasupu wakha, 
Mai: Manja kokku, Sinh: Meti kokka 


Black Bittern 

Ixobrychus flavicollis 

Hindi: Kala bagla, Ben: Kalo bak, Ass: Ay jan, Khaira bog, Guj: Kali pan bagli, Ta: Karuppu madayan, 
Mai: Karutha kokku, Sinh: Kalu kokka 



Botaurus stellaris 

Hindi: Nir goug, Baz, Guj: Pardeshi pan baglo, Shiyalu pan bagli 


Painted Stork 

Mycteria leucocephala 

Sind: Lanjang, Lungduk, Hindi: Jangil dhok, Sans: Chitrit mahabak, Pun: Chitra lamdhing, Bi: Kankari, 
Ben: Jangil, Ram jhankar, Sonajangha, Guj: Dhonk, Pilichanch dhonk, Kutch: Chitroda, Mar: Chitrablaak, 
Rangit karkocha, Ratyatamb, Ta: Chengaal naarai, Sanguvalai naarai, Te: Yerukala konga, Mai: Varnakokku, 
Sinh: Dae tuduwa 


Openbill Stork 

Anastomus oscitans 

Hindi: Gungla, Ghungil, Ghonghila, Sans: Shithil hanu bak, Pun: Wiral chunjha dhing, Bi: Dokar, Ben: Thonte 
bhanga, Shamukh bhanga, Shamukh khol, Ass: Samuk bhanga, S.Gond: Pouna konga Guj: Gugala, Phatichanch 
dhonk, Mar: Ughadchoch karkocha, Mugdha balak, Ughadtond balak, Ori: Gendalia, Ta: Naththai kothi naarai, 
Te: Galu konga, Mai: Cherakokkan, Sinh: Gombelle kokka, Bellan kokka, Beli kava 


Whitenecked Stork 

Ciconia episcopus 

Hindi: Haji laq laq, Sans: Shwetakanth mahabak, Pun: Dhing, Ben: Manik jor, Ass: Kanua, Guj: Kali tul, Dholidok 
dhonk, Mar: Bagula, Kardok, Kandesur, Kowrow, Pandhrya manecha karkocha, Ta: Vannathi naarai, Mai: Karim 
kokku, Sinh: Padili kokka 

63, 64. 

White Stork 

Ciconia ciconia 

Sind: Laklak, Hindi: Laglag, Haji laq laq, Ujli, Dhak, Gybar, Badda retwa, Sans: Seet mahabak, Pun: Laklak dhing, 
Guj: Ujali, Safed dhonk, Mar: Pandhra karkocha, Shwet balak, Te: Wadumi konga, Mai: Vanbakam, Kan: Bili 


Black Stork 

Ciconia nigra 

Sind: Laklak, Hindi: Surmal, Sans: Seet mahabak, Pun: Kala lamdhing, Guj: Kalo dhonk, Mar: Kala karchocha, 
Te: Nalla Konga, Mai: Karimbakam 


Blacknecked Stork 

Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus 

Hindi: Banaras, Loharjang, Loha sarang, Sans: Krishnakanthamahabak, Ben: Lohar jangh, Loha jangha, Ass: Telia 
xaring, Guj: Banaras, Moto dhonk, Mar: Kalya manecha karkocha, Ori: Kuranchi, Ta: Periya naarai, Te: Pedda nalla 
konga, Sinh: AH kokka 


Adjutant Stork 

Leptoptilos dubius 

Hindi: Hargila, Garud, Peda dhauk, Dusta, Sans: Bruhatbak, Pun: Badhing, Gillhar, Bi: Dhenk, Ass: Hargila, 
Ben: Hargila, Guj: Jamadar dhonk, Moto jamadar, Mar: Shatrabalak, Ori: Hadagila, Te: Peenigala konga 


Lesser Adjutant 

Leptoptilos javanicus 

Hindi: Chinjara, Chandana, Chandiari, Bang gor, Chota garud, Ben: Madanchur, Madantak, Ass: Tokla moora, 
Bor tokla, Guj: Nano jamadar, Ta: Meva kokku, Te: Dodal konga, Dodal gatti gadu, Chinna begguru konga, 
Mai: Vayalnaiicken, Sinh: Mana 


White Ibis 

Threskiornis aethiopica 

Hindi: Munda, Safed baza, Didhar, Pun: Chitta buza, Bi: Kachator, Mundukh, Ben: Kastechara, Sada dochara, 
Ass: Boga akoki bog, Guj: Dholi kankanasar, Mar: Pandhra awaak, Kudal, Pandhra sherati, Ta: Vellai aruval 
mookan, Te: Telia kankanam, Mai: Kashanti kokku, Kan: Kavi tale hakki, Bili ibis, Sinh: Tattu/Dahakatti kokka 


Indian Black Ibis 

Pseudibis papillosa 

Hindi: Baza, Kala baza, Karan kul, Sans: Krishna aati, Pun: Kala buza, Ben: Kalo dochara, Ass: Kola akohi bog, 
Guj: Kali kankanasar, Mar: Kala sherati, Ta: Karuppu aruval mookan, Te: Nalla kankanam, Mai: Chemthalayan ibis 


Glossy Ibis 

Plegadis falcinellus 

Hindi: Kawari, Kowar, Chhota baza, Pun: Chamkila buza, Ass: Jakmaki akohi bog, Ben: Kachia tora, Guj: Pan/Nani 
kankanasar, Mar: Mor sherati, Ta: Karuppu kottan, Anthril paravai, Te: That kankanam, Mai: Chemban ibis, 
Sinh: Ratu dae tuduwa 



Platalea leucorodia 

Hindi: Chamach baza, Sans: Shwet aati, Pun: Doi, Ben: Chinta, Khunte bak, Ass: Khantiya bog, Guj: Chamcho, 
Mar: Chamcha, Dabel, Ori: Chamcha baga, Ta: Karandi mooku naarai, Chappai chondan, Te: Gante mukku konga, 



Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 

Teddumooti konga, Mai: Karandikokku, Sinh: Handi alaw 


Greater Flamingo 

Phoenicopterus roseus 

Sind: Lakka, Lakke jani, Hindi: Bog/Raaj hans, Sans: Bruhat balak, Bagg, Valiya rajahamsam, Bi: Charaj baggo, 
Ben: Kanmunthi, Kanthuti, Guj: Balo, Hunj, Moto hanj, Kutch: Hanj pakkhi, Mar: Rohit, Gnipankh, Pandav, 
Ta: Poonarai, Kizhi mooku naarai, Te: Pu konga, Samudrapu chiluka, Raja hamsa, Mai: Valiya poonara, 
Sinh: Siyak karaya 


Lesser Flamingo 

Phoeniconaias minor 

Hindi: Chhota raajhans, Guj: Nano balo, Nano hunj, Mar: Chota rohit, Te: Vankara mooti konga 


Siberian Redbreasted Goose 

Branta ruficollis 

76, 77. 

Bean Goose 

Anser fabalis 



Whitefronted Goose 

Anser albifrons 

Guj: Shvetabhal gaj -hamsa, Shwetbhal hans 


Lesser Whitefronted Goose 

Anser erythropus 



Greylag Goose 

Anser anser 

Sind: Hanj, Hindi: Raaj hans, Sona, Karria sona, Hans, Sans: Kalhans, Pun: Bhoora magh, Bi: Kaj, Kallauk, Khar 
hans, Ben: Raaj hans, Ass: Raaj hanh, Dhitraj, Mani: Kang nga, Nepal: Mogala, Mogala battak, Guj: Gaj hamsa, 
Raajhans, Kutch: Gaj, Mar: Shyam kadamb, Ori: Hansa. 


Barheaded Goose 

Anser indicus 

Hindi: Hans, Kareyee hans, Raaj hans, Birwa, Sawan, Sans: Kadamb hans, Pun: Sawa magh, Bi: Karhanch, Mogli, 
Ass: Bornooria hanh, Boga rajhanh, Mani: Kaang nga, B'desh: Badi hans, Nepal: Girwa, Paria, Ladakh: Nangpa, 
Guj: Rajhans, Mar: Pattkadamb, Ori: Hansa, Ta: Vari kazhutha thara, Neer vathu, Te: Telia pedda batu, 
Mai: Kurith-thalayan 


Snow Goose 

Anser caerulescens 


84, 85. 

Bewick's Swan 

Cygnus columbianus 

Guj: Deva hamsa 


Whooper Swan 

Cygnus cygnus 

Hindi: Raajhans, Sans: Raajhans, Guj: Shirasagar devhans, Mar: Raajhans 


Mute Swan 

Cygnus olor 



Lesser Whistling Teal 

Dendrocygna javanica 

Sind: Chiku, Hindi: Seelhi, Seelkahi, Sans: Prakhyat sharali, Pun: Birchhi til, Ben: Sharal(M), Sharali(F), 
Ass: Sorali/Xorali, Cachar: Bongfang daophlantu, Mani: Tingi, Guj: Nani sisoti, Nani sisoti batak, Kutch: Chayi, 
Mar: Mraal, Swaral, Ori: Hansrali, Ta: Chilli thara, Mahudi thara, Te: Eelavese chinna chiluva, Mai: Yeranda, 
Kan: Silli hakuvaniru baatu, Sinh: Seruwa, Thumba seruwa 


Large Whistling Teal 

Dendrocygna bicolor 

Ben: Bada sharal, Guj: Moti sisoti batak, Te: Eelavese pedda chiluva 


Ruddy Shelduck/Brahminy Duck 

Tadorna ferruginea 

Sind: Mungh, Laalo, Kwancha, Kathium, Hindi: Chakwa(M), Chakwi(F), Laal surkhab, Sans: Chakrawak, 
Pun: Surkhab, Ben: Chakaa-chaki, Ass: Ramkong, Chakoi-chakoua, Guj: Brahmani batak, Surkhab, Bhagui 
surkhab, Mar: Sarza, Charawak, Ori: Chakwa-chakoi, Kesar pandia, Panda hansa, Ta: Thara, Te: Bapana chiluwa, 
Mai: Thankath-thaaraavu, Chakravakam, Sinh: Loku seruva 


Common Shelduck 

Tadorna tadorna 

Sind: Thar jo niragi, Hindi: Shah chakwa, Safed surkhab, Rararia, Ben: Shah chaka, Guj: Safed surkhab 


Marbled Teal 

Marmaronetta angustirostris 

Sind: Choi, Guj: Dholi batak, Safed murghabi, Ghavuli murghabi 



Anas acuta 

Sind: Kokarali, Drigosh, Hindi: Sand, Seenkh par, Sans: Shaku hans, Pun: Sinkhpur, Bi: Dighonch, Ben: Dig hans, 
Bada digar, Sholoncho, Ass: Najal hanh, Neji hanh, Dighal, Mani: Meitunga, Nepal: Digunch, Guj: Singpar, 
Kutch: Dhruguchho, Mar: Saruchi, Talvaar badak, Ori: Suru Nanja, Nanja, Nanda, Ta: Oosival chiravi, Markalian, 
Te: Sudi toka batu, Mai: Vaalan eranda 


Common Teal 

Anas crecca 

Sind: Kardo, Hindi: Chhoti murghabi, Kerra, Lohiya kerra, Chowtee, Patari, Souchuruka, Sans: Rohinik hansak, 
Pun: Til, Mirshikars: Baijla, Ben: Naroib, Patari hans, Tulsibigri, Ass: Kalimari, Chila hanh, Patari hanh, Mani: 
Surit, Cachar: Daophlantu kashiba, Nepal: Baijila gairi, Guj: Nani batak, Murghabi, Nani murghabi, Mar: Chakrang, 
Ta: Siravi, Kilawai, Te: Parza, Mai: Yeranda, Kan: Solari hakki, Neeru baatu, Sinh: Seruwa 


Baikal Teal 

Anas formosa 

Guj: Sohamani murghabi 


Grey Teal 

Anas gibberifrons 

Mai: Pulli-chundan tharaavu 



Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 


Spotbill Duck 

Anas poecilorhyncha 

Sind: Hanjar, Hindi: Garm pai, Gugral, Sans: Gharghar hansak, Pun: Bindi chunjha, Bi: Laddin, Ass: Bor mugi 
hanh, Mani: Kara, Nepal: Naddun, Guj: Teelavali batak, Tiliyali batak, Mar: Plava, Dhanwar, Ta: Manjal mooku 
thara, Te: Budidarangu batu 



Anas platyrhynchos 

Sind: Niragi, Hiragi(M), Niragiani (F), Hindi: Nilsir, Nir rugi, Sans: Neelgriv hansak, Kash: M: Neluj, F: Thuj, 
Pun: Nilsir, Mirshikars: Lilgeh, Ben: Nilsar, Ass: Amrolia hanh, Bonaria pati hanh, Nepal: Lilg(M), Lilgahi(F), 
Guj: Neelsir, Nilshir, Kutch: But, Raje, Mar: Chaturang badak 



Anas strepera 

Sind: Burd, Buari, Buhar, Hindi: Myla, Bhuar, Beykhur, Sans: Malin hansak, Pun: Gaidwal, Bi, Nepal: Myle, 
Ben: Peeing hans, Ass: Saru/Xaru mugi hanh, Mani: Thoidingnam, Guj: Luhar, Mar: Malin badak, Te: Yella repalla 
batu, Mai: Gadwal eranda 


Falcated Teal 

Anas falcata 

Hindi: Kala sinkhur, Guj: Chotili murghabi 



Anas penelope 

Sind: Pharao, Piyasana, Hindi: Peasan, Patari, Pharia, Chhota lalsir, Sans: Priyashan hansak, Pun: Wijan, 

Bi: Aroon, Ben: Chhota lalsir, Ass: Khaltriya kunda, Mani: Thanggongmal, Nepal: Cheyun, Guj: Pharao, Piyasana, 

Piyasau, Mar: Tarang, Ori: Nali mundia, Ta: Mahudi thara, Te: Namam batu 


Garganey Teal 

Anas querquedula 

Sind: Charho, Kardo, Kararo, Hindi: Chaita, Khira, Patari, Sans: Saachi hansak, Pun: Nili til, Ben: Ghang riob, 
Giria hans, Ass: Boga kanchi, Mani: Surit angouba, Guj: Kardio, Chetva, Mar: Bhuvai/Bhivaif?), Ori: Gendu, 
Ta: Panakottai cheravi, Te: Cheruva batu, Kan: Neeli pakshi 



Anas clypeata 

Sind: Alipat, Gaino, Langho, Hindi: Tidari, Punana, Tokarwala, Girah, Sans: Khat hansak, Pun: Balchi, 
Mirshikars: Sankhar, Ben: Panta mukhi, Kunte hans, Ass: Khantiya hanh, Nak dungara, Mani: Khara, Nepal: Dho 
baha, Sankhar(M), Khikeria sankhar (F), Guj: Gaino, Gayano, Pagtichanch, Kutch: Phatphaje, Mar: Thaptya, 
Ta: Mattimukh cheravi, Mookara thara, Te: Chamcha muti batu, Mai: Thara, Sinh: Seruwa 


Pinkheaded Duck 

Rhodonessa caryophyllacea 

Hindi: Gulab or Laal sira, Ass: Golapimuria hanh, Ben: Laal sir, Saknal, Bi:, Nepal: Damrar, Dumar, 
Mar: Gulabi badak 


Redcrested Pochard 

Netta rufina 

Sind: Batsha, Rutabo, Hindi: Laal chonch, Laal sir, Sans: Rakta chood majjika, Pun: Lai siri pochad, Bi: Doommer, 
Ben: Bada rangamuri, Hero hans(M), Chobra hans(F), Mani: Irupi, Nepal: Dumar(M), Sanwa (F), Guj: Ratobari, 
Laal-chanch, Laalchanch karchiya, Mar: Chiklya badak, Mothilal chari, Ta: Kondai cheravi, Te: Yerra tala chiluva 


Common Pochard 

Aythya ferina 

Sind: Torando, Hindi: Burar nar, Lai sir, Pun: Pochad, Ben: Ranga muri, Lai muri, Ass: Ranga muriya, Mani: Irupi, 
Nepal: Cheun, Guj: Tarandio, Lal-sir, Rakhodi Karchiya, Kutch: Dhusanda, Mar: Lai chari, Ta: Sengalian 


White-eyed Pochard or Ferruginous 

Aythya nyroca 

Sind: Burnu, Burino, Hindi: Kurchiya, Burar mada, Sans: Mallikaksha majjika, Pun: Sunakhi pochad, Ben: Lai 
bigri, Bhuti hans, Ass: Kali muri, Mani: Irupi, Nepal: Malak, Guj: Tammi, Dholi-ankh, Karchiya, Mar: Nayansari, 
Te: Telia kanthi chiluva 


Baer's Pochard 

Aythya baeri 

Ben: Bada bhuti hans, Ass: Bor kali muri 


Tufted Duck 

Aythya fuligula 

Sind: Turando, Runharo, Hindi: Dubaru, Ablak, Rahwara, Sans: Shika majjika, Pun: Bodal murgabi 

Ass, Ben: Bamoni hanh, Nepal: Malak, Guj: Kalwetio, Chotili kabari batak, Mar: Kala barda, Raja sari, Shendi 

badak, Ta: Kurungalian, Te: Nalla chiluwa 


Scaup Duck 

Aythya marila 

Doubtfully differentiated from 111. Pun: Sakaup murghabi, Guj: Dariai batak, Kabari karchiya 


Mandarin Duck 

Abe galericulata 



Cotton Teal 

Nettapus coromandelianus 

Sind: Baher, Kararhi, Hindi: Girri, Girria, Girja, Sans: Kaanuk hans, Pun: Chitti til, U.P.: Gurgura, Ben: Bali hans, 
B' desh: Bhullia hans, Ass: Ghila hanh, Naher, Keeke, Chuwa, Guj: Girja, Mar: Ade, Atla, Kaanuk, Ori: Dandana, 
Ta: Kannadi cheravi, Te: Dudu chiluva, Kan: Bili baatu, 


Nakta, Comb Duck 

Sarkidiornis melanotos 

Sind: Karo hanj, Hindi: Nakta, Pun: Nakta, Bi: Nakwa, Ben: Nakta, Guj: Nakta, Mar: Nakta, Ori: Naki hansa, 
Ta: Mookkan thara, Te: Juttu chiluwa, Kan: Dodda sarle hakki, Mai: Muzhayan thaaraavu, Sinh: Kabalittiya 


Whitewinged Wood Duck 

Cairina scutulata 

Ass: Deo hanh, Cachar: Hagrani, Daophlantu 


Longtail Duck 

Clangula hyemalis 



Goldeneye Duck 

Bucephala clangula 




Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 



Mergus albellus 

Sind: Jhali, Hindi: Nikenne, Guj: Matsya bhoj 

120, 121. 

Goosander/ Common Merganser 

Mergus merganser 



Redbreasted Merganser 

Mergus serrator 



Whiteheaded Stifftailed Duck 

Oxyura leucocephala 



Blackwinged Kite 

Elanus caeruleus 

Hindi, Ben: Kapassi, Pun: Chitti, U.P.: Masunwa, Nepal: Chanwa, Guj: Kapasi, Mar: Kapshi, Te: Adavi ramadasu, 
Yerkali: Argellur, Mai: Velli-eriyan, Ukussa, Sinh: Kurlla goya 

125, 126 

Blyth's Baza/Legge's Baza 

Aviceda jerdoni 

Ta: Parundu, Mai: Prapparundu, Sinh: Kurulla goya 


Blackcrested Baza 

Aviceda leuphotes 

Cachar: Daokwa, Daoling, Mai: Prapparundu 

129, 130 

Honey Buzzard 

Pernis ptilorynchus 

Hindi: Shahutela, Madkare, Pun: Makhi tissa, Russi tisa, Nepal: Madhava, Guj: Madhiyo, Madhiyo baj, Ta: Ten 
parundu, Te: Tena gaddu, Yerkali: Iutalu, Mai: Katta parantha, Ten kotichi, Kan: Jen alawa, Sinh: Rajaliya 


Red Kite 

Milvus milvus 

Sind: Siriun, Hindi, Ben: Cheel, H.P.: 11, Ass: Chiloni, Mugacharani, Santhali: Kurit, Mhari: Genda, Guj: Pardesi 
samali, Mar: Ghar, Ta: Karum parandu, Te: Malla gadda, Mai: Chakki parundu, Kan: Gont, Sinh: Rajaliya 


Black Kite, Pariah Kite, Blackeared 

Milvus migrans 

Sind: Siriun, Hindi, Ben: Cheel, Kash: Gont, Pun: 111, Chil, Waddi 111, H.P: 11, Santhali: Kurit, Mhari: Genda, 

Ass: Chiloni, Mugacharani, Guj: Samali, Cheel, Kashmiri cheel, Shialu samali, Desi samali, Mar: Ghar, Thorli ghar, 

Ori: Matia chila, Ta: Karum parundu, Te: Malla gadda, Mai: Chakki parundu, Kan: Garuda, Sinh: Rajaliya 


Brahminy Kite 

Haliastur indus 

Sind: Pilyo, Rutta okab, Hindi: Brahmini cheel, Sankar cheel, Dhobia cheel, Roo mubarak, Khemkarni, 
Sans: Khemankari, Shemkari chill, Pun: Bahmani ill, Santhali: Kehe, Ben: Shankha cheel, Ass: Ranga cheelani, 
Guj: Brahmani cheel, Bhagui samali, Mar: Sagaari ghar, Ori: Sankhachila, Ta: Sem parundu, Krishna parundu, 
Garuda parundu, Te: Garuda lawa, Garutmantadu, Bapana gadda, Yerkali: Shemberid, Mai: Garudan, Krishna 
parundu, Kan: Garuda, Giduga, Sinh: Ukussa 



Accipiter gentilis 

Sind: Zorree(M), Shahbaaz(F), Hindi: Jarra(M), Baaz(F), Guj: Baaj, Moto shakro, F: Baaz, M: Zurra 



Accipiter badius 

Hindi: Shikra (F), Chipka or Cheepak (M), Pun: Baaj, Ass: Kopauti xen, Guj: Shakro, F: Shikro, M: Shikri, 

Mar: Shikra, Ori: Baza, Ta: Vayrii, Valluru, Rajali, Te: Jail dega, Mai: Prappidian, Shikra, Sinh: Kobeyi ukussa, 

Kurulla goya, Nicobar: Kadeva 


Horsfield's/Chinese Goshawk 

Accipiter soloensis 



Crested Goshawk 

Accipiter trivirgatus 

Hindi: Gor besra, Manik besra, Koteswar, Cachar: Hagrani daoling, Nepal: Churiari, Jamal kanthi, Jurye, 
Ta: Valluru, Te: Kokila dega, Sinh: Ukussa, Kurulla goya 

147, 148 


Accipiter nisus 

Hindi: Basha(F), Bashin(M), Pun: Chirimar, Lepcha: Tanki, Sikkim: Uchum, Guj: Badshah shakro, F: Badshah, 
M: Badsheen, Ta: Valluru, Te: Warnapa dega, Mai: Prappidian 


Besra Sparrow-Hawk 

Accipiter virgatus 

Hindi: Besra(F), Dhooti(M), Khand besra, Guj: Besra, Besra shakro, Ta: Chinna valluru, Te: Vaishtapa dega, 
Kan: Urchitlu, Sinh: Ukussa, Kurulla goya 


Longlegged Buzzard 

Buteo rufinus 

Hindi: Chuhamar, Pun: Chuhamar tisa, Guj: Mosami teeso, Himalayi tiso 


Upland Buzzard 

Buteo hemilasius 

Hindi: Chuhamar, Pun: Pahari tisa, Guj: Himalaya teeso, Moto tiso 

155, 156 


Buteo buteo 

Hindi: Chuhamar, Lepcha: Dang pang ti on, Pang ti ong nok, Guj: Rana teeso, nano tiso, Ta: Ukussa, Mai: Parundu 


White-eyed Buzzard 

Butastur teesa 

Hindi: Tisa, Pun: Sunakkha tisa, Guj: Teeso, Swethnen tiso, Te: Buda mali gedda, Yerkali: Yellur, Mai: Parundu 

158, 159 

Hodgson's/Legge's Hawk-Eagle 

Spizaetus nipalensis 

Lepcha: Kanda panthiong, Kanzha chil, Sikkim: Reijore, Ta: Periya konde rasali, Kalugu, Sinh: Maha konde rajaliya 


Changeable Hawk-Eagle 

Spizaetus cirrhatus 

Hindi: Sadal, Shah baaz, U.P.: Morhaita, Ben: Sadal, Guj: Mor baaz, Te: Jutu bhyri, Nemali puri gadda, 
Andaman: Arungadda 


Bonelli's Eagle 

Hieraaetus fasciatus 

Hindi: Morangi, Guj: Samsagar, Ta: Rajali, Te: Kundeli salawa 


Booted Hawk-Eagle 

Hieraaetus pennatus 

Hindi: Baghati, Jumiz, Gilehri maar, Guj: Pardeshi sansagar, Shiyalu samsagar, Ta: Punja parandu, Rasali, Kalugu, 
Te: Udatala gedda, Sinh: Rajaliya 


Rufousbellied Hawk-Eagle 

Hieraaetus kienerii 




Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 


Golden Eagle 

Aquila chrysaetos 

H.P: Dhungshoorish, Muriari, Pun: Sunehri ukaab 


Imperial Eagle 

Aquila heliaca 

Hindi: Jumiz, Badajumiz, Satangal, Pun: Shahi ukaab, Ben: Frus, Guj: Shahijummas 

168, 169 

Tawny Eagle /Eastern Steppe Eagle 

Aquila rapax 

Sind: Parmar, Hindi: Okaab, Ragar, Jumiz, Lepcha: Cong au, Guj: Deshi jummas, Wagri: Dholva, Ta: Ali, 
Te: Alawa, Salawa, Yerkali: Bursawul 


Greater Spotted Eagle 

Aquila clanga 

Hindi: Kaljanga, Pun: Wadda china ukaab, Guj: Tapkivalo jummas, Moto kalo jummas, Te: Nalla gadda 


Lesser Spotted Eagle 

Aquila pomarina 

Hindi: Pahari teesa, Pun: Chhota china ukaab, Ben: Gutimaar, Guj: Nano tapkivalo jummas, Nano kalo jummas 


Black Eagle 

Ictinaetus malayensis 

Cachar: Daoling gashim, Lepcha: Laknangbang, Nepal: Hugong, Guj: Shyam garud, Ta: Kazhugu, Te: Adavi nalla 
gadda, Mai: Karimparundu 


Whitetailed Eagle 

Haliaeetus albicilla 



Whitebellied Sea Eagle 

Haliaeetus leucogaster 

Hindi: Kohassa, Sans: Sagar suparna, Guj: Dariai/Dariyayi garud, Mar: Sagaari garud, Ori: Samp mar, Ta: Kadal 
ali, Te: Ala gadda, Kan: Kankan, Sinh: Muhudu rajaliya, Nicobar: Muttayeya 


Pallas 's Fishing Eagle 

Haliaeetus leucoryphus 

Sind: Kural baaz, Hindi: Machharang, Machhmanga, Dhenk, Patras, Sans: Patti puch matsya suparna, Kash: Gaad, 
Grad, Kootair, Ugus, Pun: Kurl ukab, Machhera ukab, Bi: Sorail, Ben: Koral, Machhal, Nepal: Kankam, M.P: Kokna, 
Guj: Pallas-no machhimaar, Matsya garud, Mar:Macchgarud 

175, 176 

Greyheaded Fishing Eagle 

Ichthyophaga ichthyaetus 

Hindi: Madhuya, Ben: Machhmoral, Cachar: Na daoling, Guj: Rakhodisir machhimaar, Rakhodishir matsya garud, 
gadeba, Ta: Vidai ali, Sinh: Wewa rajaliya, Lul mara 


Himalayan Greyheaded Fishing Eagle 

Ichthyophaga nana 

Cachar: Na daoling kashiba 


Black/ King Vulture 

Sarcogyps calvus 

Hindi: Raaj gidh, Mulla gidh, Bhaonra, Pun: Raaj gidh, Raaj girj/gidh, Bi: Kannara gidh, Ben: Raaj shakun, Kalo 
shakun, Ass: Roja xagun, Tamuli xagun, Cachar: Lai gidh, Lepcha: Loong nong loong, Te: Nalla borawa 


Cinereous Vulture 

Aegypius monachus 

Hindi: Kala gidh, Lepcha: Gal panom, Guj: Daku, Shahi gidh, Mai: Karuth-tha kazhukan 

180, 183 

Griffon Vulture 

Gyps fulvus 

Pun: Bhuri gidh, Guj: Badami gidh, Pahadi gidh 


Himalayan Griffon Vulture 

Gyps himalayensis 

Kash: Grad, H.P: Bada gidh, Guj: Ujalo gidh 

182, 184 

Longbilled Vulture 

Gyps indicus 

Hindi: Gidh, Pun: Lamchunjhi gidh, Ben: Sakun, Ass: Xagun, Lepcha: Gut, Te: Podugumukku boruva, 
Guj: Bhukhro gidh, Girnari gidh, Mar: Gidhad, Maha dho 


Indian Whitebacked Vulture 

Gyps bengalensis 

Hindi: Gidh, Pun: Gidh, Girjh, Ben: Sakun, Ass: Xagun, Guj: Gidh, Shwethpeeth gidh, Mar: Gidhad, Ori: Shaguna, 
Ta: Pinam thinni kazhugu, Te: Matti pudum-gadu, Telia veepu boruva, Yerkali: Walhorya, Mai: Kazhukan 

186, 187 

Egyptian/Indian Scavenger Vulture 

Neophron percnopterus 

Sind: Hil, Hindi: Safed gidh, Kol murghab, Kal murgh, Kash: Patyaal, Pun: Chitti gidh, Bi: Get gidh, Ben: Shwet 
shakun, Guj: Khero gidh, Safed gidh, Te: Telia borawa, Peethiri gadda, Ta: Manjal thirudi, Mai: Thotti Kazkhukan 


Bearded Vulture/ Lammergeier 

Gypaetus barbatus 

Hindi: Argul, H.P.: Okhab 


Hen Harrier 

Circus cyaneus 

Hindi: Dastmal, Girgit mar, Pattai, Ben: Math cheel, Cachar: Daoling wahlai, Guj: Uttari pattayi/pattai, Vilayati 
pattai, Ta: Poonai parundu, Te: Telia chappa gadda, Pilli gadda, Sinh: Kurrulu goya, Ukassa 


Pale Harrier 

Circus macrourus 

Same as above, including or except Pun: Bagg kirla mar, Guj: Ujali pattayi/pattai 


Montagu's Harrier 

Circus pygargus 

Same as above, except Pun: Dharidar kirla mar, Guj: Patti pattayi/pattai 


Pied Harrier 

Circus melanoleucos 

Hindi: Pahatai, Nepal: Ablak petaha 

193, 194 

Marsh Harrier 

Circus aeruginosus 

Hindi: Kutar, Kulesir, Safed sira, Sans: Kucch patri, Pun: Chhanbhi kirla mar, Ben: Pan cheel, Tika bauri, Guj: Pan 
pattayi/pattai, Mar: Daldal sasana, Daldal harin, Ori: Pani chila, Ta: Poonai parundu, Te: Telia tala pilligadda, 
Mai: Karitappi, Sinh: Ukussa, Kurulla goya 


Short-toed Eagle 

Circaetus gallicus 

Hindi: Saampmaar, Pun: Sappmar ukab, Ben: Saapmaril, Guj: Saapmar, Wagri: Rawal, Ta: Onan koththi, Pambu 
parandu, Te: Pamula gadda, Yerkali: Kondatele, Kan: Malpatar 


Crested Serpent Eagle 

Spilornis cheela 

Hindi: Furj baaj, Dogra cheel, Pun: Mukatdar ukab, Ben: Tilaj baaj, Sabchur, Ass: Sin/Xen, Gond: Botta genda, 
Guj: Chotaliyo saanpmaar, Mar: Murayala, Ta: Kudumiyan, Te: Nalla pamula gadda, Mai: Chuttiparundu, 
Kan: Goom, Sinh: Rajaliya 


Great Nicobar Crested Serpent 

Spilornis klossi 




Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 



Andaman Dark Serpent Eagle 

Spilornis elgini 




Pandion haliaetus 

Hindi: Machhlimaar, Machhmanga, Machhariya, Sans: Matsya kurr, Pun: Machhimaar, Ben: Machhmarol, Kurari, 
Utkrosh, Lepcha: Pantiong, Nepal: Machharang, Guj: Machhimaar, Matsya bhoj, Mar: Kaiikar, Ta: Vraal addipan, 
Te: Koramen gadda, Yerkali: Heggiuli, Mai: Talipparundu 


Redbreasted Falconet 

Microhierax caerulescens 

Lepcha: Ching fin nyel, Cachar: Daoling kashiba 


Whitelegged Falconet 

Microhierax melanoleucos 

Cachar: Daoling kashiba 


Saker/Laggar Falcon 

Falco biarmicus 

Hindi: F: Charg, Laggar, M: Chargela, Jaggar, Pun: Laggar, Guj: Baggad, F: Juggad, Cherug, M: Juggad, Cherugelo, 
Te: Lagadu 


Peregrine/ Shaheen Falcon 

Falco peregrinus 

Hindi: F: Bhyri, Shaaheen kohi, M: Bhyri bacha, Kohila, Shaheen, Safed shaheen, Pun: Lalsir shaheen, Bahiri, 
Shahin, Guj: Shaaheen, Kalo shaaheen, Lai mathani shahin, F: Bheri, Shahin, M: Bheribacho, Shahincha , 
Mar: Shaahi sassana, Ori: Chhanchana, Ta: Valium, Te: Bhyri dega, Yerkali: Dega, Mai: Kayal pullu, Karimpullu, 
Sinh: Kurulla goya 

212, 213 


Falco subbuteo 

U.P: Morassani, Pun: Choti behiri, Mar: Habissana, Guj: Moti dhothi, F: Dhoti, M: Dhutar 

214, 215 

Oriental Hobby 

Falco severus 

Hindi: Dhutar(M), Dhuti(F), Guj: Moti dhothi, F: Bharati dhoti, M: Dhutar 


Sooty Falcon 

Falco concolor 


217, 218 


Falco columbarius 

Hindi: Daurela(M), Daurai(F), Pun: Retal turumti, Regi, Turmati 


Redheaded Merlin 

Falco chicquera 

Sind: Chatwa(M), Hindi: Turumti, Turumtari(F) , Pun: Laal siri turmati, Guj: Turumthi, F: Turumti, M: Chatva, 
Mar: Turumti sassana, Te: Jellaganta, Jelgadda, Jale gadda, Yerkali: Jelkat 


Redlegged Falcon 

Falco vespertinus 

Cachar: Daotu hagra, Guj: Lalpan bheri 


Lesser Kestrel 

Falco naumanni 

Guj: Nani laraji 



Falco tinnunculus 

Hindi: Karontia, Koruttia, Khermutia, Narzinak(M), Narzi(F), Kash: Bohar, Pun: Lai shikra, Lepcha: Ting kyi, 
Guj: Larji, Moti laraji, Te: Thondala muchi gadda, Thondala doshi gadu, Mai: Cherupullu 

225, 226 


Megapodius freycinet 

Nicobar: Kongah 


Snow Partridge 

Lerwa lerwa 

Pakistan: Parahut, H.P: Biju, Barf ka titar, U.P.: Janguria, Quoir Monal, Kur monal, Bhutia: Lerwa 


Seesee Partridge 

Ammoperdix griseogularis 

Pakistan: Kuckie, Baluchistan: Sisu, Persian: Tihu, Sind, Pun: Seesee 


Tibetan Snowcock 

Tetraogallus tibetanus 

Turki: Utar utar, Mongol: Hailik, Bhutia: Hrak-pa 


Himalayan Snowcock 

Tetraogallus himalayensis 

Persian: Kabk-i-dara, kowk-i-zarreen, Kash: Kabak, U.P.: Huinwal, Jer monal, H.P.: Leep, Galaond, Gleund, 
Gura kakov, Raam chakor, Nepal: Kulla, Lupu, Baera 



Tetraophasis szechenyii 

Tibetan: Kwa-kwa-dzi kuling, Chinese: Hua-we-tzu 


Chukor Partridge 


Persian, Baluchistan: Kabk, Turki: Keklik, Pushtu: Zarkar, Hindi: Chukor, Kash: Kakov, H.P.: Chakru 


Black Partridge 

Francolinus francolinus 

Baluchistan: M: Siyahgwar, F: Shanz Pushtu: Taru,, Sind: Karo titar, Hindi: Kala teetar, Pun: Kala tittar, 

U.P.: Tetra, Kalo tetra, Ass: Tetri sorai, Mechentri, Cachar: Dao chirree, Kacha, Mikir: Voh chirree, Mani: Urenbi, 

Naga: Inrui jirip, Nepal: Kais teetar, Guj: Kalo thethar 


Painted Partridge 

Francolinus pictus 

Guj: Taliyo tetar, Thaliyo thethar, Mar: Kala titur, Chitur, Ta: Kaudari, Kakera kozhi, Te: Kakera kamsu, 
Sinh: Ussa watuwa, Pun kukkula, Mana kukkula 


Chinese/ Burmese Francolin 

Francolinus pintadeanus 

Mani: Kabo urenbi 


Grey Partridge 

Francolinus pondicerianus 

Baluchistan: Kapinja, Pushtu: Tauzarai, Sind: Achho tetar, Hindi: Raam teetar, Safed teetar, Gora teetar, 
Pun: Jirufi, Bhura tittar, Ben: Khyr, Guj: Khadyo tetar, Dhuliyo thethar, Mar: Chittur, titur, Ori: Titar, 
Ta: Kaudari, Te: Kawanga, Budidarangu kamsu, Mai: Kozhi kata, Kan: Gowjal hakki, Sinh: Ussa watuwa 


Swamp Partridge 

Francolinus gularis 

Bi: Bhil titri, Ben: Kyah, Khyr, Kaijah, Ass: Koi, Koi sorai, Koira, Hoi koli, B' desh: Bheel teetar, Gul teetar 



Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 

248, 249 

Tibetan Partridge 

Perdix hodgsoniae 

Ladakh: Chak pa, Tibetan: Sakpha, Rhakpa, Kongo, Che tra, Nepal: Rare wah 

250, 251 

Grey Quail 

Coturnix coturnix 

Baluchistan: Kurrak, Srapok, Sind: Batero, Batera, Hindi: Bada bater, Ghagus bater, Pun: Wadda batera, 
Ben: Bhatri, Ass: Bota sorai, Cachar: Daobui kashiba, Mani: Soibol, Sorbol, Guj: Ghaghas bater, Moti bater, 
Mar: Lawa, Lawri, Bada ganga, Gurganj, Rakhi durlav, Ori: Gundri, Te: Gogari yellichi, Mai: Kata, Charakkada, 
Kan: Barli, Sipale hakki 


Blackbreasted/Rain Quail 

Coturnix coromandelica 

Hindi: China bater, Nepal: Chanak, Guj: Chinaga bater, Varsha lavri, Ta: Kaadai, Te: Chinna yellichi, Burrlakka (for 
all quails in Kurnool distict), Mai: Kata, Sinh: Pun watuwa, Wil watuwa 

253, 254 

Bluebreasted Quail 

Coturnix chinensis 

U.P.: Gobal butai, Ben: Gurru, Cacher: Daobui majungbi, Mani: Sorbol, Nepal: Khair butai, Kaneni, 
Nicobar: Mul, Sinh: Pandala wutuwa 


Jungle Bush Quail 

Perdicula asiatica 

Hindi: Lowwa, Pun: Jungli batera, Bi: Juhar, Santhali: Auriconnai, Guj: Vana lavari, Vana bhadakiyun, 

Mar: Lowwa, Ori: Gunduni chadhei, Ta: Kaadai, Te: Girza pitta, Adavi poda yelise, Mai: Vari kada, Kan: Kari lowya, 

Sinh: Pandara watuwa, Will watuwa 


Rock Bush Quail 

Perdicula argoondah 

Hindi: Lowwa, Guj: Lavari, Bhadakiyun, Vagdavu bhadkiyu, Mar: Lowwa, Ta: Chinna kaadai, Te: Burrlakka, 
Lawunka, Rati poda yelise, Kan: Kempa lowya 


Painted Bush Quail 

Perdicula erythrorhyncha 

Hindi: Kokni lowwa, Santhali: Huker gundri, M.P: Sirsee lowwa, Ben: Huker, Ta: Kaadai, Te: Yelise, 
Mai: Mani kada 


Manipur Bush Quail 

Perdicula manipurensis 

Ass: Kala gundri, Mani: Lanz sorbol, Sorbol amuba 


Common Hill Partridge 

Arborophila torqueola 

Hindi: Peura, Ban teetar, H.P.: Roli, Ram chukra, U.P., Nepal: Peura, Ban teetar, Ass: Duboi, Cachar: Daobui, 
Mishmi: Pao-er, Lepcha: Kohumbut, Naga: Inrui whip, Burmese: Wogam, Gam toung 

270, 271 

Rufousthroated Hill Partridge 

Arborophila rufogularis 

U.P.: Peura, Ass: Duboi, Cachar: Dao bui, Daobui yegashi, Dafla: Pokhu, Lepcha: Kohumbut, Naga: Inrui whip 


Whitecheeked Hill Partridge 

Arborophila atrogularis 

Ass: Duboi, Dubore, Chitgong: San batai, Cachar: Daobui, Daobui yegashi, Naga: Inrui whip, B' desh: Peura 


Redbreasted Hill Partridge 

Arborophila mandellii 

Mishmi: Pao-er 


Bamboo Partridge 

Bambusicola fytchii 

Cachar: Dao bui lai, Mani: Wakrek 


Red Spurfowl 

Galloperdix spadicea 

Hindi, M.P.: Chhoti jungli murghi, Guj: Chokhara, Mar: Chakotri, Kokatri, Kastoor, Ta: Sarawa/ Saravoo kozhi, 
Chakutti kozhi, Te: Yerra kodi, Jita kodi, Mai: Mullan kozhi, Thavittu-thalayan kattukozhi, Kan: Chaachu koli 


Painted Spurfowl 

Galloperdix lunulata 

Gond: Hutkah, Ori: Askal, Kainjer, Ta: Kalkodi, Te: Jitta kodi, Mai: Pulli mullan kozhi 


Ceylon Spurfowl 

Galloperdix bicalcarata 

Ta: Chinna kattu kozhi, Sinh: Haban kukkula 


Mountain Quail 

Ophrysia superciliosa 



Blood Pheasant 

Ithaginis cruentus 

Mishmi: Chiku, Lepcha: Same, Semo, Soomoog pho, Nepal: Chilime, Chilimili, Seremin, Selmung, 
Tibetan: Siri, Seto 


Western Tragopan 

Tragopan melanocephalus 

N.W.Himalayas: Sing monal, Kash: Sonalu(M), Solalee(F), H.P.: Fulgar, Jigurana (M), Fulgari, Budal (F), U.P: Jewar 


Crimson/ Satyr Tragopan 

Tragopan satyra 

Hindi: Lungi, U.P.: Lungi, Lepcha: Tarrhyak, Bhutia: Omo, Bop, Nepal: Monal, Tibetan: Chamdong 

287, 288 

Blyth's/Greybellied Tragopan 

Tragopan blythii 

Ass: Hurhuria, San sorai, Naga: Gnu, Aghah, Aogho, Kuki: Chingtho, Tibetan: Bop 


Temminck's Tragopan 

Tragopan temminckii 

Tibetan: Bop 


Himalayan Monal 

Lophophorus impejanus 

NW Himalayas: Munal, Ghar munal, Ratia kawan, Ratnal, Ratkap, Kash: Sunal, M: Suna murgh, F: Ham, 
H.P.: Nilguru, Munal, M: Nil, F: Kareri, U.P.: Datiya, Mishmi: Pia padir, Dafe, Lepcha: Fo dong, Nepal: Dangan, 
Bhutan: Bup, Sikkim: Chamdong 


Sclater's Monal 

Lophophorus sclateri 

Mishmi: Tratta, Poa padoi, Pui di, Pede 


Eared Pheasant 

Crossoptilon crossoptilon 

Tibetan: Cha-nga 


Kaleej Pheasant 

Lophura leucomelana 

Hindi: Kaleej, Kukera, M: Kalesur, Kala murgha, F: Kalesi, H.P: Kolsa, Pun: Kulsa, Ass: Dorik, Mathura, 
Cachar: Deodip, Modura (plains), Durug, Lepcha: Kar rhyak, Kuki: Vohtep, Naga: Inruitip, Mani: Waba, 
Bhutan: Leko, Nepal: Rechabo, B' desh: Mathura, B' desh, Meghalaya: Dorik, Dirrik, Burmese: Yit, Rak 



Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 

299, 300 

Red Junglefowl 

Gallus gallus 

Hindi: Jungli Murgha, Ban Murgha, M: Laal murgha, F: Jungli murghi, Ban murghi, Pun: Jungli murga, Ben: Jungli 
Murgha, Ban Murgha, M: Laal murgha, F: Jungli murghi, Ban murghi, Ass: Ban kukura, Te: Yerra adavi kodi, 
Guj: Laal jungli kukdo, Mar: Laal ran kombda, Ori: Jungali kukuda, Burmese: Taw kyet 


Grey Junglefowl 

Gallus sonneratii 

Hindi: Jungli murgha(M), Jungli murghi(F), Raj: Komri, Gond: Geera kur, Parda komri, Guj: Jungli murgo, Ruperi 
jungli kukdo, Mar: Rakhi ran kombda (M), Raan kombdi, Ta, Mai: Kattu kozhi, Te: Telia adavi kodi, Kan: Kaadu koli 


Ceylon Junglefowl 

Gallus lafayettii 

Ta: Kattu koli, Sinh: M: Weli kukkula, F: Weli kikkili 


Koklas Pheasant 

Pucrasia macrolopha 

Kash: Plas, H.P: Kukrola, Koklas, Kokla, Khawakhtar, U.P.: Pokras, Nepal: Kokras 


Chir Pheasant 

Catreus wallichii 

Pakistan: Rehar, Kash: Reear, U.P.: Chir, Chihir, Bunchil, Herril, H.P.: M: Chaman, F: Chamani, Nepal: Chir, Chihir 


Mrs. Hume's Barredback Pheasant 

Syrmaticus humiae 

Mani: Loiningkoi, Noininkoi, Nongin 

309, 310 

Peacock Pheasant 

Polyplectron bicalcaratum 

Ass: Munowwar, Deyodahuk, Deodorik, Cachar: Doa dip, Dao dai dip, Mejoor, Meghalaya: Deodurrug, 
Naga: Burruminuri, B' desh: Katmor 


Common/Indian Peafowl 

Pavo cristatus 

Sind: Mur, Hindi: Mor, Mayura, Pun: Mor, Ben: Mayur, Ass: Moira, Mora sorai, Mani: Wahong, Lepcha: Mongyung, 
Meghalaya: Dode, Bhutia: Mabja, Guj: M: Mor, F: Dhel, Mar: M: Mor, F: Landor, Ori: Mayur, M: Manja, F: Mania, 
Ta, Mai: Mayil, Te: Nemali, Kan: Navilu, Sinh: Monara 


Burmese/Green Peafowl 

Pavo muticus 

Ben: Pegu majura, Mani: Wahong 


Little Bustard-Quail 

Turnix sylvatica 

Sind: Tutu batera, Hindi: Ginwa lowwa, Chotta lowwa, Dabki, Pun: Chhoti bateri, U.P: Tura shimaj, Bi: Libbia, 
Santhali: Tirra gundri, Ben: Chhoto bater, Ass: Chotto sansorai, Cachar: Daoduma Kashiba, Mani: Sorbol, 
Naga: Inruibuma gajeba, Guj: Bil bater, Nani bil bater, Mar: Darwi, Ori: San gundla, Te: Chinna or Telladabba 
gundla, Chinna dabba gundala 

314, 315 

Yellowlegged Button Quail 

Turnix tanki 

Hindi: Lowwa, Ben: Bater, Cachar: Daoduma gajao, Naga: Inruibuma gheherba, Guj: Bharati bil bater, Te: Yerra 
chinna gundala 


Common Bustard-Quail 

Turnix suscitator 

Hindi: Gulu, Gundra, Gundulu, Salui Gundra, Pun: Bateri, Ben: Gulu, Ass: Sansorai, Cachar: Daoduma, 

Lepcha: Timokpho, Naga: Inruibuma, Kuki: Vohbubum, Bhutia: Tinisk, Guj: Horn bater, Kali chati bil bater, 

Mar: Durwa, Ta: Kadai, M: Ankadij, F: Kurung kadik, Te: M: Kalada, F: Pured, Kan: Karechakki, Sinh: Bola watuwa 


Common Crane 

Grus grus 

Sind: Koonj, Hindi: Kraunch, Kronch, Pun: Waddi kunj, Guj: Kunj, Ori: Krunch, Tel: Kulam, Kulang, Kulangu 


Blacknecked Crane 

Grus nigricollis 

Ladakh: Kutung 


Hooded Crane 

Grus monacha 

Mani: Woinumal 

323, 324 

Sarus Crane 

Grus antigone 

Hindi: Sarus, Sans: Bharat Sarus, Pun: Saras, Ass: Khur sang, Mani: Woinu, Woinuren, Guj: Saras, Mar: Sarus, 
Te: Sarusu konga 


Siberian Crane 

Grus leucogeranus 

Pakistan: Kare khar, U.P: Tunhi, Chini kulang, Bi: Burmuch 


Demoiselle Crane virgo 

Sind: Koonj, Hindi: Karkara, Sans: Khr kronch, Pun: Kunj, Bi: Kurra, Nepal: Ghanto, Guj: Karkaro, Kutch: Koonj, 
Mar: Karkocha, Karkara kronch, Ori: Garara, Te: Vada koraka, Kor koncha, Kan: Karkoncha 

327, 328 

Water Rail 

Rallus aquaticus 

Ben: Ambukukkut 

329, 330 

Bluebreasted Banded Rail 

Rallus striatus 

Guj: Piroji pan lauva, Patawali santhakukdi, Ta: Kanan kozhi, Te: Wadi kodi, Mai: Tuttuterippan, 
Sinh: Kirimeti korowaka 


Redlegged Banded Crake 

Rallina fasciata 



Slatylegged Banded Crake 


Cachar: Daobui lai, Ta: Kaanan kozhi, Sinh: Kirimeti korowaka 


Andaman Banded Crake 

Rallina canningi 




Crex crex 


335, 336. 

Little Crake 

Porzana parva 




Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 


Baillon's Crake 

Porzana pusilla 

Nepal, Bi: Jhilli, Pun: Chhota jal-bater, Guj: Baillon-ni santa-kukadi, Nani santhakukdi 


Spotted Crake 

Porzana porzana 

Bi: Jhilli, Ben: Khairi, Gurgurri khairi, Guj: Tapkidi santa-kukadi, Ta: Venna mudi kozhi 

339, 340 

Ruddy Crake 

Porzana fusca 

Pun: Lai jal-bater, Cachar: Di daobui gajao, Guj: Rathi santhakukdi, Ta: Kanan kozhi, Mai: Chenkozhi, 
Sinh: Punchi korowaka 


Elwes's Crake 

Amaurornis bicolor 



Brown Crake 

Amaurornis akool 

Pun: Bhura jal-bater, Tapkiri jalkukdi, Guj: Nani davak, Taphkhiri santa-kukadi, Te: Wadi kodi 


Whitebreasted Waterhen 

Amaurornis phoenicurus 

Sind: Kuraki, Hindi: Dawak, Dahak, Dauk, Jalmurghi, Sans: Shwetkanthjal kukkuti, Pun: Chitthikki jal-kukri, 
UP: Kinati, Bi: Ban murghi, M.P: Jal murghi, Gond: Kureyn, Ben: Panpaira, Ass: Dauk, Mani: Uren konthou, 
Guj: Davak, Safed chatri, Mar: Kukud kombdi, Lazari pankombdi, Pandharchat pankombdi, Ori: Kumhatua, 
Ta: Kanaan kozhi, Te: Buda kodi, Tellabora neeti kodi, Mai: Kula kozhi, Kan: Bili edeya neeru koli, 
Andaman: Jangli murghi, Nicobar: Takoor, Sinh: Korowaka 


Kora or Watercock 

Gallicrex cinerea 

Hindi: Kora, Kangra, Bi: Toobka, Kora, Ben: Kora, Jal morag, Ass: Kora sorai, Mani: Utum, Guj: Kora, Jal murgho, 
Ta: Tannir kozhi, Te: Neeti kodi, Mai: Theepporikkannan, Sinh: Wil kukkula, Maid: Cooli kukula 

347, 347a 


Gallinula chloropus 

Hindi: Jal murghi, Murghaabi, Boder, Urdu: Murghaabi, Sans: Bharat ambukukkuti, Kash: Tech, Bi: Bodor, 

Pun: Jal-kukri, Ben: Jal murghi, Dakab paira, Mani: Paat uren/urel, Guj: Jal kukadi, Jalmurghi, Mar: Pan kombdi, 

Kali pankombdi, Ta: Tannir kozhi, Kaanaan kozhi, Te: Jumbu kodi, Bolli kodi, Mai: Patta kozhi, Sinh: Wil kukkula 

348, 349 

Purple Moorhen 

Porphyrio porphyrio 

Persian: Bistuni, Hindi: Kaim, Kalim, Kharim, Khima, Jamni vanmurghi, Sans: Rajiv ambukukkuti, Bi: Karim, 
Korma, Kash: Wan tech, Pun: Nili jal-kukri, Ben: Kaim, Kam pakhi, Ass: Kaam sorai, Cachar: Kaim, B' desh: Lili 
jalal kauri, Mani:Umu, Guj: Neel kukadi, Nil jalamurgho, Mar: Jambhli pankombdi, Mar: Kambala pitte, Te: Nila 
bolli kodi, Ooda bolli kodi, Ta: Jumbu kozhi, Mai: Neela kozhi, Sinh: Kitta, Kittala 



Fulica atra 

Sind: Aari, Hindi: Dasari, Dasarni, Aari, Khuskul, Thekari, Sans: Karand kukkut, Kash: Kavput, Kolur, Kolru, 

Pun: Koot, Bi: Kesrar, Serar, Barra godar, Ben: Karandab, Jal kukkut, Guj: Aad, Dasadi, Bhagathadu, 

Kutch: Kokdi, Mar: Kaam, Poonaar, Waarkari, Namya, Chandva, Chandi, Kaarandav, Mani: Mgami porom, Porom, 

Ta: Naama kozhi, Te: Bolli kodi, Nalla bolli kodi, Mai: Vellakkokkan kulakkozhi, Kan: Phalaka phani, Chippugalu 



Masked Finfoot 

Heliopais personata 



Great Bustard 

Otis tarda 

Kashmir: Deodagh 


Little Bustard 

Otis tetrax 

Baluchistan: Charaz, Pun: Chhota tiloor, Obara, Talaur 


Great Indian Bustard 

Choriotis nigriceps 

Sind: Gurahna, Garumba, Hindi: Sohan, Gughunbher, Hukna, Raj: Godawan, Nahar Goonjni, Gunjam, Gujaran, 
Pun: Tuqdar, Gurayin, M.P.: Sonchirya, Hank, Hookan, Serailu, Bherar, Guj: Ghorar, Ghorad, Kutch: Gudad, 
Mar: Maldhok, Ta: Kanal mayil, Te: Battameka pakshi, Kan: Yerreladdu, Doravayana/Heri/Arlkujina hakki 


Houbara Bustard 

Chlamydotis undulata 

Baluchistan: Charz, Charas, Pushtu: Sara, Sare, Sind: Taloor, Raj: Tilor, Pun: Tiloor, Hobara, Obara, Guj: Houbara, 
Tilur, Kutch: Siara tiloor, Mai: Houbara, Marukkokku 


Bengal Florican 

Eupodotis bengalensis 

Hindi: Charas, Charg, Charat, Ben: Dahar, Terai: MAblak, F:Bor, Ass: Ulu marai, Cachar: Dao tiriling 


Lesser Florican 

Sypheotides indica 

Sind: Tanmur, Kharmur, Hindi: Leekh, Chhota charat/charaz, Barsati/Kala charaz or tuqdar, Bhil: Khar teetar, 
Ben: Chhota dahar, Likh, Guj: Khar mor, Khadmor, Kutch: Tiloor, Mar: Tanner, Ta: Warragu kozhi, Te: Nela nemali, 
Mai: Chatta kozhi, Kan: Kannoul, Kan: Chini mor 


Pheasant-tailed Jacana 

Hydrophasianus chirurgus 

Hindi: Piho, Pihuya, Sans: Asee-puch jalkapot, Kash: Gair kov, Goind kav, Pun: Pihu, Ben, Bi: Surdal, Sakdal, 
Miwa, Dal kukra, Bhepi, Jal manjor/mayur/kokra, Chitra billai, Ass: Dol mora, Cachar: Rani didao gophita, 
Santhali: Lobo dak, Mani: Yem paraba, Guj: Jal manjar, Kathayi jalmanjar, Mar: Panmor, Kamalpakshi, Kamaltari, 
Panpeepuli, Ta: Mayil kozhi, Manal pura, Te: Jamudutoka jacana, Mai: Tamara kozhi, Sinh: Pan kukkula, 
Ballal seru, Vil girava 


Bronzewinged Jacana 

Metopidius indicus 

Hindi: Jal pipi, Sans: Jalkapot, Bi: Pipi, Kundai, Kattoi, Ben: Dal pipi, Jal pipi, Karatiya, Ass: Dol punga, 
Cachar: Pipi, Mani: Thamnachenbi, Guj: Kalo jal manjar, Mar: Kamalpakkshi, Neelkamal, Soneri pankhacha 
kamalpakshi, Ta: Thamara kozhi, Te: Kanchurekkalu jacana, Kan: Kenchu rekkeya neeru gili 



Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 

360, 361 


Haematopus ostralegus 

Sind: Dobah, Hindi: Darya gajpaon, Pun: Ghoga khor, Guj: Daraiai abalakh, Abalakh, Mar: Kalwa foda, 
Te: Yerra kali ulanka 


Whitetailed Lapwing 

Vanellus leucurus 

Pun: Chittpunjhi tathri, Guj: Safed punchhi titodi, Shwetpunch titodi 


Sociable Lapwing 

Vanellus gregarius 

Guj: Maltavdi titodi 


Peewit or Lapwing 

Vanellus vanellus 

Pun: Bodal tatihri, Ben: Sabaz titti 


Greyheaded Lapwing 

Vanellus cinereus 

Mani: Salang 


Redwattled Lapwing 

Vanellus indicus 

Sind: Tateehar, Hindi: Titeeri, Titai, Titi, Titori, Sans: Tamramukh titttibh, Kash: Hatatut, Hatatertu, Pun: Tatihri, 
Ass: Balighora, Tetatua, Cachar: Dao duyip, Mani: Salangkak, Guj: Titodi, Mar: Lalmukhi titvi, Titwi, Ori: Titiri, 
Ta: Alkaati, Te: Yennapa chitawa, Mai: Chenkanni, Kan: Kempu tittibha, Rudhira, Sinh: Kiraluwa, Kirala 


Spurwinged Lapwing 

Vanellus spinosus 

Hindi: Kharpankhi titeeri, Sans: Kantha paksh tittibh, Pun: Khar khambhi tatihri, Mani: Ngahoibi, 
Mar: Khar pakkshi 


Yellow-wattled Lapwing 

Vanellus malabaricus 

Pakistan: Jithiri, Hindi: Zirdi, Sans: Pitmukhi tittbhak, Pun: Pili tatihri, M.P: Laori, Guj: Parasna titodi, Vagdau 
titodi Mar: Pitmukhi titvi.Te: Chitawa, Ta: Alkaati, Mai: Manjakanni, Kan: Haladi tittibha, Sinh: Kiraluwa, Kirala 


Grey Plover 

Pluvialis squatarola 

Hindi, Ben: Bada batan, Guj: Batana titodi, Moti batan, Ta: Anathalai ullan, Mai: Chara plover 


Golden Plover 

Pluvialis apricaria 

Hindi: Chhota batan, Mar: Sonchikli 


Eastern Golden Plover 

Pluvialis dominica 

Hindi: Chhota batan, Sans: Suvarna kurri, Ben: Sona batan, Mani: Nong-gang, Guj: Soneri batana titodi, Soneri 
batan, Mar: Sonn chilkha, Ta: Kalporrukki, Mai: Manal kozhi, Sinh: Oleyiya, Rana watuwa 


Large Sand Plover 

Charadrius leschenaulti 

Guj: Ratal titodi, Moti dhongili, Ta: Anna mandai 


Australian Blackfronted Plover 

Charadrius melanops 


376, 377 

Caspian Sand Plover 

Charadrius asiaticus 



Ringed Plover 

Charadrius hiaticula 


379, 380 

Little Ringed Plover 

Charadrius dubius 

Hindi: Zirrea, Merwa, Kash: Kola katij, Pun: Marwa, Ben: Jira, Guj: Vilayati jini titodi, Mar: Katheri chilkha, 

Ta: Mani mandai ullan, Chinna kottan, Te: Bytu ulanka, Rewa, Mai: Motira kozhi, Attumanal kozhi, Kantavali nani 

dhongili, Kan: Kari patte plover, Sinh: Punchi oleyiya 

381, 382 

Kentish Plover 

Charadrius alexandrinus 

Pun: Kalarwala marwa, Guj: Dhongili, Bhulamani dhongili, Mar: Kentish chikhli, Ta: Chinna mandai ullan, 
Chinna kottan, Uppu kotthi, Mai: Manal kozhi, Sinh: Punchi oleyiya 


Longbilled Ringed Plover 

Charadrius placidus 



Lesser Sand Plover 

Charadrius mongolus 

Guj: Nani ratal titodi, Nani dhongili, Ta: Mandi ullan, Mai: Manal kozhi, Sinh: Oleyiya 

385, 386 


Numenius phaeopus 

Hindi, Ben: Chhota goungh/gulinda, Bi: Chhota gunyar, Guj: Nani khalili, Ta: Kuthirai thalai kottan, 
Mai: Tetti kokku, Sinh: Maha watuwa, Maid: Bulithumbi, Bulithunga, Orana 

387, 388 


Numenius arquata 

Sind: Borindo, Hindi: Goar, Goungh, Bada gulinda, Sans: Kukri jalranka, Pun: Karloo, Bi: Guinyar, Ben: Choppa, 
Sada kastachura, Guj: Khalili, Vilayati khalili, Mar: Kural, Ta: Kuthirai thalai kottan, Khudure kottan, 
Mai: Valkokku, Sinh: Maha watuwa 

389, 390 

Blacktailed Godwit 

Limosa limosa 

Sind: Susling, Hindi: Gudera, Gairiya, Jangral, Sans: Kalpunchi aaramukhi, Bi, Nepal: Malgujha, Ben: Jaurali, 
Guj: Kalipunchh/Moto gadera, Mar: Malguja, Khag, Ta: Kannadi ullan, Te: Tondu ulanka, Mai: Pattavalan godwit 


Bartailed Godwit 

Limosa lapponica 

Sind: Susling, Hindi: Gudera, Gairiya, Jangral, Bi, Nepal: Malgujha, Ben: Jaurali, Guj: Pattapunchh gadera, 
Rekhapunch gadera, Nano gadera, Te: Tondu ulanka, Mai: Varavalan godwit 


Spotted Redshank 

Tringa erythropus 

Hindi: Batan, Gatni, Surma, Pun: China lal chaha, Mani: Ngahoibi, Guj: Rakhodiyo ratapug, Kalithuthvari, 
Ta: Pavalakaal ullan, Te: Yerra kal ulanka 

393, 394. 

Common Redshank 

Tringa totanus 

Hindi: Chhota batan, Pun: Lal chaha, Mani: Ngahoibi, Mar: Chhota bataan, Surma, Guj: Ratapug, Rathapag 
thuthavari, Ta: Pavalakaal ullan, Mali kottan, Segappu kal ullan, Sinh: Maha watuwa 


Marsh Sandpiper 

Tringa stagnatilis 

Pun: Chhanbhi chaha, Ben: Chhota gotra, Biler balubatan, Guj: Gandapug tutvari, Nani lilapag, Nani lilapag 



Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 

thuthvari, Mar: Chikhli tutari, Ta: Cheeti ullan 


Common Greenshank 

Tringa nebularia 

Hindi: Tantana, Timtima, Sans: Haritpad jalrank, Pun: Hara chaha, Ben: Gotra, Guj: Lilapug, Timtima, Lilapag, 
Moti lilapag thuthvari, Mar: Timbla, Hirva tutvaar, Harit surma, Hirva bataan, Ta: Adiyaen, Peria kottan, 
Mai: Pachakkali, Sinh: Maha watuwa 


Green Sandpiper 

Tringa ochropus 

Pun: Hara retal chaha, Guj: Leeli tutvari, Leelipag thuthvari, Shwetapunch thuthvari, Mar: Timbla, Hirvi tuutari, 
Ta: Aathuchuzhi ullan, Te: Nalla ulanka, Mai: Kata kokku 


Wood Sandpiper 

Tringa glareola 

Hindi: Chupka, Chobaha, Titvari, Sans: Van jalrank, Pun: China retal chaha, Ben: Balu batan, Guj: Vana tutvari, 
Mar: Dirghalav, Thipkewala tutari, Ta: Vayal ullan, Kottan, Te: Chinna ulanka, Podala ulanki, Mai: Kata kokku, 
Sinh: Sili watuwa, Tapkilithuthvari 


Spotted Greenshank 

Tringa guttifer 



Terek Sandpiper 

Tringa terek 

Guj: Tutvari, Chanchal, Dhariyayi, Ta: Uppukothi ullan, Kadakarai ullan, Mai: Terek manaloothi 


Common Sandpiper 

Tringa hypoleucos 

Hindi: Jalrank, Sans: Prakhyat jalrank, Kash: Tont kon, Kula kavin, Pun: Retal chaha, Guj: Samanya tutvari, 
Thuthvari, Nani thuthvari, Mar: Tutwar, Tutari, Ta: Choothatti ullan, Te: Polte ulanka/ulanki, Mai: Neerkata, 
Kan: Maralu peepi, Sinh: Sili watuwa, Maid: Findon 


Turnstone, Ruddy Turnstone 

Arenaria interpres 

Guj: Kachabarangi, Ta: Kal purratti, Mai: Tirakkata, Sinh: Oleyiya, Maid: Ratafy 


Asian Dowitcher 

Limnodromus semipalmatus 



Solitary Snipe 

Gallinago solitaria 

Hindi: Ban chaha, Ass: Boner kocha, Cachar: Daodidap gophu, Mani: Chek laobi, Nepal: Bharka, Khasi: Simpoo 


Wood Snipe 

Gallinago nemoricola 

Hindi: Chaha, Ben: Ban chaha, Ta: Kattu ullan 


Pintail Snipe 

Gallinago stenura 

Sind: Lik pakhi, Hindi: Chaha, Ben: Kadakhocha, Chegga, Ass: Khocha sorai, Chaha sorai, Chergya, Cachar: Dao 
didap, Nepal: Bharak, Mani: Cheklaobi, Kuki: Voh ti alin, Naga: Ti inrui, Guj: Garkhod, Salipunchh garkhod, 
Mar: Pan lawa, Ta: Mor ullan, Korra kothi, Te: Muku puredi, Mai: Chuntan kata, Sinh: Keswatuwa 


Swinhoe's Snipe 

Gallinago megala 

Sind: Lik pakhi, Hindi: Chaha, Ben: Kadakhocha, Chegga, Ass: Khocha sorai, Chaha sorai, Chergya, Cachar: Dao 
didap, Mani: Cheklaobi, Kuki: Voh ti alin, Naga: Ti inrui, Nepal: Bharak, Guj: Garkhod, Mar: Pan lawa, Ta: Mor 
ullan, Ullan kuruvi, Korra kothi, Te: Muku puredi, Mai: Chuntan kata, Sinh: Keswatuwa 


Great Snipe 

Gallinago media 



Common or Fantail Snipe 

Gallinago gallinago 

Same as 407, including Sans: Vyanjan punch pankeer, Pun: Pakhi punjha chaha, Guj: Garkhod, Pankhapunch 
garkhod, Te: Muku puredi, Ta: Korakothi 


Jack Snipe 

Gallinago minima 

Hindi: Chhota chaha, Bi: Do lagain, Nepal: Chhota bharka, Guj: Nano garkhod, Nani pankhapunch garkhod 



Scolopax rusticola 

Hindi: Simteetar, Tuteetar, Kash: Zar batchi, Bumpal, Dhabha, Gherak, Chustrak, H.P.: Chinjarole, 

U.P., Nepal: Sim kukra, Cachar: Daodidap gadeba, Khasia: Simpookhlaw, Mani: Sabal kaodruk, B' desh: Wilaiti 

chaha, Guj: Vana chor, Van pankhapunch garkhod 



Calidris canuta 

Guj: Uthari kichidiyo, Ta: Maduvoo 


Eastern Knot 

Calidris tenuirostris 

Mai: Kizhakkan knot, Guj: Moto khichdiyo, Ta: Peria maduvoo 



Calidris alba 

Mai: Thirakkada, Guj: Dariai lagotho, Dariyayi khichdiyo, Ta: Moondru viral ullan, Manal ullan 


Eastern Little Stint 

Calidris ruficollis 

Hindi: Chhota panlowwa 


Little Stint 

Calidris minuta 

Baluchistan: Tanki, Hindi: Chhota panlowwa, Pun: Panlawa, Bi: Runni, Guj: Kichadiyo, Kalapag khichdiyo, nano 
khichdiyo, Mar: Chhota panlawa, Ta: Kosu ullan 


Temminck's Stint 

Calidris tem.minck.ii 

Hindi: Chhota panlowwa, Guj: Ujalapag khichdiyo, Ta: Manjakaal kosu ullan, Mai: Temminki manaloothi 


Longtoed Stint 

Calidris subminuta 

Ta: Pachai kaal kosu ullan 


Asian Pectoral Sandpiper 

Calidris acuminata 


420, 421. 


Calidris alpina 

Guj: Kalopet kichadiyo 



Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 



Calidris testacea 

Guj: Vankichanch, Shwethpith khichdiyo, Ta: Mooku ullan 


Spoonbilled Sandpiper 

Eurynorhynchus pygmaeus 

Ta: Karandi mooku ullan, Mai: Karandikkokkan manaloothi 

424, 425 

Broadbilled Sandpiper 

Limicola falcinellus 

Guj: Safednena kichadiyo, Swethnen khichdiyo 


Buffbreasted Sandpiper 

Tryngites subruficollis 



Ruff & Reeve 

Philomachus pugnax 

Hindi: Gehwala, Bagbad, Pun: Ruffreev, Ben: Geowala, Guj: Tiliyo, Mar: Gherbala, Galabandh panlawa, 
Ta: Vara cheravi, Mai: Bahuvarnan manaloothi 


Grey Phalarope 

Phalaropus fulicarius 



Rednecked Phalarope 

Phalaropus lobatus 

Guj: Chanchal, Laldok chanchal, Ta: Neer moozhki 


Painted Snipe 

Rostratula benghalensis 

Hindi: Rajchaha, Sans: Chitrit kunal, Pun: Rangla chaha, Nepal, Bi: Ohari, Ben: Baggarji, Cachar: Daodidap gajao, 
Guj: Panlauva, Mar: Panlauva, Hirva panlauva, Rangit kekas, Chaha, Mani: Kangdruk, Guj: Pan lauva, 
Ta: Mayil ullan, Mai: Kalikata, Kan: Bannada zellange, Sinh: Raja watuwa, Ulu keswatuwa 

430, 431. 

Blackwinged Stilt 

Himantopus himantopus 

Sind: Gusling, Hindi: Gaz paon, Tinghur, Sans: Kalpaksh prawalpad, Pun: Lamlatta, Bi: Sargain, Sargyne, 
Ben: Lai gon, Lai thengr, Lan gora, Guj: Gaj-paon, Mar: Shekata, Ta: Pavalla kaal ullan, Paduva kali, 
Mai: Pavizhakkali, Sinh: Kalapu-kirala 



Recurvirostra avosetta 

Hindi: Kusya chaha, Sans: Kashika, Guj: Ulti-chanch, Mar: Uchat, Ta: Kuni arichan, Mai: Avocet 



Ibidorhyncha struthersii 

Miri hills: Puggah 


Crab Plover 

Dromas ardeola 

Guj: Shankhlo, Mai: Njandunni, Nicobar: Cummermelmova, Maid: Eshunga, Tayrawa 

435, 436 

Stone Curlew 

Burhinus oedicnemus 

Hindi: Karwanak, Barsiri, Sans: Giri nakt kurri, Pun: Karvank, Ben: Kharma, Chhota shilabatan, Guj: Karachala- 
kha, Chakva-chakvi, Nano chadvo, Mar: Pikwik, Ta: Musal kozhundu, Kanal mosal, Kannadi al katti, Te: Kalleydu, 
Raati kaledu, Mai: Valyalkannan, Sinh: Golu kiraluwa/ kirala 

437, 438 

Great Stone Plover 

Esacus magnirostris 

Hindi: Bada karwanak, Sans: Dirgha shir panwik, Pun: Waddi karvank, Ben: Ganga titai, Bada shilabatan, Miris: 
Baligura, Guj: Moto chakva-chakvi, Moto chadno, Mar: Karwanak, Ta: Peira musal kozhundu, Mai: Perumkokkan 


Creamcoloured Courser 

Cursorius cursor 

Baluchisthan: Askalo, Guj: Retal rana godhalo, Pilachato rangoghalo, Kutch: Chhena bori 


Indian Courser 

Cursorius coromandelicus 

Hindi: Nukri, Bi: Thonth, Pun: Nukri, Guj: Rana godhalo, Badami rangoghalo, Ta: Al kaatti, Te: Yerra chitawa, 
Mai: Veli alappan, Sinh: Weli kirala 


Jerdon's Courser 

Cursorius bitorquatus 

Te: Adavi utha-titti, Kalivi kodi 

442, 443 

Collared or Large Indian Pratincole 

Glareola pratincola 

Ben: Bada babuibatan, Guj: Tejpar, Motu thejpar, Mai: Valiya meevalkkata 


Small Indian Pratincole 

Glareola lactea 

Sind: Utteran, Pun: Bauni tatihri, Ben: Chhota babuibatan, Guj: Nanu thejpar, Ta: Kuruvi ulla, Maid: Abularge 

445, 446. 

Antarctic Skua. 

Catharacta skua 



South Polar Skua 

Catharacta skua 



Pomatorhine Skua or Jaeger 

Stercorarius pomarinus 



Parasitic/Richardson's Skua or 

Stercorarius parasiticus 



Sooty Gull 

Larus hemprichii 


450, 451 

Herring Gull 

Larus argentatus 

Guj: Kalipeethvalo dhomdo, Pila-pagvalo dhomdo, Pilapag dhomado, Ta: Peria kadal kagam, Te: Gourukaki 


Lesser Blackbacked Gull 

Larus fuscus 

Pun: Chhota damra, Guj: Kalipith dhomado 


Great Blackbacked Gull 

Larus marinus 



Great Blackheaded Gull 

Larus ichthyaetus 

Hindi: For all gulls-Dhomra, Mirshikars: Kheir, Guj: Moto kala mathano dhomdo, Moto dhomado, Te: Gourukaki 


Brownheaded Gull 

Larus brunnicephalus 

Hindi: Bhuri ganga chilli, Sans: Babhru shirsha gangachilli, Pun: Bhurasir-damra, Guj: Dhomdo, Ladakhi dhomado, 
Mar: Kurav, Tapkiri dokyacha kurav, Ori: Hansaraali (for all gulls and terns), Ta: Kadal kagam, 
Te: Gourukaki, Mai: Kadalpatta, Sinh: Muhudu kaputa 



Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 


Blackheaded Gull 

Larus ridibundus 

Hindi: Kal-siri gangachilli, Sans: Kalshirsh gangachilli, Pun: Kalasir-damra, Guj: Kala mathano dhomdo, 
Shayamashir dhomado, Mar: Kurvak, Kalya dokyacha kurav, Te: Gourukaki 


Slenderbilled Gull 

Larus genei 

Pakistan: Kothar, Hindi: Kal-siri gangachilli, Guj: Gulabi dhomdo, Vadhomadi 


Little Gull 

Larus minutus 

Guj: Nani vadhomadi 


Whiskered Tern 

Chlidonias hybridus 

Hindi: For all terns - Tehari, Ganga cheel, Machh lauka, Koorari, Sans: Bharat sitkarnakurri, Kash: Krind, Keru, 
Pun: Taheri, Gond: Kivi, Guj: Kashmiri vabagali, Mar: Tamramukh surya, Ta: For terns - Aala, Te: Samudrapu kaki, 
Ramadasu, Reeva pitta, Mai: Kadalkakka, Kan: Chouka baalada tern, Sinh: Muhudu lihinia 


Whitewinged Black Tern 

Chlidonias leucopterus 

Same as 458, including Guj: Thobhali dhomdi, Safedpankhvali dhomdi, Sweth pankh kali vabagali 


Black Tern 

Chlidonias niger 


460, 461. 

Gullbilled Tern 

Gelochelidon nilotica 

Kash: Krind, Keru, Pun: Bularh taheri, Gond: Kivi, Guj: Dhomda-dhomdi, Dholi vabagali, Mar: Suray, Hivali surya, 
Ta: Karuppu mooku aala, Te: Ramadasu, Samudrapu kaki, Mai: Kadalkakka, Sinh: Muhudu lihinia, 
Maid: Kirru, Dooni amma 


Caspian Tern 

Hydroprogne caspia 

Sind: Kekra, Guj: Dariai dhomdi, Moti vabagali, Ta: Sigappu mooku aala, Te: Ramadasu, Sinh: Mamuhudu lithiniya 


Indian River Tern 

Sterna aurantia 

Sind: Kinai, Sans: Nadi kurri, Pun: Dariai taheri, Guj: Samanya dhomdi, Kenchipunch vabagali, Mar: Nadi suray, 
Ta: Kulathu aala, Te: Ramadasu, Mai: Puzha ala 

464, 465. 

Common Tern 

Sterna hirundo 

Guj: Pardeshi dhomdi, Ladakhi vabagali 


Roseate or Rosy Tern 

Sterna dougallii 



Arctic Tern 

Sterna macrura 



Whitecheeked Tern 

Sterna repressa 

Guj: Safedgal vabagali 

468, 469. 

Blacknaped Tern 

Sterna sumatrana 

Nicobar: Sanna yena, Maid: Kirruddoni 


Blackbellied Tern 

Sterna acuticauda 

Pun: Kali taheri, Guj: Kalapetni dhomdi, Kalapeth vabagali, Te: Ramadasu, Mai: Karivayaran ala 


Brownwinged Tern 

Sterna anaethetus 

Guj: Badami pankh vabagali 


Sooty Tern 

Sterna fuscata 


475, 477 

Little Tern 

Sterna albifrons 

Guj: Nani dhomdi, Nani vabagali, Mar: Surya, Ta: Cheeti ala, Sinh: Muhudu lihiniya 


Saunder's Tern 

Sterna saundersi 

Maid: Bondu, Bondu dooni 


Large Crested Tern 

Sterna bergii 

Guj: Chotili dariai dhomdi, Motili dariyayi vabagali, Ta: Periya kondai aala, Sinh: Muhudu lihiniya, 
Maid: Gardooni, Lakshadweep: Tharathassi 


Lesser Crested Tern 

Sterna bengalensis 

Guj: Nani dariyayi vabagali,Ta: Kondai aala, Sinh: Muhudu lihiniya, Maid: lam mutie gardooni 


Sandwich Tern 

Sterna sandvicensis 

Guj: Dariyayi vabagali, Mai: Kadalundiala 


Noddy Tern 

Anous stolidus 

Maid: Maranga, Lakshadweep: Karifaid 


Whitecapped Noddy 

Anous tenuirostris 

Maid: Maranga 


Indian Ocean White Tern or Fairy 

Gygis alba 

Maid: Cundu, Wallu dooni 


Indian Skimmer 

Rynchops albicollis 

Hindi: Panchira, Pun: Pancheera, Guj: Jal-hal, Mar: Panchira 


Tibetan Sandgrouse 

Syrrhaptes tibetanus 

Ladakh: Kuk, Kaling, Kakeling, Keeling, Tibetan: Kang-ga-ling, Kakali 


Pallas 's Sandgrouse 

Syrrhaptes paradoxus 



Large Pintail Sandgrouse 

Pterocles alchata 

Baluchistan: Katau, Guj: Katavu batavdo 


Indian Sandgrouse 

Pterocles exustus 

Sind: Batebar, Bateban, Hindi: Bhat teetar, Kuhar, Pun: Bhattitar, Guj: Deshi batado, Vagadavu batavdo, 
Mar: Pokurdee, Pokundi, Ta: Kal koudari, Kan: Kal gojal hakki, Te: Jam polanki 


Spotted Sandgrouse 

Pterocles senegallus 

Baluchistan: Likhirik, Sind: Nanho katingao, Kara pet gutu, Gutu, Guj: Waku-waku, Kachchi batavdo, 



Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 

Kutch: Waku 


Imperial Sandgrouse 

Pterocles orientalis 

Pakistan: Banchur, Kurmor, Baluchistan: Siah seena, Chohrok, Sind: Katingo, Chur, Pun: Shahi bhatttitar, 
Haryana: Bada bhatta, Guj: Shahi/Moto Rajasthani batado, Shahi batavdo 


Coronetted Sandgrouse 

Pterocles coronatus 

Baluchistan:: Kalanga 

491, 492 

Painted Sandgrouse 

Pterocles indicus 

Baluchistan: Gwadarg, Hindi: Pahari bhat teetar, Bhat ban, U.P.: Chapka, Gutila teetar, Guj: Rangeen/Rangeet 
batavdo Pahadi batado, Kan: Palki, Kal gojal hakki 


Pintailed Green Pigeon 

Treron apicauda 

Hindi: Harial, Kokhla, Ben: Harial, Kokhla, Ass: Bor haitha/haithak, Cachar: Daorep galou, Lepcha: Sang pong 


Wedgetailed Green Pigeon 

Treron sphenura 

Hindi: Kokola, Kokila, H.P.: Kainal, Ass: Haitha, Bor haitha/haithak, Cachar: Daorep gadeba, 
Lepcha: Kaku, Kuhu-pho 


Thickbilled Green Pigeon 

Treron curvirostra 

Cachar: Daorep buku gajao, Nepal: Thoria 


Pompadour Green Pigeon 

Treron pompadora 

Ben: Chhota harial, Ass: Haitha, Cachar: Daorep, Naga: Inruigum, Kuki: Vohpolip, Ta: Pachchaipura, 
Te: Poda pachcha pavuramu, Mai: Charavarayan, Sinh: Bata goya, Sipaduwa 

501, 502 

Orangebreasted Green Pigeon 

Treron bicincta 

Hindi: Harial, Ass: Haitha, Ta: Pachchai pura, Te: Pasapu pachcha pavuramu, Mai: Manjavarayan, Sinh: Bata goya 


Yellowlegged Green Pigeon 

Treron phoenicoptera 

Hindi: Harial, Pun: Harial, Ben: Harial, Ass: Haitha, Bor haita, Cachar: Daorep gadeba, Naga: Inruigu, Guj: Hariyal, 
Mar: Pisawa, Ta: Pachchai pura, Te: Pachcha polka/ guwa, Sinh: Bata goya 


Green Imperial Pigeon 

Ducula aenea 

Hindi: Dunkul, Doomkul, Sona kabutar, Bada harial, Ass: Porghuma, Purgoomba, Cachar: Daohukuruma, 
Ben: Hukas, Naga: Inruikuru, Nepal: Dukul, Ta: Periya pura, Te: Kakarani guwa, Mai: Meni pravu, Poganna, 
Sinh: Maha nila goya 


Pied Imperial Pigeon 

Ducula bicolor 

Nicobar: Kaluia 


Imperial Pigeon 

Ducula badia 

Pahari: Hukas, Ass: Parghuma, Cachar: Daohukuruma gagao, Lepcha: Fomok, Nepal, Sikkim: Dukur, Dukul, 
Naga: Inruikuru gaherba, Mani: Lamkhunu, Mai: Manti pravu 

513, 514. 

Snow Pigeon 

Columba leuconota 

Hash: Chut kotur, H.P: Bujul, Lepcha: Lho peu rentiep, Bhutia: Bya don 


Hill Pigeon 

Columba rupestris 

Turki: Yaiva kabtar, Tibetan: Angoa, Ankhu, Oron 

516, 517 

Blue Rock Pigeon 

Columba livia 

Pushtu: Kentisiam, Baluchistan: Kapoth, Chahi, Persian: Kaftar, Hindi: Kabutar, Kash: Wan kotur, Pun: Gola 
kabutar, Bi: Katretar, Parawa, Ben: Gola payra, Ass: Paar sorei, Cachar: Noni daotu, Guj: Paravun, Kabuthar, 
Pareva, Mar: Parva, Ori: Deulia para, Ta: Mada pura, Malai pura, Te: Gudi pavrai, pavuram or pavuramu, 
Mai: Kutta pravu, Kan: Neeli paarivaala, Sinh: Gal pareyiya 


Eastern Stock Pigeon 

Columba eversmanni 

Baluchistan: Kaputh, Chari kaputh, Persian: Kaftar, Hindi: Pahari kabutar, Pun: Salara, Bi: Ban parawa, Bagar 


Wood Pigeon 

Columba palumbus 

Pun: Silera, Salara, Kash: Kukil, H.P: Dahnud 


Speckled Wood Pigeon 

Columba hodgsonii 

U.P.: Bhekala, Ass: Pahari pagooma, Cachar: Hagrani daohukuruma 


Nilgiri Wood Pigeon 

Columba elphistonii 

Mai: Marapravu 


Ceylon Wood Pigeon 

Columba torringtoni 

Sinh: Manila goya, Ta: Karuppu pura 


Ashy Wood Pigeon 

Columba pulchricollis 

Cachar: Daohukuruma majungbi, Lepcha: Ka-o, Dafla: Pukurr 


Purple Wood Pigeon 

Columba punicea 

Ass: Lali pagooma, Cachar: Daohukuruma koro gophu 


Andaman Wood Pigeon 

Columba palumboides 



Bartailed Cuckoo-Dove 

Macropygia unchall 

Cachar: Daotukunt laima, Lepcha: Phoochong-pho, Ka-er, Bhutia: Pumok, Nepal: Tusal 

527, 527a. 

Andaman Cuckoo-Dove 

Macropygia rufipennis 




Streptopelia turtur 



Rufous Turtle-Dove 

Streptopelia orientalis 

Hindi: Kalstet fakhta, Barko fakhta, Ghugghu, Kash: Wan kukil, Gugi, Jangli konkli, Kamir, Kamru, Pun: Kamloa, 
Ben: Ram ghughu, Ass: Harua kopou, Cachar: Daotu gajao, Naga: Inruiku, Kuki: Voh gura, Mani: Khunu chaphubi, 
Leima khunu, Guj: Shiyalu holi/holo, Te: Yedra poda guwa, Mai: Chengali pravu 



Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 


Indian Ring Dove 

Streptopelia decaocto 

Baluchistan: Jangli kapoth, Sind: Gero, Hindi: Dhor fakhta, Parki, Panduk, Gugi, Hash: Kukil, Pun: Ghuggi, 
Bi: Daolo, Doula, Ben: Par ghughu, Ass: Set kopou, Cachar: Daota gophu, Guj: Dhol, Holo, Mar: Pitha hola, 
Kavda, Ori: For doves - Kapota, Ta: Kalli pura, Sambal pura, Te: Pedda bella guwa, Mai: Pottanchengali, 
Sinh: Maha kobeyiya 

535, 536 

Red Turtle-Dove 

Streptopelia tranquebarica 

Hindi: Seroti fakhta, Girwi fakhta, Biki, Pun: Lai totru, Bi: Itooa, Gond: Powari, Ben: Gulabi ghughu, Ithuiya 
ghughu, Tuma khuri, Lai ghughu, Ass: Lali pohu, Harua kopou, Cachar: Daotu kashiba gajao, Guj: Lotana holi, 
Lotan holo, Mar: Vitakari kowda, Ta: Thavuttu pura, Te: Yerra guwa 


Spotted Dove 

Streptopelia chinensis 

Hindi: Chitroka/Chitta fakhta, Parki, Chitta, Kangskiri, Panduk, Pun: Chini ghuggi, Bi: Kodaya panduk, 
Gond: Bode, Ben: Chhite ghughu, Telia ghughu, Ass: Pati kopou, Cachar: Daotu, Naga: Inruigu, Kuki: Voh kurup, 
Guj: Vana holi, Thaliyo holo, Mar: Thipkya kavada, Ta: Pulli pura, Mani pura, Umi pura, Te: Poda bellaguwa, 
Chukkala guwa, Mai: Chakkara kutta pravu, Aripravu, Kan: Chukki kapota, Sinh: Alu kobeyiya 


Little Brown or Senegal Dove 

Streptopelia senegalensis 

Sind: Tutan gheri, Hindi: Chhota fakhta, Parki, Tortra fakhta, Panduk, Pun: Totru, Ass: Ram kopou, Guj: Khumri, 
Holi, Mar: Hola, Vhalgad, Ta: Thavaattu pura, Te: Chitti bellaguwa, Sowata guwa, Mai: Aripravu 


Emerald Dove 

Chalcophaps indica 

Ben: Raj ghughu, Ass: Mati kupou, Sil kopou, Cachar: Daotualai, Lepcha: Ka-er, Guj: Neelam holi, Mar: Pachu 
kavda,Ta: Maragada pura, Padaki pura, Pathekai pura, Thamil pura, Te: Andi bellaguwa, Mai: Omana pravu, 
Manika pravu, Kan: Paeehe kapota, Sinh: Nil kobeyiya 


Nicobar Pigeon 

Caloenas nicobarica 

Nicobar: Lo-ung 


Alexandrine Parakeet 

Psittacula eupatria 

Sind: Takru, Hindi: Rai tota, Hiraman tota, Pun: Ra tota, U.P: Pahari tota, M.P: Karan tota, Ben: Chandana, 
Lepcha: Ne tso, Nepal: Karan suga, Kararia, Guj: Rajpipla-no popat, Ori: Suva, Swa, Te: Pedda chiluka, 
Mandi rama chiluka, Ta: Periya kili, Kan: Dodda gini, Sinh: Labu girawa 

549, 550 

Roseringed Parakeet 

Psittacula krameri 

Pakistan: Gallar, Sind: Chatun, Hindi: Lybar tota, Swa, Suva, Pun: Tota, Sugga, Ben: Tiya tota, Ass: Bhatov sorai, 
Cachar: Daobator, Nepal: Tenthia suga, Guj: Popat, Sudo, chiluka, Mar: Popat, Keera, Ori: For parakeets - Shua, 
Ta: For parakeets - Kili, Te: Rama chiluka, Mai: Tatta, Modirattatta, Kan: Kempu patte gini, Sinh: Ranna girawa 

551, 552 

Redbreasted Parakeet 

Psittacula alexandri 

Hindi: Madna, Kajila, Gour tota, Cachar: Daobator gajao, Nepal: Imrit bhela 


Nicobar Parakeet 

Psittacula caniceps 



Lord Derby's Parakeet 

Psittacula derbyana 


555, 556 

Redcheeked Parakeet 

Psittacula longicauda 

Nicobar: Talaka, Talahi 

557, 558 

Blossomheaded Parakeet 

Psittacula cyanocephala 

Hindi: Tuinya tota, Pun: Bengali tota, Lai sir-tota, U.P: Desi tuinya, Lalsira tota, Tuinya tota, Ben: Fariadi, Tui, 
Fultusi, Nepal: Tui suga, Guj: Tui, Thuyi, Mar: Keera, Tuiya, Ta: Pacha varna kili, Te: Rama chiluka, Mai: Poon 
totta, Kan: Kendale gini, Sinh: Pannu girawa, Rosa girawa 

559, 560 

Eastern Blossomheaded Parakeet 

Psittacula roseata 

Ben: Assami fultusi, Cachar: Daobator kashiba, Mani: Tenuwa 


Rothschild's Parakeet 

Psittacula intermedia 



Slatyheaded Parakeet 

Psittacula himalayana 

Kash: Tota, Shoga, Pun: Pahari tota, U.P: Pahari tuinya, Ben: Gagi, Pahari tota, Pahari madna, Nepal: Madana suga 


Eastern Slatyheaded Parakeet 

Psittacula finschii 

Cachar: Daobator kogashim 


Bluewinged Parakeet 

Psittacula columboides 

Hindi: Madangour tota, Mai: Nilatatha, Kan: Neeli gini 


Layard's Parakeet 

Psittacula calthropae 

Ta: Kili, Sinh: Alu girawa 

566, 567. 

Indian Lorikeet 

Loriculus vernalis 

Hindi: Latkan, Bhora, Ben: Latkan, Bhora, Cachar: Daobator lai, Mar: Cheey, Mai: Tatta chinnan, Kan: Gubbi gini 


Ceylon Lorikeet 

Loriculus beryllinus 

Ta: Thennang kili, Kanni kili, Sinh: Gira malichcha, Pol girawa 


Redwinged Crested Cuckoo 

Clamator coromandus 

Lepcha: Tseben, Ta: Konda kuyil, Te: Yerra gola kokila, Mai: Uppan kuyil, Sinh: Ratu konde koha 

570, 571 

Pied Crested Cuckoo 

Clamator jacobinus 

Hindi: Papiya, Kala papiya, Chatak, Kash: Hor kuk, Pun: Barsati papiha, Ben: Kala bulbul, Shah bulbul, 

Guj: Chatak, Mothido Mar: Chatak, Ta: Konda kuyil, Te: Gola kokila, Mai: Erattathalachi kuyil, Sinh: Konda koha 


Large Hawk-Cuckoo 

Cuculus sparverioides 

Pun: Wadda papiha, Lepcha: Nimbin piyal, Nepal: Bada bharao 



Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 

573, 574 

Common Hawk-Cuckoo or 
Brainfever Bird 

Cuculus varius 

Hindi: Kapak, Upak, Papiya, Pun: Papiha, Bi: Bharao, Ben: Chokgallo, Ass: Keteki sorai, Guj: Bappaiyo, 

Mar: Pavshaa, Ta: Akka/Thambi kuruvi, Kusil, Te: Kutti pitta, Mai: Shikra kuyil, Kan: Boodu kogile, Sinh: Koha 


Hodgson's Hawk-Cuckoo 

Cuculus fugax 

Pun: Hodgson papiha, Lepcha: Ding-pit 


Indian Cuckoo 

Cuculus micropterus 

Kashmir: Kapoo, H.P: Kupul pakki, Pun: Desi papiha, U.P.: Kyphal pakka, Ben: Bou-katha-kao, Nepal: Kya-phal- 
pako, Lepcha: Takpo, Bhutia: Kang ka tong, Guj: Bharathiya kuhukanth 



Cuculus canorus 

Kash: Hor kuk, Shakuk, Kuku, Kukil, U.P.: Phuphu, Kupwah, Lepcha: Kukku, Bhutia: Akku, Khasia:: Kuku, 
Guj: Pardeshi kukanth, Kuhukanth 

580, 580a 

Himalayan Cuckoo 

Cuculus saturatus 

Cachar: Dao hoo hoo, Assam: Hoo kuku, Lepcha: Tong ting vyang 


Small Cuckoo 

Cuculus poliocephalus 

Cachar: Dao pia pihu, Lepcha: Dang-hlem, Bhutia: Pichu giapu 

582, 583 

Baybanded Cuckoo, Indian 
Baybanded Cuckoo 

Cacomantis sonneratii 

Guj: Pattavali lal koyal, Nanikoyal, Ta: Kuyil, Te: Basha katti pitta, Mai: Chenkuyil, Sinh: Koha 


Indian Plaintive Cuckoo 

Cacomantis passerinus 

Pun: Chota papiha, Guj: Nani rakhodi koyal, Mar: Pousya, Ta: Kuyil, Te: Chinna katte pitta, Mai: Cherukuyil, 
Sinh: Koha 


Rufousbellied Plaintive Cuckoo 

Cacomantis merullnus 

Ben: Chhota bharau 


Emerald Cuckoo 

Chalcltes maculatus 

Cachar: Dao piu pip, Lepcha: Ang pha 


Violet Cuckoo 

Chalcites xanthorhynchus 

Cachar: Daopiu-pip 

588, 589 


Surniculus lugubrls 

Lepcha: Kario-vyem, Ta: Irattai-valan kuyil, Mai: Kakkatampuratti kuyil, Sinh: Kauda koha 



Eudynamys scolopacea 

Hindi, Pun: Koel, Ben: Kokil, Ass: Kokil, Kuli, Guj: Koyal, Mar: Kokil, Kokila, Ori: Koili, Ta: Kuyil, Te: Kokila, 
Mai: Kuyil, Kan: Kogile, Sinh: Koha, Gomera koha, Maid: M: Karlu koel, F: Dindin koel 

593, 594 

Large Greenbilled Malkoha 

Rhopodytes tristis 

Ben: Bon kokil, Ass: Bamura, Lepcha: Sanku 


Small Greenbilled Malkoha 

Rhopodytes viridlrostris 

Hindi: Kappra, Popiya, Guj: Lili sirakir, Ta: Pacha muku kuyil, Te: Wamana kaki, Mai: Pacha chundan, 
Sinh: Punchi malkoha 


Sirkeer Cuckoo 

Taccocua leschenaultii 

Hindi: Jangli tota, Pun: Neola papiha, Guj: Sirkeer, Khakhi ghoyaro, Nano lilo malkoha, Lili sirkeer, Te: Adavi 
chiluka, Potu/Putta (?) chiluka, Mai: Kalli kuyil, Sinh: Patthang atti-kukkula 


Redfaced Malkoha 

Phaenlcophaeus pyrrhocephalus 

Sinh: Mai koha, Mai kandetta 


Crow-Pheasant or Coucal 

Centropus sinensis 

Hindi: Mahoka, Pun: Kamadi kukkar, Ben, Bangladesh: Kuka, Ass: Kukoo sorai, Kukuha sorai, Dabahi kukuha, 
Cachar: Dao di dai, Mani: Nongkoubi, Guj: Hokko, Ghoyaro, Ghumkiyo, Kutch: Hooka, Mar: Bharadwaj, Kumbhar 
kaola, Kukkudkumbha, Sonkawla, Ori: Dahuka, Ta: Kalli kaka, Chembakam, Te: Jemudu kaki, Chemara, Mahoka 
kaki, Samba kaki, Mai: Uppan, Chemboth, Kan: Kemboota, Sinh: Atti kukkula, Bu kukkula 


Ceylon Coucal 

Centropus chlororhynchus 

Ta: Chembakam, Sinh: Batta atti-kukkula, Wal atti-kukkula 


Lesser Coucal 

Centropus toulou 

Ben: Chhoto-kuko, Ass: Ulu kukuha, Lepcha: Nyong, Bhutia: Kyok-kyok, Mai: Vari uppan 

606, 607 

Barn Owl 

Tyto alba 

Hindi: Kuraya, Karail, Buri churi, Kash: Rata mogul, Pun: Sunahiri ulloo, Bi: Madoosa, M.P.: Ghughu, 
Ben: Lakshmi pecha, Guj: Revi devi, Mar: For owls - Ghubad, Ori: Lakshmi pecha, Ta: Chavu kuruvi, 
Te: Chavu pitta, Mai: Veli munga, Kan: Goobe, Sinh: Bakamuna 


Grass Owl 

Tyto capensis 

Ass: Sun ulu sorai 


Bay Owl 

Phodilus badlus 

Mai: Riply moonga, Sinh: Bassa 

611, 612 

Spotted Scops Owl 

Otus spilocephalus 

Cachar: Dao hoo too 


Andaman Scops Owl 

Otus balli 



Pallid Scops Owl 

Otus brucei 

Guj: Lintavali chuggad, Rekhalo yuggad, Mar: Kutruz 



Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 


Scops Owl 

Otus scops 

H.P.: Dundul, Nepal: Choghad kusial, Sunya kusial, Guj: Bharati chuggad, Bharathiya yuggad, Ta: Chinna aandai, 
Mai: Nathu, Te: Chitta guba, Yerra chitta guba, Mai: Nathu, Neduncheviyan moonga, Sinh: Punchi bassa 


Collared Scops Owl 


Hindi: Tharkavi chughad, Pun: Kalar wala ulloo, Guj: Deshi chuggad, Kanthilo yuggad, Nepal: Lattya kusyal, 
Ta: Chinna aandai, Te: Pedda chitta guba, Mai: Nathu, Sinh: Punchi bassa 


Great Horned Owl or Eagle-Owl 

Bubo bubo 

Baluchistan: Boom, Sind: Gug, Hindi: Ghughu, Pun: Kanar ulloo, Ben: Hutom pecha, Ladakh: Oog-pa, 

Guj: Moto ghuvad, Mar: Ghubad, Shrungi ghubad, Ta: Komban aandai, Te: Yerra gudla guba, Mai: Komban munga 

628, 629 

Forest Eagle-Owl 

Bubo nipalensis 

Cachar: Dao bu gao deba, Bhutia: Migdori, Nepal: Huhu, Huhu cheel, Ta: Kottaan, Periya andai, Mai: Umman, 
Kattu munga, Sinh: Loku bakamuna 


Dusky Horned Owl 

Bubo coromandus 

Sind: Gug, U.P.: Jungli ghugghu, Pun: Saleti ulloo, Guj: Radiyo/Rakhedi ghuvad 

631, 632 

Brown Fish Owl 

Bubo zeylonensis 

Hindi: Amrai ka ghughu, Macchera ullu, Sans: Matsyoluk, Pun: Machhera ulloo, Ben: Bhootoom pecha, 

Ass: Hoodoo, Guj: Machhimar ghuvad, Matsya ghuvad, Mar: Macchmar ghubad, Ta: Periya aandai, Umatan aandai, 

Te: Chepala gudla guba, Mai: Ooman, Sinh: Bakamuna 


Tawny Fish Owl 

Bubo flavipes 

Lepcha: Lak kyo-o mung, Cachar: Dao hao ho ho, Dao bu gao 


Snowy Owl 

Nyctea scandiaca 



Collared Pygmy Owlet 

Glaucidium brodiei 

Cachar: Dao whit-whit 


Jungle Owlet 

Glaucidium radiatum 

Hindi: Jangli choghad, U.P.: Kala khusat, Ben: Chhota kalpencha, Guj: Vana chibri, Van chibari, Ta: Chinna aandai, 
Te: Adavi pagadigante, Mai: Chemban nathu, Sinh: Punchi bassa 


Barred Owlet 

Glaucidium cuculoides 

Hindi: Bada dundul, Lepcha: Tanpum, Cachar: Dao ku-ra-ru-ru 


Brown Hawk-Owl 

Ninox scutulata 

Hindi: Chughad basra, Ben: Kal pecha, Ass: Moh sorai, Lepcha: Tang kyi per chiok, Guj: Baj ghuvad, Ta: Chinna 
aandai Te: Pagadigante vestam, Mai: Pullunathu, Sinh: Punchi bassa, 

646, 647 

Andaman Brown Hawk-Owl 

Ninox affinis 


648, 649 

Little Owl 

Athene noctua 

Tibetan: Ugpa 


Spotted Owlet 

Athene brama 

Sind: Chibiru, Hindi: Khakusat, Khusattia, Chugad, Pun: Chugal, Bi: Pencha, Ben: Kuture pencha, Ass: Fecha, 
Lepcha: Dang tang pum, Guj: Chibri, Chibari, Mar: Pingla.Ta: Pulli aandai, Te: Pagadigante, Kan: Haalakki 


Forest Spotted Owlet 

Athene blewitti 



Hume's Wood Owl 

Strix butleri 

Guj: Dangi chibari 


Mottled Wood Owl 

Strix ocellata 

Pun: Ghona ulloo, Guj: Girnari/Van ghuvad, Mai: Kollikkuravan 


Brown Wood Owl 

Strix leptogrammica 

Nepal: Bulaka, Lepcha: Mik dab bru, Mai: Kollikkuravan 

661, 662 

Himalayan/Tawny Wood Owl 

Strix aluco 

Kash: Rata mogul, Rat monglu, Lepcha: Kashi op tak pum, Bhutia: Uko 


Longeared Owl 

Asio otus 



Shorteared Owl 

Asio flammeus 

Guj: Ravayido dhuvad, Mai: Pucha munga, Ori: For owls - Pecha, Sinh: Bassa, Maid: Bukhamoonu 


Tengmalm's or Boreal Owl 

Aegolius funereus 



Ceylon Frogmouth 

Batrachostomus moniliger 

Mai: Makkachikkata, Sinh: Gembi-kata-bassa 


Hodgson's Frogmouth 

Batrachostomus hodgsoni 

Mani: Sumbong 

668, 669 

Great Eared Nightjar 

Eurostopodus macrotis 

Ass: Dinkona, Mai: Sandhya muzhakki 


Indian Jungle Nightjar 

Caprimulgus indicus 

Hindi: For nightjars - Chhippak, Chhappa, Dabchiri, Dabnak, Pun: Jangli nehrni, Bhil: Kapoo, Lepcha: Tamor, 
Naga: Wapatshai, Cachar: Dao chuk, Guj: Vana chhapo, Van dasharadhiyu, Te: Mobbu pitta, Ta: Padukai kuruvi, 
Mai: Ra chuckoo, Sinh: Bin bassa 


European Nightjar 

Caprimulgus europaeus 

Pakistan: Patak, Pun: Chapaki, Guj: Pardeshi chhapo, Shiyalu dasharadhiyu 


Sykes's Nightjar 

Caprimulgus mahrattensis 

Baluchistan: Shapkor, Guj: Retal-chhapo, Ran dasharadhiyu 



Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 


Longtailed Nightjar 

Caprimulgus macrurus 

Pun: Lampunjhi nehrni, Bi:: Chupka, Ass: Ita kholi, Cachar: Dao chuck, Ta: Padukai kuruvi, Padungi, Kuruttu 
pakshi, Te: Askapprigadu, Askapperagadu, Mai: Ra kili, Ra chaukan, Sinh: Bin bassa 

680, 681 

Little Nightjar 

Caprimulgus asiaticus 

Hindi: Chapka, Pun: Chhoti nehrni, Guj: Deshi chhapo, Nanu dasharadhiyu, Ta: Padukai kuruvi, Kuruttu pakshi, 
Te: Askapperagadu, Kan: Nattinga, Sinh: Bin bassa 


Franklin's or Allied Nightjar 

Caprimulgus affinis 

Lepcha: Tamor, Guj: Franklin-no chhapo, Chabuk dasharadhiyu 


Egyptian Nightjar 

Caprimulgus aegypticus 


683, 684 

Himalayan Swiftlet 

Collocalia brevirostris 



Indomalayan or ' Black-nest' 

Collocalia maxima 



Indian Edible-nest Swiftlet 

Collocalia unicolor 

Mai: Sarappakshi, Sinh: Wehi lihiniya 


Andaman Greyrumped Swiftlet 

Collocalia fuciphaga 



Whitebellied Swiftlet 

Collocalia esculenta 



Whitethroated Spinetail Swift 

Chaetura caudacuta 

Lepcha: Silli-ang tiphi-timbo 


Cochinchina Spinetail Swift 

Chaetura cochinchinensis 

Cachar: Dao hadi gadeba 


Large Brownthroated Spinetail Swift 

Chaetura gigantea 

Cachar: Dao hadi gadeba, Mai: Sarappakshi, Sinh: Wehi lihiniya 


Whiterumped Spinetail Swift 

Chaetura sylvatica 

Mai: Sarappakshi 

693- 695 

Alpine Swift 

Apus melba 

Hindi: Badi ababeel, Pun: Pahari alteran, Guj: Pahadi ababeelo/ababil, Mai: Sarappakshi, Sinh: Wehi lihiniya 



Apus apus 

Guj: Kalo ababil 


Pallid Swift 

Apus pallidus 



Darkbacked Swift 

Apus acuticauda 



Large Whiterumped Swift 

Apus pacificus 

Guj: Bhukharo ababil 


House Swift 

Apus affinis 

Sind: Chamro, Hindi: Ababeel, Babeela, Pun: Chhoti ateran, Ass: Botahi, Cachar: Dao hadi, Nepal: Batasii, 
Guj: Ababeelo, Moti ababil, Mar: Pakoli, Gharpakoli, Mai: Sarappakshi, Tel: Chataka pakshi, Sinh: Wehi lihiniya, 
Baanaadi, Maid: Forika 

707, 708 

Palm Swift 

Cypsiurus parvus 

Hindi: Tadi ababeel, Talchatta, Patta deuli, Pun: Kahjuri ateran, Ben: Talcharai, Bathasi, Cachar: Dao hadi kashiba, 
Guj: Tad or Thad ababeelo/ababil, Mar: Shimri, Tadpakoli, Ta: Ambattan katti, Ulavara kuruvi, Mookolai kuruvi, 
Te: Chataka pakshi, Kan: Panapakshi, Panahakki, Mai: Panampakshi, Kan: Taale pakshi, Sinh: Wehi lihiniya 


Crested Tree Swift 

Hemiprocne longipennis 

Hindi: Tajdar ababeel, Cachar: Dao hadi ko, Guj: Chotaliyo ababeelo, Van ababil, Mai: Sarappakshi, 
Sinh: Wehi lihiniya 


Indian/Malabar Trogon 

Harpactes fasciatus 

Hindi: Kufni chiri, Guj: Lajana, Suhagan, Mar: Kama, Mai: Theekakka, Kan: Kakarne hakki, Sinh: Gini kurulla, 
Nawa nila kurulla, Ranwan kondea 


Redheaded Trogon 

Harpactes erythrocephalus 

Hindi: Hamesha piyara, Ben: M: Sauda sohagin, F: Kuchkuchia, Lepcha: Sakvoor 


Ward's Trogon 

Harpactes wardi 


717, 718 

Himalayan Pied Kingfisher 

Ceryle lugubris 

Hindi, U.P.: Machhi baag, H.P.: Jal butara, Cachar: Dao natu meberang gadeba, Lepcha: Ung-ka-zhu 

719, 720 

Lesser Pied Kingfisher 

Ceryle rudis 

Sind: Kingar, Hindi: Kaudiala, Kauriala, Kilikila, Sans: Kapdrik meenrak, Kash: Hor kola tonch, Pun: Kilkila, 
Bi: Karona, M.P: Chitla Kilkila, Ben: Phatka machhranga, Karikata, Sufaid tont, Duddru, Ass: Pokhora masroka, 
Cachar: Dao natu meberang, Hanumanta sorai, Mani: Ngarakpi, Wakrek, Gomera pilihuduwa, Naga: Inrui gna, 
Guj: Kabaro kalkaliyo, Kutch: Kirkiria, Mar: Kilkila, Kavda dhivar, Ta: For kingfishers - Meenkotti, Te: Neella 
buchigadu, Mai: Pulli ponman, Kan: Kappu bili meenchulli, Sinh: Kallapu pilihuduwa 



Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 


Blyth's Kingfisher 

Alcedo hercules 

Cachar: Dao natu dedao 


Common Kingfisher, Small Blue 

Alcedo atthis 

Baluchistan: Narian shid, Hindi: Chhota kilkila, Nita/Nika machhrala, Sans: Laghu meen rank, Kash: Kola tonch, 
Chhota tont, Tuntu, Pun: Chhota machhera, Bi: Shareefan, Ben: Chhota machhranga, Cachar: Dao natu kashiba, 
Lepcha: Ung chin, Guj: Lagothi, Nano kalkaliyo, Mar: Dhivar khandya, Kilkila, Khandya, Ta: Ponnan kuruvi, 
Te: Neela buchigadu, Mai: Podi ponman, Kan: Neeli bannada meenchulli, Sinh: Mai pilihuduwa 


Blue-eared Kingfisher 

Alcedo meninting 

Evidently not differentiated from 723 and 724. 

727, 728 

Threetoed Kingfisher 

Ceyx erithacus 

Ta: Chinna meenkotti, Mai: Meni ponman, Sinh: Rang pilihuduwa 


Brownwinged Kingfisher 

Pelargopsis amauroptera 

Ben: Gurial 


Storkbilled Kingfisher 

Pelargopsis capensis 

Hindi: Bada kilkila, Badami kourilla, U.P.: Badami kourilla, Mirshikars: Tunnak, M.P: Bada kilkila, 

Ben: Gurial, Guj: Dhonkchanch kalkaliyo, Ta: Kukuluppan, Mai: Kakka ponman, Kandu taleya meenchulli, 

Sinh: Wattura anduwa, Maha pilihuduwa 

733, 734 

Ruddy Kingfisher 

Halcyon coromanda 

Cachar: Dao natu gajao, Mar: Khandya 


Whitebreasted Kingfisher 

Halcyon smyrnensis 

Baluchistan: Aspi chidok, Sind: Dalel, Hindi: Kilkila, Kourilla, Sans: Chandrakant meenrankk, H.P: Neela 
machhrala, Pun: Wadda machhera, Bi: Tanki, Ben: Sandabuk machhranga, Ass: Masroka, Cachar: Dao natu gophu, 
Guj: Kalkaliyo, Safedchati kalkaliyo, Mar: Khandya, Ori: For kingfishers - Machharanka, Ta: Vichuli, Meenkotti, Te: 
Lakmuka, Buchegadu, Mai: Ponman, Kan: Rajamatsi, Sinh: Pilihuduwa 


Blackcapped Kingfisher 

Halcyon pileata 

Hindi: Kourilla, Kala kilkila, Sans: Krishna meelran, Bi: Ablak tanki, Guj: Vanakhadino kalkaliyo, Shyamshir 
kalkaliyo, Mar: Kalya topicha khandya, Kan: Kappu taleya meenchulli 


Whitecollared Kingfisher 

Halcyon chloris 

Mai: Kayal ponman 

744, 745 

Chestnutheaded Bee-eater 

Merops leschenaulti 

Hindi: Lalsir patringa, Guj: Pithakanth pathrango, Ta: Kattalan kuruvi, Panchankam, Mai: Veli tatha, Kendale 
patranga, Sinh: Kurumini kurulla 


European Bee-eater 

Merops apiaster 

Hindi Bada harial, Kash: Tuleri khav, Rodabubru, Guj: Vilayati patrangiyo, Kashmiri pathrango 


Bluecheeked Bee-eater 

Merops superciliosus 

Baluchistan: Kurru, Haur murgh, Sind: Wado traklo, Hindi: Bada patringa, Guj: Moto patrangiyo, 
Kutch: Bada hajamda 


Bluetailed Bee-eater 

Merops philippinus 

Hindi: Bada patringa, Pun: Wadda patranga, Bi: Dorla, Ass: Jeea khatee, Guj: Nilapunch pathrango Ta: Kattalan 
kuruvi, Panchankam, Te: Komu passiriki, Mai: Velitatha, Kan: Dodda patranga, Sinh: Kurumini kurulla, Natthal 
kurulla, Ranilla, Ambeya, Nicobar: Shale 


Small Green Bee-eater 

Merops orientalis 

Sind: Nando traklo, Atedan, Hindi: Patringa, Harial, Pun: Chhota patranga, Ben: Banspati, Ass: Harial sorai, 
Guj: Nano patrangiyo, Kutch: Chhota hajamda, Mar: Tai lingi, Veda raghu, Patur, Pateri, Ta: Kattalan kuruvi, 
Panchankam, Te: Chinna passeriki, Mai: Veli tatha, Kan: Sanna patanga, Gunguru paneha kalli peetha, 
Sinh: Kurumini kurulla 


Bluebearded Bee-eater 

Nyctyornis athertoni 

Cachar: Dao hukuri, Lepcha: Sang rhyok, Nepal: Bukay chera, Guj: Dangi pathrango, Mai: Kattu velitatha 


Kashmir or European Roller 

Coracias garrulus 

Baluchistan: Sabzkarask, Kash: Nila krash, Guj: Kashmiri chash, Kashmiri neelkanth 

755- 757 

Indian Roller 

Coracias benghalensis 

Baluchistan: Kangashk, Sind: Chari Hindi: Neelkanth, Sabzak, Kash: Nila kash, Pun: Nil kanth or Garar, 
Ben: Nilkantha, Ass: Nilkantho, Katnas, Konsa, Cachar: Dao gatang, Lepcha: Takral, Guj: Deshi nilkant, Chash, 
Mar: Nilkanth, Tas, Chash, Ori: Bhadabhadalia, Ta: Kattu kadei, Pal kuruvi, Panamkadai, Kottai-kili, Te: Pala pitta, 
Mai: Panamkakka, Kan: Neelakanthi, Sinh: Dunkawa, Dunkawuluwa, Dumbona 


Broadbilled Roller 

Eurystomus orientalis 

Lepcha: Tak rel vong, Ta: Pulupporukki, Mai: Kattu panamkakka, Sinh: Kes kavuda 



Upupa epops 

Baluchistan: Murgh-i-Suleiman, Pushtu: Lachar ghak, Sind: Katkato, Hindi: Hudhud, Kash: Satut, Hudhud, 

H.P: Sukdudu, Pun: Chakkiraha, Bebedukh, M.P: Khatola, Navah, Seen korka, Cachar: Dao hu dup, 

Mani: Songaraba, Sangairaba, Guj: Hudhud, Ghanti tankno, Mar: Hudhud, Hoopya, Ta: Chaval kuruvi, Te: Konda 

pitta, Kireetam pitta, Kukudu guwa, Kukudu pitta, Mai: Uppooppan, Kan: Chandramukuta, Hoopo, Sinh: Poruwa 




Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 


Common Grey Hornbill 

Tockus birostris 

Hindi: Dhanmar, Dhand, Dhanel, Lamdar, Chalotra, Dhanesh, Selagilli, Pun: Dhanchiri, M.P: Selagilli, Ben: Puttial 
dhanesh, Guj: Chilotro, Mar: Dhanesh, Bhinas, Ori: Kochilakhai, Ta: Munu mukkula kaka, Irawakke, Te: Rendu 
mukkula guwa, Supanati, Kommu kasiri, Mai: Nattu vezhambal, Kan: Boodu kodukokku 

768, 769 

Malabar Grey Hornbill 

Tockus griseus 

Ta: Irattai chondu kuruvi, Mai: Kozhi vezhambal, Kan: Kaldal hakki, Sinh: Kandetta 


White Throated Brown Hornbill 

Philolaemus tickelli 

Cachar: Dao yung lai 


Rufousnecked Hornbill 

Aceros nipalensis 

Ass: Dhanesh sorai, Cachar: Dau yuny gajao, Lepcha: Kolep 


Assam Wreathed Hornbill 

Rhyticeros undulatus 

Ass: Mah do la, Cachar: Dao rai 


Narcondam Hornbill 

Rhyticeros plicatus 



Indian Pied Hornbill 

Anthracoceros malabaricus 

Ass: Hay tuk tek ee, Kao dhanesh, Cachar: Dao yung kashiba, Te: Pedda chupanati 


Malabar Pied Hornbill 

Anthracoceros coronatus 

Hindi: Dhan chiri, Suleimani murghi, U.P: Dhanesh, Ben: Bagma dhanesh, Gond: Peshta gonda, Mar: Wayera, 
Kanari, Ori: Kuchla kha, Ta: Irattai chondu kuruvi, Te: Batta chupanati, Mai: Vezhambal, Kan: Kodu kokku, 
Sinh: Poruwa kandetta 


Great Pied Hornbill 

Buceros bicornis 

Hindi, U.P.: Banrao, Dhanesh, Ben: Raj dhanesh, Ass: Raj dhanesh, Cachar: Dao yung, Lepcha: Kugrong, Kudong, 
Naga: Inrui go, Nepal: Homrai, Mar: Garud, Mai: Malamorakki, Vezhambal, Komban vezhambal, Kan: Garuda 


Great Barbet 

Megalaima virens 

Hindi: Traiho, H.P: Triho, U.P.: Mewli, Ass: Hetuluka, Cachar: Daokunt laima, Lepcha: Kun nyong, 
Nepal: Nyahul, Newal 


Green Barbet 

Megalaima zeylanica 

Hindi: Bada basanta, Gumma, U.P: Kotur, Bi: Sunterar, M.P: Kudrunga, Ben: Bada basanta, Jokara pakhi, 
Guj: Lilo tuktukiyo/kansaro, Mar: Kuturga, Ta: Kutur kukkuruvan, Te: Gandu karnam, Kamsali pitta, Mai: Valia 
chengannan kutturavan, Kutturuvan, Kan: Kutur hakki, Sinh: Polios kottoruwa, Gabbal kotteruwa 

783, 784. 

Lineated Barbet 

Megalaima lineata 

U.P: Bada basanta, Kotur, Lepcha: Dang kun nyong, Cachar: Dao tukra, Naga: Inruikuru, Nepal: Kudurta, Khotoor 


Small Green Barbet 

Megalaima viridis 

Hindi: Chhota basanta, Guj: Nano lilo kansa, Kan: Sonna hasira barbet 


Yellowfronted Barbet 

Megalaima flavifrons 

Ta: Kutur, Kukkuruvan, Sinh: Mukalang kottoruwa 


Goldenthroated Barbet 

Megalaima franklinii 

Cachar: Dao yeala, Nepal: Banbasi, Baghbasi 


Bluethroated Barbet 

Megalaima asiatica 

H.P: Hutururu, Ben: Bada basanth bairi, Bada banebo, Korul, Ass: Tuktukra sorai, Cachar: Dao tukra gadeba, 
Lepcha: Kattak, Nepal: Ruturki, Basantha, Kan: Neeli kattina barbet 


Blue-eared Barbet 

Megalaima australis 

Cachar: Dao tukra kashiba 

790, 791 

Crimsonthroated Barbet 

Megalaima rubricapilla 

Ta: Chinna kukkuruvan, Te: Tokoji, Mai: Alekili, Sinh: Mai kottoruwa 


Crimsonbreasted Barbet or 

Megalaima haemacephala 

Hindi: Kaathphora, Tambayat, Basanta lisora, Chhota basant, Pun: Chhota basanta, Bi: Phouk basanth, 
Ben: Chhota basanta bauri, Bhagirath, Ass: Basanta sorai, Hetuluka, Guj: Tuktukiyo, Kansaro, Mar: Juktuk, 
Sonar, Tambat, Pukpuk, Ta: Chinna kukuruvan, Te: Tokoji, Kamsali pitta, Mai: Chempukotti, Kan: Gutra, 
Sinh: Mai kottoruwa 


Orangerumped Honeyguide 

Indicator xanthonotus 

Naga: Mephi tsu kelie para 



Jynx torquilla 

Hindi: Gardan aintha, Kash: Viri mot, Pun: Sappni, Cachar: Dao gogu, Guj: Thad-ranga, Doka mardi, 
Mar: Chitrang, Te: Meda nulingadu 

798, 799 

Speckled Piculet 

Picumnus innominatus 

Lepcha: Dandchim, Cachar: Daoja gadaiya tiriling, Nepal: Wiwi, Mai: For woodpeckers - Maramkotti 

800, 801 

Rufous Piculet 

Sasia ochracea 

Lepcha: Chim, Chin pho, Cachar: Dao jagadaiya kashiba gajao, Nepal: Sasya 


Rufous Woodpecker 

Micropternus brachyurus 

Hindi: For woodpeckers - Kaathphora, Ben: Kath thokra, Cachar: Daoja gadaiya tunti, Guj: Keedighar lakkad khod, 
Mar: Sutar, Ta: For woodpeckers - Maramkotti, Thachchan kuruvi, Maram tolachhi, Mai: Chempan maramkotti, 
Sinh: Dumburu kerella 


Scalybellied Green Woodpecker 

Picus squamatus 

Kash: Koel makots, H.P: Tuktola, Mai: For woodpeckers - Maramkotti, Sinh: Kerella 


Little Scalybellied Green Woodpecker 

Picus myrmecophoneus 

Guj: Lilo lakkad khod, Aravali lilo lakkad khod 


Blacknaped Green Woodpecker 

Picus canus 

Cachar: Dao ja gadaiya, Lepcha: Mong chok 



Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 

812, 813 

Large Yellownaped Woodpecker 

Picus flavinucha 

Cachar: Daoja gadaiya, Lepcha: Mong kli ong 


Small Yellownaped Woodpecker 

Picus chlorolophus 

Guj: Lilo lakkad khod, Sinh: Konda kaha kerella 


Lesser Goldenbacked Woodpecker 

Dinopium benghalense 

Sind: Drakhan, Sona kaktola, Pun: Sunahiri kathphora, M.P: Khidree, Ass: Barhoitoka, Te: Vadrangi pitta, 
Guj: Soneri lakkad-khod, Mar: Son pathi sutar, Ta: Manu potuku, Kan: Suvarna kutuka, Sinh: Pita rang kerella 


Himalayan Goldenbacked Threetoed 

Dinopium shorii 


825, 826 

Indian Goldenbacked Threetoed 

Dinopium javanense 

Guj: Moto lakkad khod, Te: Manu tolachhi 


Paleheaded Woodpecker 

Gecinulus grantia 

Dafla: Koria, Lepcha: Ka ter 

828, 829 

Great Slaty Woodpecker 

Mulleripicus pulverulentus 

Cachar: Daoja gadaiya gadeba 

830, 831 

Indian Great Black Woodpecker 

Dryocopus javensis 

Bi, M.P: Bhainsa khidree, Guj: Moto kalo lakkad khod, Mai: Kakka maramkotti, Kan: For woodpeckers-Marakuttiga 

832, 833 

Rufousbellied Woodpecker 

Hypopicus hyperythrus 

Cachar: Daoja gadaiya ko gajao 


Great Spotted Woodpecker 

Picoides major 



Sind Pied Woodpecker 

Picoides assimilis 

Pakistan: Burdi tokeri, Baluchistan: Gihan, Tukok 

836, 837 

Himalayan Pied Woodpecker 

Picoides himalayensis 

Kash: Hor koel makots, Koel-ku kor, Koel taktak, H.P.: Turkan 

838, 839. 

Darjeeling Pied Woodpecker 

Picoides darjellensis 

Lepcha: Sadyer mong prek 


Crimsonbreasted Pied Woodpecker 

Picoides cathpharius 

Naga: Khupi woiru 


Brownfronted Pied Woodpecker 

Picoides auriceps 



Stripebreasted Pied Woodpecker 

Picoides atratus 


845, 846 

Fulvousbreasted Pied Woodpecker 

Picoides macei 



Yellowfronted Pied Woodpecker 

Picoides mahrattensis 

Pun: Chhota katphora, Toka, M.P: Chitla katkola, Guj: Kabaro lakkad-khod, Mar: Kaudya sutar, Maratha sutar, 
Pagadiwala sutar, Te: Vadrangi pitta 


Greycrowned Pygmy Woodpecker 

Picoides canicapillus 

Cachar: Daoja gadaiya meberang, Daoja gadaiya kashiba 


Pygmy Woodpecker 

Picoides nanus 

Guj: Bharati nano lakkad-khod, Jhinako lakkad khod, Ta: Siru maramkotti, Te: Chitta suruti pachhi, 
Sinh: Mai kerella, Chuti kerella 


Threetoed Pied Woodpecker 

Picoides tridactylus 

Tibetan: Nakpo tungta 


Heartspotted Woodpecker 

Hemicircus canente 

Guj: Shyamadil lakkad khod, Tapkilo lakkad khod, Mai: Pulli maramkotti 


Redeared Bay Woodpecker 

Blythipicus pyrrhotis 

Lepcha: Fi-ing, Cachar: Dao gadaiya gajao 


Blackbacked Woodpecker 

Chrysocolaptes festivus 

Guj: Kalopeeth lakkad khod, Kalipith soneri lakkad khod, Sinh: Maha-rang kerella 


Larger Goldenbacked Woodpecker 

Chrysocolaptes lucidus 

Lepcha: Tashi-on-bau, Cachar: Daoja gadaiya, Guj: Kesaripeeth/Lalipith soneri lakkad khod, 
Sinh: Mukalang kerella 


Collared Broadbill 

Serilophus lunatus 

Lepcha: Rab kyul, Cachar: Dao hungari, Nepal: Rai suya 


Longtailed Broadbill 

Psarisomus dalhousiae 

Lepcha: Dang-mo-mith, Dang-mit-pho, Cachar: Dao hangari raja, Nepal: Rai-i 


Bluenaped Pitta 

Pitta nipalensis 

Cachar: Dao bui yegashi 


Indian Pitta 

Pitta brachyura 

Hindi: Naorang, Pun: Nauranga, Ben: Shumcha, Cachar: Dao bui yegashi, Guj: Navaranga, Hariyo, Mar: Navrang, 
Ta: Arumani kuruvi, Kathu-alechi, Thotta kalla, Te: Polanki pitta, Ponnangi pitta, Mai: Kavi, Kan: Navaranga, 
Sinh: Avichchiya 


Bluewinged Pitta 

Pitta moluccensis 


869, 870 

Hooded Pitta 

Pitta sordida 

Lepcha: Phattim pho 



Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 


Blue Pitta 

Pitta cyanea 

Cachar: Daobui gatanglili 


Singing Bush Lark 

Mirafra javanica 

Hindi: Agan, Agin, Pun: Gawaiya chandol, Guj: Agan, Agan chandul, Te: Burutta pitta, Agin pitta 

873, 874 

Bush Lark 

Mirafra assamica 

Hindi: Aggia, Aggin, Chirchira, M.P: Leepee, Ben: Bhiriri, Ta: For larks - Vanampadi kuruvi, Te: Eeli jitta, 
Ta: Vanampadi, Mai: Chempanpati, Sinh: Gomaritta 


Redwinged Bush Lark 

Mirafra erythroptera 

Hindi: Aggia, Pun: Lalkhambha chandol, M.P: Jhirjhira, Guj: Agiya agan, Kathiawadi agiya agan, Agiyo chandul, 
Te: Chinna eeli jitta, Kan: Kempu rekke bharadwaja 


Ashycrowned Finch-Lark 

Eremopterix grisea 

Hindi: Diyora, Duri, Deoli, Dabak chiri, Jothauli, Pun: Saleti sir-chandol, Mirshikars: Gotowli, Ben: Math charai, 
Dhula chata, Guj: Bhon chakli, Rakhodishir bhonya chakli, Ta: Manam vanambadi, Te: Poti pichika, Piyada pichika, 
Ambali jorigadu, Mai: Karimpandi, Sinh: Gomaritta 


Blackcrowned Finch-Lark 

Eremopterix nigriceps 

Hindi: Duri, Dabak chiri, Pun: Kala sir-chandol, Guj: Shyamashir Bhonya chakli 


Desert Finch-Lark 

Ammomanes deserti 

Baluchistan: Dashti-chajok, Kompi 


Bartailed Desert Lark 

Ammomanes cincturus 



Rufoustailed Finch-Lark 

Ammomanes phoenicurus 

Hindi: Aggia, Retal, Pun: Lai punjha chandol, Ben: Lai bharat, Guj: Khetariyo, Te: Ambali jori gadu, Dowa pitta, 
Mai: Chembuvalan vanambadi 


Large Desert Lark or Bifasciated 

Alaemon alaudipes 

Guj: Rann chandul 

885, 886 

Short-toed Lark 

Calandrella cinerea 

Hindi: Pullak, Bagheri, Bi: Akonia, Guj: Pulak, Sadu chandul 


Hume's Short-toed Lark 

Calandrella acutirostris 

Hindi: Bagheri 


Lesser Short-toed Lark 

Calandrella rufescens 

Hindi: Bagheri 


Sand Lark 

Calandrella raytal 

Hindi: Retal, Pun: Retal chandol, Guj: Bhavnagar-no retal chandul, Reth chandul 


Eastern Calandra Lark 

Melanocorypha bimaculata 

Kash: Jal, Guj: Moto sadu chandul 

893, 894 

Longbilled Calandra Lark 

Melanocorypha maxima 



Horned Lark 

Eremophila alpestris 



Crested Lark 

Galerida cristata 

Baluchistan: Chagok, Chotab, Chagul, Persian: Kamalak, Hindi: Chandul, Pun: Bodal chandol, Top chiri, 
Guj: Ghaghas chandul, Moto chandul, Kan: Turayi bharadwaja 


Malabar Crested Lark 

Galerida malabarica 

Guj: Malabari chandul, Ta: Kondai vanambadi, Te: Chinna chandul, Mai: Komban vanambadi 


Sykes's Crested Lark 

Galerida deva 

Guj: Chandul, Nano chandul, Te: Chinna chandul 

903, 903a 


Alauda arvensis 

Hindi: Bharat 


Eastern Skylark 

Alauda gulgula 

Hindi: Bharat, Chandul, Kash: Dider, Didru, Pun: Chhota chandol, Ben: Jhunti bharat, Tibetan: Cho-mo, 
Nam-che, Guj: Jal agan, Bharath chandul, Mar: Bharat, Te: Bharata pitta, Nela picuka, Bharadwaj pakshi, 
Mai: Vanampatikkili, Kan: Bharadwaja, Sinh: Gomaritta 

910, 911 

Collared Sand Martin 

Riparia riparia 

Sind: Ababil paki, Pun: Martin ababil, Guj: Pardeshi retal ababil, Shiyalu reth abali 


Plain Sand Martin 

Riparia paludicola 

Hindi: Abali, Ababil, Ben: Nakuti, Guj: Reth abali 


Crag Martin 

Hirundo rupestris 

Guj: Pardeshi gar ababil, Moti abali 


Dusky Crag Martin 

Hirundo concolor 

Hindi: Chatan ababil, Guj: Gar ababil, Nani abali, Mai: Katrikappakshi 


Pale Crag Martin 

Hirundo obsoleta 




Hirundo rustica 

Baluchistan: Kir kishi, Totaki, Hindi: Ababil, Kash: Katij, Pun: Ababil, Naire, Gond: Paras pitta, Ben: Ababil, Lai 
ababil, Guj: Derasari ababil, Shiyalu tharodiyu, Mar: Bhandik, Ta: Talai illatha kuruvi, Adai kalian kuruvi, Tampadi, 
Te: Wana koyela, Mai: Vayalkoti, Kan: Banakki, Kavalu tokae, Sinh: Wehi lihiniya 

919, 920 

House Swallow 

Hirundo tahitica 

Ta: Tampadi, Talai illada kuruvi, Mai: Kanakatrikakkili, Sinhala; Wehi lihiniya 



Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 


Wiretailed Swallow 

Hirundo smithii 

Hindi: Leishra, Pun: Tarpunjha, Guj: Leshara ababil, Tharpunch tharodiyu, Mar: Tarwali, Tarshepti bhingri, 
Mai: Kambivalan kathrikakkili, Kan: Sarige balada kavalu tokae 


Indian Cliff Swallow 

Hirundo fluvicola 

Hindi: Nahar ababil, Pun: Nahiri ababil, Guj: Bhekhad ababil, Nanu tharodiyu 


Striated or Redrumped Swallow 

Hirundo daurica 

Hindi: Masjid ababil, Hash: Phairni, Pun: Lai ababil, Khasia: Midali, Guj: Kenchi ababil, Kanchipunch tharodiyu, 
Mar: Lalbudi bhingri, Ta: Tarn padi, Talai illada kuruvi, Mai: Varayankatrika, Sinh: Wehi lihiniya 


Larger Striated Swallow 

Hirundo striolata 

Naga: Inrui gobi 

930, 931 

House Martin 

Delichon urbica 

Guj: Kabari abali 


Nepal House Martin 

Delichon nipalensis 

Cachar: Bere dao, Nepal: Inrui bi 


Grey Shrike 

Lanius excubitor 

Hindi: Dudiya latora, Safed latora, Bada latora, Sans: Bharat sit-bhasma latushak, Pun: Chitta latora, 

Ben: Kachkacha, Anjana, Ass: Chetcheti, Guj: Dudhio/Moto latora, Mar: Rakhi khatik, Te: Pedda kiriti gadu, Kasai 

pitta, Kan:Boodu kalinga 


Lesser Grey Shrike 

Lanius minor 



Burmese Shrike 

Lanius collurioides 


939, 940. 

Baybacked Shrike 

Lanius vittatus 

Baluchistan: Nargiani, Gunah, Sind: Boro, Hindi: Pachanak, Sans: Pascha-varnak latushak, Pun: Chhota latora, 
Ben: Chhoto kilatora, Khayeri karkata, Guj: Pachnak latoro, Mar: Gandhari khatik, Ta: Kichan kuruvi, Te: Chinna 
bilinki, Venne dega, Mai: Asurakili 


Redbacked Shrike 

Lanius collurio 

Pakistan: Lai latora, Baluchistan: Ganj, Sind: Mulhalo, Guj: Pardeshi latora, Retio latora, Lalipith latoro 

944, 945 

Greybacked Shrike 

Lanius tephronotus 

Lepcha: Sakrik pho, Nepal: Bhadraya, Bagaha tentha, Bhutan: Totem, Tibetan: Tre tre 


Rufousbacked Shrike 

Lanius schach 

Hindi: Mattiya latora, Kajala latora, Sans: Aarakta-prushtha latushak, Kash: Hara watuj, Pun: Latora, M.P: Majhla 
latora, Lepcha: Sakrik pho, Guj: Kathiawadi latora, Motiyo latoro, Mar: Naklya khatik, Khatik, Ta: Kattu kuruvi, 
Pey kuruvi, Te: Yerra lilinchi, Chinna kiriti gadu, Kan: Kandu kalinga 

949, 950 

Brown Shrike 

Lanius cristatus 

Hindi: Kerkheta, Pun: Bhura latora, Ben: Karkata, Guj: Badami latoro, Ta: Kadiyan, Te: Batte gadu/kiriti gadu 


Woodchat Shrike 

Lanius senator 


952, 953 

Golden Oriole 

Oriolus oriolus 

Hindi: Peelak, Kash: Poshnul, Pun: Pilak, Ben: Sona bau, Ass: Patmadoi, Guj: Soneri peelak, Peelak, Mar: Peelak, 
Haldya, Kanchan, Amrapakshi, Ori: Haladi basanta, Ta: Manga pala, Te: Vanga pandu, Mai: Manjakili, 
Kan: Suvarna pakshi 


Blacknaped Oriole 

Oriolus chinensis 

Hindi: Peelak, Kash: Poshnul, Ben: Sona bau, Ass: Xakhiati, Guj, Mar: Peelak, Te: Vanga pandu, Mai: Manjakkili, 
Nicobar: Macheon 


Blackheaded Oriole 

Oriolus xanthornus 

Hindi: Peelak, Zardak, Pirola, U.P.: Pahari topidar peelak, Ben: Bene bau, Halde pakhi, Ass: Xakhiati, Guj: Kala 
mathano pilak, Shyamshir pilak, Ta: Mambala kuruvi, Te: Konda vanga pandu, Mai: Manjakaruppan, Kan: Kari 
taleya suvarna pakshi, Sinh: Kaha kurulla, Woraka maddula 


Maroon Oriole 

Oriolus traillii 

Lepcha: Melanbok, Bhutan: Tania pia, Nepal: Singanee 


Black Drongo 

Dicrurus adsimilis 

Pakistan: Thampal, Baluchistan: Kolaho, Gohalo, Sind: Kunik, Kalkalachi, Hindi: Kolsa, Bhujanga, Kotwal, 
Kalkalachi, Sans: Bharat angark, Pun: Japal kalchit, Kalkalichi, Chepu, M.P: Karanjua, Ben: Finga, Ass: Phenchu, 
Dhenchu sorai, Mani: Charoi, Cheiroi, Guj: Kosita, Kalo koshi, Kaliyo koshi, Kutch: Kanchh, Kalkanchh, 
Mar: Ghosia, Kotwal, Kolsa, Ori: Kajalapati, Ta: Kari kuruvi/karuman, Karichan, Karuvattu vali, Erattai valan 
kuruvi, Te: Passala poli gadu, Nalla aitrinta, Mai: Kakka tampuratti, Anaranchi, Kan: Kari bhujanga, Sinh: Kauda 


Grey Drongo 

Dicrurus leucophaeus 

Kash: Gankots, Telakots, Ben: Neel finga, Lepcha: Sahim, Sahim pho, Bhutan: Che-chum, Guj: Rakhodi koshi, 
Ta: Erattai valan kuruvi, Te: Budidarangu aitrinta, Mai: Kakka ttampuran, Kan: Boodu bhujanga 


Whitebellied Drongo 

Dicrurus caerulescens 

Hindi: Pahari, Dhapri buchanga, Sans: Sitodar angark, Ben: Dhouli, Guj: Dhola petno koshi, Swethapeth koshi, 
Ta: Erattai valan kuruvi, Te: Nalla passala poligadu, Konda passala poligadu, Tellapotta aitrina, Mar: Pandhrya 
potacha kotwal, Kan: Bilihotte bhujanga, Sinh: Kauda, Kauda panikkiya 


Crowbilled Drongo 

Dicrurus annectans 

Ass: Kak raja sorai 



Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 


Bronzed Drongo 

Dicrurus aeneus 

Hindi, Bi: Chhota kesraj, Ben: Chhota bhujanga, Nepal: Chaptia, Ta: Chinna kari kuruvi, Mai: Lalitakaka, 
Kan: Kanehu bhujanga 


Lesser Racket-tailed Drongo 

Dicrurus remifer 

Ben, Ass: Bhimraj, Lepcha: Nambong punnong, Bhutan: Poyadiyapo, Cachar: Dao raja kashiba 


Haircrested or Spangled Drongo 

Dicrurus hottentottus 

Hindi: Krishnaraj, Kishenraj, Kesraj, Sans: Krushnaraj, Ben: Keshraj, Nepal: Kesya, Jobraj, Keshraj, Chibey, 
Lepcha: Povongpho, Mar: Shendiwala kotwal, Te: Yentika passala poligadu, Mai: Kinnarikakka 

974, 975 

Andaman Drongo 

Dicrurus andamanensis 



Greater Racket-tailed Drongo 

Dicrurus paradiseus 

Hindi: Bhimraj, Bhringraj, Bhangraj, Sans: Bhrungaraj, Ben: Bhimraj, Bhringraj, Ass: Bhimraj, Cachar: Dao raja 
gashim, Lepcha: Parvak, Parvak pho, Nepal: Kaljia, Gond: Hati, Guj: Bhimraj, Mar: Pallavpuchha kotwal, 
Bhrungaraj, Motha bhrungaraj, Ta: Erattai valan, Erattai val kuruvi, Kondai karichan, Te: Tinka passala poligadu, 
Kan: Tanta balada bhujanga, Sinh: Maha kauda, Kaputu balaya 


Ashy Swallow-Shrike 

Artamus fuscus 

Hindi: Tadi ababeel, Ben: Tal charai, Chatak-anjana, Lepcha: Silliangechi pho, Bangladesh: Mura sing, Guj: 
Rakhodi ababil-latoro, Ababil latoro, Ta: Madam pura, Te: Tad/Tadi pitta, Mai: Enakkattevan, Sinh: Tal gas kurulla 


Whitebreasted Swallow-Shrike 

Artamus leucorhynchus 



Spottedwinged Stare 

Saroglossa spiloptera 

U.P.: Puli 


Glossy Starling 

Aplonis panayensis 

Cachar: Dao gogoui, Dao maina gajeba, Nicobar: Tukkuliv 


Greyheaded Myna 

Stumus malabaricus 

Hindi: Pawei, Sans: Sweta saarika, Ben: Desi pawei, Ass: Kaath salikha, Cachar: Maina gophu, Guj: Pavai mena, 
Rakhodishir kabar, Mar: Pawai myna, Te: Pali palisa, Mai: Charakkilil, Kan: Boodu taleya goravanka 


Whiteheaded Myna 

Sturnus erythropygius 

Nicobar: Halue, Haroitch 


Ceylon Whiteheaded Myna 

Stumus senex 



Brahminy Myna 

Sturnus pagodarum 

Hindi: Brahmini myna, Puhaia, Kalasir myna, U.P.: Pabiya pawi, Pun: Bahmini maina, Ben: Monghyr pawi, 
Bamani myna, Harbola, Guj: Babbai, Brahmani mena, Shyamashir babbayi, Mar: Bahmany maina, Papya, 
Bhangpadya, Ori: Chutia bani, Ta: Kondai myna, Papata pariki, Pappatthi myna, Rawanati, Te: Papata gorinka, 
Mai: Karimtalaichikkili 


Daurian Myna 

Sturnus sturninus 



Rosy Starling 

Sturnus roseus 

Sind: Wyha, Waheeo, Wyho, Hindi: Gulabi myna, Tilyer, Sans: Shon saarika, Pun: Gulabi tilyar, Bi: Ganggoya, 
Ben: Lai myna, Guj: Vaiyo, Gulabi vaiya, Kutch: Wyha, Waheeo, Wyho, Mar: Gulabi myna, Bhurdi, Ta: Surai kuruvi, 
Cholam kuruvi, Te: Pariki pitta, Palisa, Gulabi gorinka 



Sturnus vulgaris 

Sind: Karo whahio, Chhoto karo whahio, Hindi: Tilyer myna, Kusnai, Tilora, Nakshi tilyer, Kash: Tilgiri, Tsini- 
hangur, Pun: Tilyar, Ben: Tiley myna, Guj: Kalo vaiyo 


Pied Myna 

Sturnus contra 

Hindi: Ablak/Ablaki myna, Sans: Bharat shabal saarika, Pun: Dabbi maina, Bi: Siroli myna, Ben: Guye salik, 
Ass: Kan kuriha, Mani: Chong nga, Burmese: Zayet, Guj: Kabari kabar, Mar: Hudi myna, Ori: Ghubani, Te: Venda 
gorinka, Batta gorinka 


Chinese or Greybacked Myna 

Sturnus sinensis 


1006, 1007 

Common Myna 

Acridotheres tristis 

Hindi: Desi myna, Sans: Bharat saarika, Kash: Hor, Pun: Lalri gutar shark, M.P: Gulgul, Bemni, Saloo, Ben: Salik, 
Bhat salik, Ass: Salika sorai, Salika, Ghor salika, Cachar: Dao myna, Guj: Kabar, Kathayi kabar, Mar: Shale, 
Salonki, Ori: Bani, Ta: For Mynas: Myna, Narthan kuruvi, Te: Goranka, Mai: Kavalamkili, Kan: Gorwantera, 
Goravanka, Sinh: Myna, Gon kawadiya 


Bank Myna 

Acridotheres ginginianus 

Sind: Lali, Hindi: Ganga myna, Sans: Ganga Saarika, Pun: Ganga gutar, U.P: Daryta myna, Bi: Barad myna, 
Ben: Gang salik, Nepal: Bardi myna, Guj: Shiraji kabar, Ghoda kabar, Mar: Ganga myna 


Jungle Myna 

Acridotheres fuscus 

Hindi: Pahari/ Jungli myna, Sans: Aranya saarika, Pun: Janagli gutar, Ben: Jhont salik, Jungli salik, Guj: Vana 
kabar, Mar: Jungli myna, Ta: Kattu myna, Te: Adavigorinka, Mai: Kinnari myna, Kan: Kadu goravanka 


Orangebilled Jungle Myna 

Acridotheres javanicus 

Cachar: Hagrani dao myna 


Collared Myna 

Acridotheres albocinctus 




Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 


Goldcrested Myna 

Mino coronatus 

Cachar: Dao myna raja 


Hill Myna 

Gracula religiosa 

Hindi: Pahari myna, Sans: Giri myna, Ben: Pahari myna, Ass: Maina, Cachar: Dao myna, Myna gashim, Mar: Pahari 
myna, Ta: Malai myna, Te: Konda gorinka, Mai: Kattu myna, Kan: Bettada goravanka, Sinh: Sela lihiniya 


Ceylon Hill Myna 

Gracula ptilogenys 

Ta: Malai myna, Malai narthan kuruvi, Sinh: Sela lihiniya, Mai kawadiya, Kampatiya 

1020, 1021 

Redcrowned Jay 

Garrulus glandarius 

Lepcha: Lho khario pho, Cachar: Dao flampu 


Blackthroated Jay 

Garrulus lanceolatus 

H.P.: Ban sarrah, Ban bakra 


Green Magpie 

Cissa chinensis 

Ben: Sirgoom, Sirgang, Ass: Lil sorai, Cachar: Dao gatang lili, Dafla: Telpili, Lepcha: Chap ling pho, Bhutan: Rab 
ling chapa, Sikkim: Dhori koili 


Ceylon Blue Magpie 

Cissa ornata 

Sinh: Kehibella 

1025, 1026 

Yellowbilled Blue Magpie 

Cissa flavirostris 

H.P.: Chainchal, Kash: Lot raza, Literaz, Lepcha: Tying jongring, Sikkim: Lam puchhari, Bhutan: Pianging jabring, 
Te te 

1027, 1028 

Redbilled Blue Magpie 

Cissa erythrorhyncha 

U.P.: Nilkanth, H.P.: Digdal 

1029, 1030 


Pica pica 

Baluchistan: Duzd, Shakuk, Kash: Khashim brah 


Indian Tree Pie 

Dendrocitta vagabunda 

Baluchistan: Khata khan, Sind: Mahtab, Mata, Malang, Chand, Hindi: Mahalat, Mootri, Mahtab, 
Sans: Krushakut, Pun: Lagoja, M.P: Chhota mahuka, Ben: Kotri, Taka chor, Handi chacha, Ass: Kalo khoa, 
Chekcheki, Guj: Khakhedo, Kherkhatto, Mar: Takkachor, Ori: Harada phalia, Ta: Kanakkan kuruvi, Val kakai, 
Te: Gokurayi, Konda kati gadu, Mai: Olen nali, Kanakkan, Kan: Mata pakshi 


Blackbrowed Tree Pie 

Dendrocitta frontalis 

Lepcha: Hamshi bon, Cachar: Dao ka link gashim, Bhutan: Kolio ko 


Whitebellied Tree Pie 

Dendrocitta leucogastra 

Hindi: Safed pet mahtab, Sans: Shvet-udar krushakut, Mar: Pandhrya potacha takkachor, Te: Neela val kakka, 
Mai: Katu nali 


Himalayan Tree Pie 

Dendrocitta formosae 

Pahari: Kokila, U.P: Kokia kak, Ass: Koklongah, Cachar: Dao ka link, Lepcha: Karrio pho, Bhutan: Karraiah ban, 
Naga: Inrui ko kink 


Andaman Tree Pie 

Dendrocitta bayleyi 



Hume's Ground Chough 

Podoces humilis 

Tibetan: Day-day 



Nucifraga caryocatactes 

Pushtu: Khakarra, Pahari: Lek bhali, H.P.: Linmpia, Lepcha: Lho kariyo pho, Tibetan: Tong she sha ga 


Yellowbilled or Alpine Chough 

Pyrrhocorax graculus 



Redbilled Chough 

Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax 

Persian, Baluchistan: Zagh, Kash: Wan kavin, Wozij tonti kavin, U.P.: Kangni, Lepcha: Chumboo 


House Crow 

Corvus splendens 

Sind: Kan, Hindi: Kowwa, Desi kowwa, Sans: Gram kak, Kash: Kav, Pun: Kan, Ben: Kag, kak, Ass: Paati kaori, 
Guj: Kagdo, Nano kagdo, Mar: Kaola, Somkaola, Ori: Kujikau, Ta: Nalla kaka, Maniyan kakai, Oor kagam, 
Te: Manchi kaki, Kaki, Mai: Kakka, Kan: Kaage, Sinh: Kaputa, Kolamba kaka, Maid: Karlu 



Corvus frugilegus 




Corvus monedula 

Kash: Kavin 


Jungle Crow 

Corvus macrorhynchos 

Hindi: Kala kawwa, Pahari kawwa, Jungli kawwa, Sans: Van kak, Kash: Kav, Diva kav, Pantsol kav, Pahari: Kak, 
Pun: Paharikan, Rakan, Bi: Kagh, Ben: Dand kak, Jangli kowwa, Dhora kaori, Ass: Dhora kaori, Mani: Kwak, 
Lepcha: Ulakpho, Cachar: Hagrani dao-kak, Naga: Inrui kak, Kuki: Vo kak, Bhutan: Ulak, Ola, Guj: Girari/Girnari 
kagdo, Mar: Dom kaula, Ori: Damarakau, Ta: Andan kakai, Karun kakai, Te: Mala kaki, Nalla kaki, Mai: Tonnan 
kakka, Beli kakka, Kan: Kadu kaage, Karvi kaage, Sinh: Kaka, Kaputa 

1058, 1058a 

Carrion Crow 

Corvus corone 

Persian: Kolagh. Others as 1054 where applicable. 



Corvus corax 

Sind: Takru kaang, Hindi: Domkak, Kash: Botin kav, H.P.: Forog, Doda kan, Ghogga kan, Pun: Doda kaang, 
Tibetan: Neka wak, Phoro, Oro, Guj: Mahakag 


Brown-necked Raven 

Corvus ruficollis 




Bombycilla garrulus 




Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 


Grey Hypocolius 

Hypocolius ampelinus 

Guj: Maskathi latoro 


Pied Flycatcher-Shrike 

Hemipus picatus 

Hindi: Chhota kala latora, Sans: Kal-prushta shabal latushak, Lepcha: Viyum-pho, Guj: Kalopeeth kabaro latoro, 
Kabaro kashyo, Mar: Kabra khatik, Mai: Asurappottan, Sinh: Panu-kurulla 


Large Wood Shrike 

Tephrodomis gularis 

Hindi: Pahari latora, Mikir: Vohpigli, Lepcha: Ramnun-pho, Mai: Asurakkatan 


Common Wood Shrike 

Tephrodornis pondicerianus 

Hindi: Keroula, Tarti tuinya, Sans: Aaranya latushak, Pun: Jangali latora, U.P: Tarti tuinya, Ben: Chudukka, 
Nepal: Tentha, Tenthaca, Guj: Kantno latora, Nano vankashyom, Mar: Jangli khatik, Te: Ulapitta, Mai: Asurattan, 
Kan: Kalinga 


Large Cuckoo-Shrike 

Coracina novaehollandiae 

Hindi: Kasya, Sans: Bruhat krushnaka, U.P: Khaki papiya, M.P: Bahram, Ben: Kabasi, Lepcha: Talling-pho, 
Guj: Moto kasio, Mar: Motha kuhuva, Te: Pedda akurai, Kan:Kogile kalinga 


Barred Cuckoo-Shrike 

Coracina striata 



Smaller Grey Cuckoo-Shrike 

Coracina melaschistos 

Ben: Kabasi 


Blackheaded Cuckoo-Shrike 

Coracina melanoptera 

Hindi: Jungli kasya, Sans: Kal-shirsha krushnaka, M.P: Chhota bahram, Guj: Kala mathano kasio, Shyamshir 
kashyo, Mar: Jangli kasya, Ta: Vari kuyil, Te: Chinna akurayi, Mai: Karimtoppi, Kan: Kari taleya kogile kalinga 


Pied Cuckoo-Shrike 

Coracina nigra 



Scarlet Minivet 

Pericrocotus flammeus 

Hindi: Pahari bulalchashm, Sans: Shoon vishfuling, Pahari: Saheli, Ben: Sayali, Ass: Rupahi, Cachar: Dao gadeba, 
Mikir: Vohshener, Naga: Ingorui, Bangladesh: Sona pakhi, Nepal: Rajalal, Rani chara, Guj: Kesariyo rajalal, Moto 
rajalal, Mar: Pahari angaark, Ta: Mambala kuruvi, Potkuruvi, Te: Yerra jitta, Mai: Teekkuruvi, Kan: Chitra pakshi, 
Sinh: Gini-kurulla 


Shortbilled Minivet 

Pericrocotus brevirostris 

Kash: Wozul mini, Ass: Lali raja sorai, Cachar: Dao ribi kashiba 


Longtailed Minivet 

Pericrocotus ethologus 

Hindi: Chhota pahari bulalchashm, Kash: Wozul mini, Pahari: Rajalal(M), Rani chara(F), Pun: Lampunjhi saheli, 
Cachar: Dao ribi kashiba, Guj: Nanichanchvalo rajala, Himachali rajalal 


Yellowthroated Minivet 

Pericrocotus Solaris 

Cachar: Dao tisha raja gaherba, Dao ribi gaherba 


Rosy Minivet 

Pericrocotus roseus 

Cachar: Dao ribi 


Ashy Minivet 

Pericrocotus divaricatus 



Small Minivet 

Pericrocotus cinnamomeus 

Hindi: Bulalchashma, Rajalal, Rajelal, Saheli, Sans: Shudra vishfuling, Pahari: Saheli, Pun: Chhoti saheli, 

Ben: Chhoto sath sayali, Cachar: Dao ribi gajao-i-aba, Naga: Ingorui, Guj: Nano rajalal, Mar: Chota angarak/ nikhar, 

Saheli, Te: Yerra kali-jitta, Kunkumpu jitta, Mai: Teechinnan, Kan: Kiru chitra, Sinh: Kos-kurulla, Batugene-kurulla 


Whitebellied Minivet 

Pericrocotus erythropygius 

Hindi: Safed rajalal, Pun: Chitti saheli, M.P: Safed rajalal, Guj: Kabaro rajalal 


Common Iora 

Aegithina tiphia 

Hindi: Shaubeega, Shaubeegi, Sans: Bharat shukkika, Pun: Latu, Ben: Fatik-jal, Ass: Krishna sorai, Barsat-sorai, 
Cachar: Daotisha gurrmo, Mikhir: Vohjong pong, Naga: Inga-ruina, Guj: Shobinga, Madhya bharati shobinga, Pilo 
shobigi, Mar: Cheroka, Subhag/Shubhalgj?), Ta: Pachapora, Chinna mambala-kuruvi, Mambala chittu, Te: Patsu- 
jitta, Pacha jitta, Pattra-jitta, Mai: Dadi-dee, Kan: Madhura kantha, Sinh: Kirikaye, Ca-kurulla, Panu-kurulla 


Marshall's Iora 

Aegithina nigrolutea 

Same as above., Guj: Marshall-no shobinga, Soneri shobigi 


Goldfronted Chloropsis 

Chloropsis aurifrons 

Hindi: Harewa, Sabz harewa, Chhota harrial, Chhota harewa, Sans: Suvarna-bhal patragupt, Pun: Pattar, 
Ben: Harewa, Lepcha: Skalem-pho, Guj: Harevo, Soneri bhal harevo, Mar: Hirva bulbul, Ta: Pachai kuruvi, 
Te: Pachchaku pitta, Mai: Ilakkli, Kan: Yelehakki, Sinh: Nil-kurulla, Gira-kurulla, 


Orangebellied Chloropsis 

Chloropsis hardwickii 

Cachar: Dao-gurrum ho gatang 

1107, 1108 

Goldmantled Chloropsis 

Chloropsis cochinchinensis 

Hindi: Harewa, Sans: Patragupt, Cachar: Dao-bulip gurrimo, Guj: Jerdon-no harevo, Lilo harevo, Mar: Harewa, 
Te: Wanna bojanum, Te: Pachchaku pitta, Mai: Ilakili, Kan: Yele hakki, Sinh: Nil-kurulla, Gira-kurulla 

1109, 1110 

Fairy Bluebird 

Irena puella 

Hindi: Lalita, Sans: Lalit neel khag, Cachar: Dao gatang, Mar: Lalita, Ta: Pana-kara-kuruvi, Mai: Lalita 


Finchbilled Bulbul 

Spizixos canifrons 

Cachar: Dao bulip-buku 

1112, 1113 

Blackheaded Bulbul 

Pycnonotus atriceps 

Cachar: Dao-bulip-garaju (grey phase), Dao-bulip-garasha (normal phase) 


Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 


Greyheaded Bulbul 

Pycnonotus priocephalus 

Mai: Prakuruvi 


Blackheaded Yellow Bulbul 

Pycnonotus melanicterus 

Hindi: Zard bulbul, Sans: Krushna-chud pitta govatsak, Bi: Pahariya kangdhara, Cachar: Hagrani dao-bulip, 
Lepcha: Mandiphhur, Mar: Kalya dokyacha pivala bulbul, Mai: Manikantan, Sinh: Kaha kondaya 


Redwhiskered Bulbul 

Pycnonotus jocosus 

Hindi: Kamera/ Pahari bulbul, Sans: Kurmachal rakta shmashru govatsak, Pun: Lalgallhi bulbul, Ben: Sipahi 
bulbul, China bulbul, B' Desh: Kanda, Cachar: Dao-bulip-gajao-bi, Abor: Jadbo, Dafla: Dukshoh, Mishmi: Jango, 
Naga: Inrui-bulib-gaherba, Pyajo, Mani: Khoining, Guj: Sipahi bulbul, Mar: Lalgallya bulbul, Shipai bulbul, Narad 
bulbul, Ta: Konda-kloti-kuruvi, Te: Turaka-pigli-pitta, Mai: Irattathalachi, Kan: Kempu kapalada pikalara 


Whitecheeked Bulbul 

Pycnonotus leucogenys 

Sind: Bhooroo, Hindi: Safed kaan bulbul, Sans: Shwet-karna bulbul, Kash: Bil-bi-chur, H.P.: Painju, Pun: Pahari 
bulbul, Kushandra, Ben: Kundghara, Pahari bulbul, Lepcha: Manglio-kur, Mankliphkur, Nepal: Jureli, Guj: Kanara 
bulbul, Kachchi bulbul, Ran bulbul, Kutch: Jogido, Mar: Safed gallacha bulbul 


Redvented Bulbul 

Pycnonotus cafer 

Hindi: Kala bulbul, Bulbuli, Guldum, Sans: Govatsak, Urdu: Thar bulbul, Tonki bulbul, Guldum, H.P.: Kala painju, 
Pun: Bulbul, Guldum, Ben: Kala bulbul, Ass: Bulbuli sorai, Cachar: Dao bulip, Dafla: Nieli betom, Lepcha: 
Mancleph-pho, Naga: Inrui bulip, Bhutan: Paklom, Bhil: Peetrolyo, Guj: Bulbul, Hadiyo bulbul, Kutch: Bhilbhil, 
Mar: Lalbudya bulbul, Ori: Bulubul, Ta: Kondanchiradi, Konda-lati, Kondai kuruvi, Te: Pigli-pitta, Mai: Nattu 
bulbul, Kan: Kempu dwarada pikalara, Sinh: Konde kurulla, Kondaya 

1133, 1134 

Striated Green Bulbul 

Pycnonotus striatus 

Lepcha: Senim-plek-pho, Bhutan: Chichiam 


Yellowthroated Bulbul 

Pycnonotus xantholaemus 

Te: Kondapoda pigli 


Yellow-eared Bulbul 

Pycnonotus penicillatus 

Cachar: Galu-guduwa, Kaha kondaya 


Blyth's Bulbul 

Pycnonotus flavescens 

Cachar: Dao bulip-gurrmo 

1138, 1139 

Whitebrowed bulbul 

Pycnonotus luteolus 

Guj: Safed-nena bulbul, Swethnen bulbul, Mar: Khar bulbul, Ta: Manjat kondai kuruvi, Kaha kurulla, 
Te: Poda pigli, Kan: Bili hubbina pikalara, Sinh: Galu-guduwa 


Whitethroated Bulbul 

Criniger flaveolus 

Lepcha: Kussap-eeechiop-pho, Cachar: Dao-bulip-gurrmo-didi 


Olive Bulbul 

Hypsipetes viridescens 

Cachar: Dao-bulip-gurrmo 


Nicobar Bulbul 

Hypsipetes nicobarensis 



Yellowbrowed Bulbul 

Hypsipetes indicus 

Hindi: Haldi bulbul, Sans: Pitta govatsak, Mar: Haldi bulbul, Mai: Manjachinnan, Sinh: Kaha kondaya 


Rufousbellied Bulbul 

Hypsipetes mcclellandi 

Cachar: Dao-bulip-gadeba, Lepcha: Chinchiok-pho, Chichiam 


Browneared Bulbul 

Hypsipetes flavalus 

Cachar: Dao-bulip-gadeba, Mishmi: Echo-chi, Lepcha: Nalli-pindi, Naga: Kurkapa,Gasha-totai 


Black Bulbul 

Hypsipetes madagascariensis 

Hindi: Kala bulbul, Kash: Wan/Kruhun bulbul, H.P.: Darkal, U.P.: Ban bakra, Pahari: Kaki, Lepcha: Phaki-pho, 
Cachar: Dao-bulip gashim, Mar: Kala bulbul, Krushna govatsak, Ta: Karuppu kondai kuruvi, Mai: Myna-bulbul, 
Sinh: Kalu kondaya, 


Spotted Babbler 

Pellorneum ruficeps 

Cachar: Dao-priti-pit, Guj: Tapakili, Ta: Saruhunni kuruvi, Te: Adavi lika jittu, Adavi jittu, Mai: Ganaraj 


Marsh Spotted Babbler 

Pellorneum palustre 

Cachar: Dao-priti-pit kashiba 


Browncapped Babbler 

Pellorneum fuscocapillum 

Cachar: Dao-priti-pit kashiba, Sinh: Parandel-kurulla, Redi diang 


Brown Babbler 

Pellorneum albiventre 

Cachar: Dao-chiki 


Tickell's Babbler 

Trichastoma tickelli 

Cachar: Dao-busha 


Abbot's Babbler 

Trichastoma abbotti 



Slatyheaded Scimitar Babbler 

Pomatorhinus schisticeps 

Hindi: Salehi-sir priyvand, Sans: Dhum-shirsh priyvand, Ben: Pabdoa, Cachar: Dao-buku-galao, Lepcha: Phoyeum- 
pho, Pharreeum-pho, Guj: Vapi laledo, Vankichanch lelum, Mar: Krushnshir saatbhai, Te: Namala pitta, Dasari 
pitta, Mai: Cholakkutuvan, Sinh: Parandel-kurulla 


Rufousnecked Scimitar Babbler 

Pomatorhinus ruficollis 

Naga: Moh-mera 


Rustycheeked Scimitar Babbler 

Pomatorhinus erythrogenys 

U.P.: Ban-bakra, Cachar: Dao-gurrum buku, Lepcha: Yongo-hut-pho, Nepal: Khokiya bhekura 



Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 


Large Scimitar Babbler 

Pomatorhinus hypoleucos 

Cachar: Dao-hoot 


Coralbilled Scimitar Babbler 

Pomatorhinus ferruginosus 

Cachar: Dao-buku-gajao, Dafla: Te churi, Pee-gongor, Lepcha: Piong-kohut, Poniong-hut, Naga: Inrui-gogo, 
Bhutia: Bhotetet 

1189, 1190 

Longbilled Scimitar Babbler 

Pomatorhinus ochraceiceps 

Naga: Inrui-gna 

1191, 1192 

Slenderbilled Scimitar Babbler 

Xiphirhynchus superciliaris 

Lepcha: Karriok-tamveep 


Longbilled Wren-Babbler 

Rimator malacoptilus 

Cachar: Dao-mojo-buku-galao, Lepcha: Karriak-tungbrek-pho 


Streaked Short-tailed Wren-Babbler 

Napothera brevicaudata 

Cachar: Dao-pufli 

1195, 1196 

Small Wren-Babbler 

Napothera epilepidota 

Cachar: Dao-mojo gashim, Dao-pufli kashiba 

1197, 1198 

Scalybreasted Wren-Babbler 

Pnoepyga albiventer 



Brown Wren-babbler, Lesser 
Scalybreasted Wren-babbler 

Pnoepyga pusilla 

Naga: Inrui-ba gadeba 


Tailed Wren-Babbler 

Spelaeornis caudatus 



Mishmi Wren-Babbler 

Spelaeornis badeigularis 



Longtailed Wren-Babbler 

Spelaeornis longicaudatus 

Naga: Tinglin-rui 

1203, 1204 

Streaked Longtailed Wren-Babbler 

Spelaeornis chocolatinus 

Naga: Tinglin-rui-gadeba 


Spotted Longtailed Wren-Babbler 

Spelaeornis troglodytoides 



Spotted Wren-Babbler 

Spelaeornis formosus 

Lepcha: Marchek-pho 

1207, 1208 

Wedgebilled Wren-Babbler 

Sphenocichla humei 

Naga: Tinglin-rui-gadeba 


Redfronted Babbler 

Stachyris rufifrons 

Cachar: Dao-pere-gajao 


Redheaded Babbler 

Stachyris ruficeps 

Lepcha: Syak-birang-pho 


Redbilled/Blackchinned Babbler 

Stachyris pyrrhops 


1212, 1213 

Goldenheaded Babbler 

Stachyris chrysaea 

Lepcha: Syak-birang-pho, Mishmi: Pra-li-ne, Pe-ma-ra 


Blackthroated Babbler 

Stachyris nigriceps 

Lepcha: Sangriam-pho, Paharia: Moostay 


Austen's Spotted Babbler 

Stachyris oglei 

Naga: Chum-pitti 


Rufousbellied Babbler 

Dumetia hyperythra 

Hindi: Shah dumri, Pun: Geru dhidi serhari, Guj: Karamadi laledo, Futki laledi, Te: Pandi-jitta, Mai: Chinna chilappan, 
Sinh: Batechia, Parandel-kurulla 


Blackheaded Babbler 

Rhopocichla atriceps 

Mai: Poti chilappan, Sinh: Parandel-kurulla, Battichcha 


Yellowbreasted Babbler 

Macronous gularis 



Redcapped Babbler 

Timalia pileata 

Cachar: Dao-maogasha gashim, Mikir: Vongnavi, Naga: Ingeto 


Yellow-eyed Babbler 

Chrysomma sinense 

Hindi: Bara-podna/pidda, Gotah, Gulab/Bulal-chashm, Sans: Pitta-nayan gupil, Pun: Pili akhi serhari, Guj: Bharati 
piliankhvalo laledo, Piliankh lelum, Mar: Pivlya dolyacha saatbhai, Chipka, Te: Yerra kali, Yerra kanti jitta, 
Mai: Manjakkanni chilappan, Sinh: Hambu-kurulla 

1233, 1234 

Jerdon's Babbler 

Chrysomma altirostre 

Urdu: Mullala, Ass: Tiri-sorai 


Bearded Tit-Babbler or Reedling 

Panurus biarmicus 



Great Parrotbill 

Conostoma aemodium 

Pahari: Tuti, Lepcha: Lho-rannio-pho 


Brown Parrotbill 

Paradoxornis unicolor 

Lepcha: Lho-ramnio-pho 

1238, 1239 

Fulvousfronted Parrotbill 

Paradoxornis fulvifrons 




Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 


Orange Suthora or Parrotbill 

Paradoxornis nipalensis 

Cachar: Dao mougasha kashiba, Nepal: Suthora 

1245, 1246 

Lesser Redheaded Parrotbill or 
Suthora artosuperciliaris 

Cachar: Dao mougasha, Lepcha: Chongto-phep-pho, 

1247, 1248 

Greater Redheaded Parrotbill 

Paradoxornis ruficeps 

Cachar: Dao mougasha gajao, Mikir: Wohtera, Lepcha: Chongto-phep-pho, Naga: Indo-rui ingaoria 

1249, 1250 

Greyheaded Parrotbill 

Paradoxornis gularis 

Cachar: Dao mougasha gophu, Lepcha: Chongto phep-pho, Naga: Indo-rui gahabale 


Gould's or Blackthroated Parrotbill 

Paradoxornis flavirostris 

Cachar: Dao mougasha gadeba, Plains Miris: But-but sorai 


Whitethroated Parrotbill 

Paradoxornis guttaticollis 

Cachar: Dao mougasha gadeba 

1253, 1254 

Common Babbler 

Turdoides caudatus 

Persian: Susu, Duum daraaz, Baluchistan: Pinkulag, Sind: Heddo, Lailo, Hindi: Chilchil, Sor, Genga, Chhota genga, 
Dumri, Dumani, Sans: Gram-haholika, Pun: Serhari, Guj: Sheradi, Thoriyun lelum, Mar: Chota saatbhai, 
Ta: Huni, Te: Chinna sida, Mai: Chilappan, Kan: Havatamalla 

1255, 1256 

Striated Babbler 

Turdoides earlei 

Sind: Lelo, Hindi: Bada-phenga/ genga, Chilchil, Pun: Dharidar serhari, Ben: Dora chhatare 


Slenderbilled Babbler 

Turdoides longirostris 

Cachar: Dao ling titri 


Large Grey Babbler 

Turdoides malcolmi 

Hindi: Ghaughai, Satbhai, Sans: Bruhad bhasma haholika, U.P: Bhaina, Pun: Waddi serhari, Guj: Laledo, Motun 
lelun, Sath ben, Mar: Kokatti, Khekta, Bairagi, Satbhai, Te: Verri-chinda, Gowa-sida, Kan: Gongya, 
Boodu havatemalla 

1259, 1260 

Rufous Babbler 

Turdoides subrufus 

Hindi: Jungli-khyr, Sans: Raktavarna haholika, Mar: Lai saatbhai, Mai: Chenchilappan 


Jungle Babbler 

Turdoides striatus 

Hindi: Saatbhai, Pengya myna, Jangli-khyr, Ghaughai, Sans: Aranya haholika, Pun: Jangli serhari, Bi:: Katch- 
batchia, Ben: Chatarhia, Ass: Xaatbhani, Bhil: Nelo, Kaugo, Guj: Vana laledo, Van lelun, Mar: Jungali saatbhai, 
Khekta, Ori: Satabhaya, Te: Pedda-sida, Adavi-sida, Mai: Kariyilakili, Kan: Kadu havatamalla 


Ceylon Rufous Babbler 

Turdoides rufescens 

Ta: Velaikkara-kuruvi, Sinh: Ratu-demalichcha 

1267, 1268 

Whiteheaded Babbler 

Turdoides affinis 

Ta: Thavittu-kuruvi, Pandri-kuruvi, Velaikkara-kuruvi, Kalani-kuruvi, Pooniyal kuruvi, Te: Chinda sida, Chinna 
sida, Mai: Kariyilakili, Sinh: Demalichcha 


Spiny Babbler 

Turdoides nipalensis 



Chinese Babax 

Babax lanceolatus 



Giant Babax 

Babax waddelli 

Tibetan: Jomo, Soio, Teh-teh, Kyu-mo 


Ashyheaded Laughing Thrush 

Garrulax cinereifrons 

Ta: Veliaikkara-kuruvi, Sinh: Alu-demalichcha 

1273, 1274 

Whitethroated Laughing Thrush 

Garrulax albogularis 

Lepcha: Karriam-pho 

1275, 1276 

Necklaced Laughing Thrush 

Garrulax monileger 

Ass: Poreri or Purirhi, Ben: Chhota penga, Lepcha: Ol-pho, Bhutia: Piang-kam 

1277, 1278 

Blackgorgeted Laughing Thrush 

Garrulax pectoralis 

Ben: Bada penga, Dafla: Poreri, Purirhi, Lepcha: Ol-pho, Bhutia: Piang-kam 


Striated Laughing Thrush 

Garrulax striatus 

Paharia: Bhiakura, Cachar: Daopa, Lepcha: Nampiok-pho, Bhutia: Kopiam 

1283, 1284 

Whitecrested Laughing Thrush 

Garrulax leucolophus 

Hindi: Rawil-kahy, Ass: Naga-dhapolika, Cachar: Dao-flantu, Lepcha: Karrio-pho, Mishmi: Puhu, 
Bhutia: Karria-goka, Naga: Ngo 


Chestnutbacked Laughing Thrush 

Garrulax nuchalis 

Naga: Pak-chi-loka 


Yellowthroated Laughing Thrush 

Garrulax galbanus 


1287, 1288 

Wynaad/Rufousvented Laughing 

Garrulax delesserti 

Hindi: Safed gaal gappu, Sans: Shwet-kanth vakkar, Mar: Pandhrya galyacha gappu,Ta: Pun kuruvi, Mai: Patungan 


1289, 1290 

Variegated Laughing Thrush 

Garrulax variegatus 

Nepal: Ganza 


Ashy Laughing Thrush 

Garrulax cineraceus 

Naga: Lehu 


Rufouschinned Laughing Thrush 

Garrulax rufogularis 

Lepcha: Narbigivan-pho, Naga: Mi-pa-pita 


Giant Laughing Thrush 

Garrulax maximus 

Tibetan: Gya tra 



Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 

1298, 1299 

Whitespotted Laughing Thrush 

Garrulax ocellatus 

Pahari: Moonali bhiakora, Lepcha: Lho-karreum-pho, 


Greysided Laughing Thrush 

Garrulax caerulatus 

Lepcha: Tarma-pho, Bhutia: Piang-kam. 


Rufousnecked Laughing Thrush 

Garrulax ruficollis 

Ben: Pobduya, Hath gurri-gurri, Ass: Dhapolika, Cachar: Dao-popalika, Lepcha: Rapchen-pho 

1304, 1305 

Spottedbreasted Laughing Thrush 

Garrulax merulinus 

Naga: Moh mepeh 


Whitebrowed Laughing Thrush 

Garrulax sannio 


1307, 1308 

Nilgiri Laughing Thrush 

Garrulax cachinnans 

Hindi: Nilgiri karula, Sans: Nilgiri vakkar, Mar: Nilgiri gappu, Mai: Nilagiri chilappan 

1309, 1311 

Whitebreasted Thrush, Kerala 
Laughing Thrush 

Garrulax jerdoni 

Hindi: Gappu, Sans: Bhasm kanth vakkar, Mar: Kerali gappu, Mai: Chiluchilappan 


Streaked Laughing Thrush 

Garrulax lineatus 

Kash: Sheen-pi-pi, Nepal: Bhekura 


Manipur Streaked Laughing Thrush 

Garrulax virgatus 

Cachar: Dao-phere 


Browncapped Laughing Thrush 

Garrulax austeni 

Cachar: Dao-gajao-i-ba 


Bluewinged Laughing Thrush 

Garrulax squamatus 

Lepcha: Tarmal-pho, Bhutia: Nabom 


Plaincoloured Laughing Thrush 

Garrulax subunicolor 

Lepcha: Tarmal-pho, Bhutia: Nabom 


Prince Henry's Laughing Thrush 

Garulax henrici 

Tibetan: Jomo 


Blackfaced Laughing Thrush 

Garrulax affinis 



Redheaded Laughing Thrush 

Garrulax erythrocephalus 

Cachar: Dau-qua-lok, Lepcha: Tarphom-pho, Bhutia: Paniong 


Crimsonwinged Laughing Thrush 

Garrulax phoeniceus 

Cachar: Dao-yao-gajao, Lepcha: Tilji-pho, Bhutia: Repcha 


Silvereared Mesia 

Leiothrix argentauris 

Pahari: Jharjhari, Lepcha: Dang-rapchil-pho 


Redbilled Leiothrix 

Leiothrix lutea 

Pahari: Jharjhari, U.P.: Nanachura, Cachar: Daotisha-buku-gajao, Lepcha: Rapchil-pho 


Firetailed Myzornis 

Myzornis pyrrhoura 

Lepcha: Lho-sagvit-pho 


Nepal Cutia 

Cutia nipalensis 

Lepcha: Motum-pho, Rapnun-pho, Nepal: Khatya 


Rufousbellied Shrike-Babbler 

Pteruthius rufiventer 



Redwinged Shrike-Babbler 

Pteruthius flaviscapis 

Cachar: Dao-kranji 


Green Shrike-Babbler 

Pteruthius xanthochlorus 


Chestnut-throated Shrike-Babbler 

Pteruthius melanotis 

Lepcha: Ku-er-pho 


Chestnut-fronted Shrike-Babbler 

Pteruthius aenobarbus 



Whiteheaded Shrike-Babbler 

Gampsorhynchus rufulus 

Cachar: Daophlantu-tiba, Lepcha: Chongto-phep-pho 


Spectacled Barwing 

Actinodura egertoni 

Lepcha: Ramnio-pho, Naga: Nya-si, Ko-yu 

1352, 1353 

Hoary Barwing 

Actinodura nipalensis 

Lepcha: Ramnio-pho 


Austen's Barwing 

Actinodura waldeni 



Redtailed Minla 

Minla ignotincta 

Dafla: Pobhum dasim, Lepcha: Megblim-ayene, Megblim-adum, Nepal: Minla 


Barthroated Siva 

Minla strigula 

Lepcha: Megblim 


Bluewinged Siva 

Minla cyanouroptera 

Lepcha: Megblim adum 


Whitebrowed Yuhina 

Yuhina castaniceps 

Cachar: Daotisha-magini 


Whitenaped Yuhina 

Yuhina bakeri 

Lepcha: Temgyeng-pho, Turringing-pho 


Yellownaped Yuhina 

Yuhina flavicollis 

Lepcha: Srip-chong-pho 



Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 


Stripethroated Yuhina 

Yuhina gularis 

Lepcha: Fugi-pho 


Rufousvented Yuhina 

Yuhina occipitalis 

Lepcha: Turringing-pho 


Blackchinned Yuhina 

Yuhina nigrimenta 



Whitebellied Yuhina 

Yuhina xantholeuca 

Lepcha: Dung-pu-pho 

1376, 1377 

Goldenbreasted Tit-Babbler 

Alcippe chrysotis 

Lepcha: Prong-samyer-pho 


Dusky Green or Yellowthroated Tit- 

Alcippe cinerea 

Cachar: Dao-pere kashiba 


Chestnut-headed Tit-Babbler 

Alcippe castaneceps 



Whitebrowed Tit-Babbler 

Alcippe vinipectus 

Cachar: Dao-pere-gajao 

1384, 1385 

Brownheaded Tit-Babbler 

Alcippe cinereiceps 



Streakthroated Tit-Babbler 

Alcippe striaticollis 


1386, 1387 

Redthroated Tit-Babbler 

Alcippe rufogularis 



Rufousheaded Tit-Babbler 

Alcippe brunnea 

Cachar: Dao-chitter 


Quaker Babbler 

Alcippe poioicephala 

Cachar: Dao-pere-gadeba, Guj: Seetimar laledo, Sitimar laledi, Te: Chitkaruvi, Mai: Kana chilappan 


Nepal Babbler 

Alcippe nipalensis 

Cachar: Dao-pere-kashiba 


Chestnutbacked Sibia 

Heterophasia annectens 

Lepcha: Rubnun-pho 


Blackcapped Sibia 

Heterophasia capistrata 

Lepcha: Sambriak-pho, Nepal: Sibya, Bhutan: Sesigona 


Grey Sibia 

Heterophasia gracilis 

Naga: Titi 


Beautiful Sibia 

Heterophasia pulchella 



Longtailed Sibia 

Heterophasia picaoides 

Lepcha: Matcheo-pho 


Olive Flycatcher 

Rhinomyias brunneata 


1403, 1404 

Spotted Flycatcher 

Muscicapa striata 

Guj: Khakhi makhimar, Diwali makhimar 

1405, 1406 

Sooty Flycatcher 

Muscicapa sibirica 

Lepcha: Dang-chin-pa-pho 


Brown Flycatcher 

Muscicapa latirostris 

Hindi: Jhakki, Pun: Bhuri tik tiki, Guj: Bharati rato makhimar, Badami makhimar, Mai: Tavittupakshi 


Brownbreasted Flycatcher 

Muscicapa muttui 

Mai: Muttupilla 


Rufoustailed Flycatcher 

Muscicapa ruficauda 

Guj: Lalpunchh makhimar, Badamipunch makhimar, Mai: Chempuvalanpakshi 


Ferruginous Flycatcher 

Muscicapa ferruginea 

Lepcha: Dang-chim-pa-pho 

1411, 1412 

Redbreasted Flycatcher 

Muscicapa parva 

Hindi: Turra, Pun: Lai hikki tik tiki, Ben: Chatki, Ta: Yeepidippan, Ta, Mai: Pattu kuruvi, Chuvappunencha kuruvi, 
Te: Yerra eda pitta, Guj: Chatki makhimar, Chataki, Mar: Tambula 


Kashmir Redbreasted Flycatcher 

Muscicapa subrubra 

Hindi: Turra 


Orangegorgeted Flycatcher 

Muscicapa strophiata 

Lepcha: Phatt-tagrak-pho, Nepal: Siphya 

1415, 1416 

Whitegorgeted Flycatcher 

Muscicapa monileger 

Lepcha: Phatt-tagrak-pho, Naga: Inrephatki 


Rufousbreasted Blue Flycatcher 

Muscicapa hyperythra 



Rustybreasted Blue Flycatcher 

Muscicapa hodgsonii 

Tibetan: Paon-pali 

1419, 1420 

Little Pied Flycatcher 

Muscicapa westermanni 

Cachar: Dao-put-ti-ti, Lepcha: Tuni-ti-ti 

1421, 1422 

Whitebrowed Blue Flycatcher 

Muscicapa superciliaris 

Ass: Nachoni sorai, Lepcha: Tuni-ti-ti 


Slaty Blue Flycatcher 

Muscicapa leucomelanura 




Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 


Sapphireheaded Flycatcher 

Muscicapa sapphira 



Black-and-Orange Flycatcher 

Muscicapa nigrorufa 

Mai: Menippakshi 


Large Niltava 

Muscicapa grandis 

Lepcha: Margong 

1429, 1430 

Small Niltava 

Muscicapa macgrigoriae 

Lepcha: Phak-tagrak-pho 

1431, 1432 

Rufousbellied Niltava 

Muscicapa sundara 

Lepcha: Margong, Nepal: Niltau 


Rufousbellied Blue Flycatcher 

Muscicapa vivida 



Whitetailed Blue Flycatcher 

Muscicapa concreta 



Whitebellied Blue Flycatcher 

Muscicapa pallipes 

Mai: Kattuneeli 


Brook's Flycatcher 

Muscicapa poliogenys 

Cachar: Dao-putti 


Pale Blue Flycatcher 

Muscicapa unicolor 



Bluethroated Flycatcher 

Muscicapa rubeculoides 

Ben: Ghatki, Lepcha: Manzil pho, Mai: Neelachempan 


Largebilled Blue Flycatcher 

Muscicapa banyumas 

Cachar: Daogatang 

1442, 1443 

Tickell's Blue Flycatcher 

Muscicapa tickelliae 

Guj: Adharanga, Mar: Nilima, Ta: Kopi kuruvi, Neelakkuruvi, Kan: Neeli rajapakshi, Sinh: Kopi-kurulla, Marawa 


Dusky Blue Flycatcher 

Muscicapa sordida 

Sinh: Gini-kurulla 


Verditer Flycatcher 

Muscicapa thalassina 

Pun: Nili tik tiki, Ben: Puthir chitta, Nil-katkatia, Cachar: Dao-tisha lili gadeba, Lepcha: Sibyell-pho, 
Guj: Piroji makhimar, Harithnil makhimar, Mar: Nelima, Mai: Neelameni 


Nilgiri Verditer Flycatcher 

Muscicapa albicaudata 

Mai: Neelakkili 


Pygmy Blue Flycatcher 

Muscicapella hodgsoni 


1448, 1449 

Greyheaded Flycatcher 

Culicicapa ceylonensis 

Ben: Zard-phutki, Guj: Rakhodi pilo makhimar, Tharvariyo makhimar, Mai: Narayanapakshi 


Yellowbellied Fantail Flycatcher 

Rhipidura hypoxantha 

Lepcha: Sitte kloom, Naga: Pongking-lo, Bang-ho-go 


Whitebrowed Fantail Flycatcher 

Rhipidura aureola 

Hindi: Machharya, Nachan, Chakdil, Urdu: Shamchiri, Pun: Nacha, Ass: Nachoni sorai, Cachar: Dao-phari, 
Guj: Nachan/ Nachana, Moti nayan, Pankho, Ta: Visiri-vali, Vali-marittan, Te: Darari/Dasari (?) pitta, 
Mai: Attakkaran, Sinh: Endera-kurulla, Marawa, Natana-kurulla 


Whitethroated Fantail Flycatcher 

Rhipidura albicollis 

Hindi: Machharya, Chakdil, Pahari: Naklaychara, Pun: Chitta gal nacha, Ben: Dumchitri, Chak-dayal, Chak-dil, 
Lepcha: Nam-dit-nom, Guj: Tapkili nayan, Mar: Nachan, Nachra, Te: Dasari pitta 


Paradise Flycatcher 

Terpsiphone paradisi 

Hindi: Rufous Plumage: Shah bulbul, Husaini bulbul, White Plumage: Sultan Bulbul, Urdu: Taklal, 

Hash: Fhambasir, Ranga bulbul(F), Latraz, Pun: Pari tik tiki, Ass: Baari xundari, Cachar: Dao-rajah-gophu, 

Guj: Dudhraj, Duthraj, Tarwario, Mar: Nandan nachar, Patangaa, Baanpakhru, Svargiya nartak, Ta: Piramana- 

kuruvi, Vedi-vat-kuruvi, Mai, Ta: Wal konda lathi, Val kuruvi, Te: Toka pigili pitta, Kan: Raja hakki, 

Sinh: White-plummaged: Redi-hora, Lainsu-hora, Kaddehora, Rufous-plumaged: Gini-hora 


Blacknaped Monarch Flycatcher 

Monarcha azurea 

Hindi: Kala katkatia, Ben: Kala matha katkatia, Guj: Bhuro makhimar, Nil pankho Ta: Yeepidippan, Mai: Vel-neeli, 
Sinh: Nil-kurulla, Marawa, Nicobar: Kalong tesa 


Grey Thickhead or Mangrove 

Pachycephala grisola 



Dull Slatybellied/Yellowbrowed 
Ground Warbler 

Tesia cyaniventer 

Lepcha: Samtit-tammong, Naga: Ting-linrui bermai-ga, Nepal: Tisi 


Slatybellied Ground Warbler 

Tesia olivea 

Lepcha: Samtit-tammong, Naga: Ting-linrui bermai-ga 


Chestnut-headed Ground Warbler 

Tesia castaneocoronata 

Lepcha: Samtit-pho, Nepal: Tisi 

1474, 1475 

Palefooted Bush Warbler 

Cettia pallidipes 

Kash: Dofa pich, Cachar: Daotisha gashim 


Chinese Bush Warbler 

Cettia diphone 




Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 

1477, 1478 

Strongfooted Bush Warbler 

Cettia fortipes 

Kash: Dofa pich, Cachar: Daotisha gashim. 

1479, 1480 

Large Bush Warbler 

Cettia major 



Aberrant Bush Warbler 

Cettia flavolivacea 



Hume's Bush Warbler 




Rufouscapped Bush Warbler 

Cettia brunnifrons 

Lepcha: Lik-lik-pho 


Cetti's Warbler 

Cettia cetti 


1489, 1490 

Spotted Bush Warbler 

Bradypterus thoracicus 



Largebilled Bush Warbler 

Bradypterus major 

Pakistan: Tiktik pitta, Ladak: Chibi marta 


Chinese Bush Warbler 

Bradypterus tacsanowskius 



Brown Bush Warbler 

Bradypterus luteoventris 

Cachar: Daotisha-tchik 


Ceylon Bush Warbler 

Bradypterus palliseri 



Moustached Sedge Warbler 

Acrocephalus melanopogon 

Guj: Shvetanena pan tiktik 

1496, 1497 

Fantail Warbler 

Cisticola exilis 

Hindi: Lai sir-phutki, Cachar: Titi-daotisha, Ta: Vayalan chittu, Te: Yedru-jitta, Mai: Nelpottan 


Streaked Fantail Warbler 

Cisticola juncidis 

Hindi: Ghas ki-phutki/pitpiti, Pun: Chhoti dharidar piddi, Bi: Khergusa, Monghyr: Tuntunia, Guj: Ghasni fudki, 
Nani pan-tiktiki, Ta: Tinu-kuruvi, Vayalan, Te: Yerdu/Yedru jitta, Mai: Potappottan, Sinh: Tanacola-kurulla 


Rufous Wren-Warbler 

Prinia rufescens 

Cachar: Daotisha gajao 


Franklin's/ Ashy-grey Wren-Warbler 

Prinia hodgsonii 

Hindi: Phutki, Cachar: Dao pitti, Daotisha-pitti, Guj: Kathiawadi fudki, Nani fadakfutki, Ta: Tinu-kuruvi, 
Kosu katai, Nunni chirai, Mai: Talikkuruvi, Sinh: Hambu-kurulla 


Rufousfronted Wren-Warbler 

Prinia buchanani 

Sind: Chiho, Guj: Lalbhalni fudki, Lalbhal fadakfutki 


Hodgson's Wren-Warbler 

Prinia cinereocapilla 


1508, 1509 

Streaked Wren-Warbler 

Prinia gracilis 

Baluchistan: Pitak, Hindi: Khar phutki, Sind: Door, Guj: Vid fudki, Ran fadakfutki 


Plain Wren-Warbler 

Prinia subflava 

Hindi: Phutki, Te: Lota-kun-jitta, Pun: Piddi, M.P.: Chitakul, Lepcha: Niongpho, Ta: Tina-kuruvi, Te: Chit-kuruvi, 
Mai: Vayalkuruvi, Kan: Uliyakki, Sinh: Hambu-kurulla, Guj: Pan fadakfutki, Mar: Vatvatya 


Ashy Wren- Warbler 

Prinia socialis 

Hindi: Phutki, Kali phutki, Pun: Asmani piddi, Guj: Kali pan fudki, Rakhodi fadakfutki, Mar: Rakhi vatvatya, 
Ta: Tinu-kuruvi, Te: Budidarangu pitta, Mai: Katirkuruvi, Sinh: Hambu-kurulla 


Jungle Wren-Warbler 

Prinia sylvatica 

Hindi: Tot-rungi, Guj: Kantni fudki, Moti fadakfutki, Ta: Tina-kuruvi, Te: Kenda-lotakun-jitta, Mai: Chettikuruvi, 
Sinh: Hambu-kurulla 

1524, 1525 

Yellowbellied Wren- Warbler 

Prinia flaviventris 

Pun: Pili piddi 


Brown Hill Warbler 

Prinia criniger 

Kash: Phitta, Cachar: Daotisha dedao, Lepcha: Dang-prim-pho, Bhutan: Shikpshillik, Nepal: Suya 

1529, 1530 

Blackthroated Hill Warbler 

Prinia atrogularis 

Pahari: Chiburchay, Cachar: Daotisha dedao, Bhutan: Shikshillik 

1531, 1532 

Longtailed Grass Warbler 

Prinia burnesii 

Sind: Hedela, Chiho 


Streaked Scrub Warbler 

Scotocerca inquieta 



Large Grass Warbler 

Graminicola bengalensis 



Tailor Bird 

Orthotomus sutorius 

Hindi: Darzee, Darzan, Phutki, Piddi, Pun: Darji, Ben: Tuntuni, Ass: Paatxla sorai, Cachar: Noni dao teetee, 
Nepal: Patia, Guj: Tashko, Darjido, Mar: Darzee, Phutki, Piddi, Shimpi, Ta: Thaiyalkaran-kuruvi, Koddia-pakkan, 
Thaiyal chittu, Pon chittu, Te: Likka jitta, Mai: Panakkuruvi, Kan: Simpiga, Darji, Sinh: Battichcha, Tawika 


Blacknecked Tailor Bird 

Orthotomus atrogularis 

Cachar: Hagra dao teetee 


Goldenheaded Tailor Bird 

Orthotomus cucullatus 

Naga: Inhanrui 

1542, 1543 

Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler 

Locustella certhiola 

Ass: Sun-batta-sorai 



Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 


Streaked Grasshopper Warbler 

Locustella lanceolata 

Ass: Sun-batta-sorai, Guj: Rekhani panfutki 


Grasshopper Warbler 

Locustella naevia 

Guj: Panfutki 


Broadtailed Grass Warbler 

Schoenicola platyura 

Mai: Potakkili 


Bristled Grass Warbler 

Chaetornis striatus 

Guj: Kantavali khad-fudki, Ghasfutki, Te: Grenta pitta 


Striated Marsh Warbler 

Megalurus palustris 

Hindi: Takko, Jal-aggin, Pun: Waddidharidarpiddi, Ass: Nul chaypee 


Thickbilled Warbler 

Acrocephalus aedon 

Guj: Moto karkariyo, Mai: Chundanbheri 


Great Reed Warbler 

Acrocephalus stentoreus 

Kash: Karkat, Korkuch, Pun: Waddi dabh piddi, Guj: Pan tiktiki, Moto pan karkariyo, Te: Bora-jitta, 
Ta: Kosu kattai, Nunni chirai, Mai: Kaitakkallan 


Eurasian Great Reed Warbler 

Acrocephalus arundinaceus 



Eastern Great Reed Warbler 

Acrocephalus orientalis 



Blackbrowed Reed Warbler 

Acrocephalus bistrigiceps 



Reed Warbler 

Acrocephalus scirpaceus 



Blyth's Reed Warbler 

Acrocephalus dumetorum 

Hindi: Podna, Tiktiki, Pun: Dabh piddi, Ben: Tikra, Guj: Pan tiktiki, Blth-no pan tiktiki, Kanta karkariyo, 
Te: Kampa jitta, Mai: Eetapolappan, Kan:Boodu uliyakki 

1557, 1558 

Paddyfield Warbler 

Acrocephalus agricola 

Guj: Kamodno tiktiki, Nano karkariyo, Te: Yerra-kumpa-jitta, Mai: Patakkuruvi 

1559, 1560 

Bluntwinged Paddyfield Warbler 

Acrocephalus concinens 



Largebilled Reed Warbler 

Acrocephalus stentoreus 

Guj: Pan tiktiki 

1562, 1563 

Booted Warbler 

Hippolais caligata 

Guj: Rama fudki, Sita fudki, Kanta futki, Mai: Chinnanbheri 


Upcher's Tree Warbler 

Hippolais languida 



Barred Warbler 

Sylvia nisoria 



Orphean Warbler 

Sylvia hortensis 

Baluchistan: Gaz burruck, Pun: Saleti piddi, Guj: Moto shveta kantha, Shyam sharir sweth kanth, 
Mar: Kaltop vatvatya, Te: Pedda nalla kampa jitta, 



Sylvia communis 

Guj: Bharati shveta kantha, Diwali sweth kanth 


Lesser Whitethroat 

Sylvia curruca 

Sind: Chia, Kash: Chet hyot, Pun: Chitt kanthi piddi, Guj: Bharati nano shveta kantha, Nano sweth kanth, 
Te: Chinna nalla kampa jitta 


Desert Warbler 

Sylvia nana 

Guj: Rana fudki, Ran sweth kanth 


Menetries's Warbler 

Sylvia mystacea 


1572, 1573 

Leaf Warbler, Willow Warbler 

Phylloscopus trochilus 

Guj: Yuropi futki 



Phylloscopus collybita 

Kash: Viri tiriv, Chip-chip, Pun: Pid piddi, Guj: Jal kitkit, Badami futki 


Plain Leaf Warbler 

Phylloscopus neglectus 



Tytler's Leaf Warbler 

Phylloscopus tytleri 

Kash: Viri tiriv 

1579, 1580 

Tickell's Leaf Warbler 

Phylloscopus affinis 

Kash: Viri tiriv, Ass: Foochi, Cachar: Daotisha, Tibetan: Ani chin, gabi 


Olivaceous Leaf Warbler 

Phylloscopus griseolus 

Guj: Sado kitkit, Ladakhi futki 

1582, 1583 

Smoky Willow or Leaf Warbler 

Phylloscopus fuligiventer 

Tibetan: Chinteb-tok 


Dusky Leaf Warbler 

Phylloscopus fuscatus 



Orangebarred Leaf Warbler 

Phylloscopus pulcher 



Plain Yellowbrowed Leaf Warbler 

Phylloscopus inornatus 

Kash: Viri tiriv, Ass: Foochi, Cachar: Daotisha koro, Guj: Sadi futki 


Brook's Leaf Warbler 

Phylloscopus subviridis 




Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 


Pallas 's Leaf Warbler 

Phylloscopus proregulus 

Kash: Viri tiriv 


Greyfaced Leaf Warbler 

Phylloscopus maculipennis 



Arctic Leaf Warbler 

Phylloscopus borealis 



Largebilled Leaf Warbler 

Phylloscopus magnirostris 

Pakistan: Deru, Kash: Viri tiriv 


Greenish Leaf Warbler 


Pun: Hari piddi, Naga: Inruite, Guj: Lilashvalo kitkit, Lilo kitkit, Jhankhilili futki 


Palelegged Leaf Warbler 

Phylloscopus tenellipes 



Large Crowned Leaf Warbler 

Phylloscopus occipitalis 

Kash: Viri tiriv, Guj: Uttarakhandi futki 


Blyth's Leaf Warbler 




Blackbrowed or Yellowfaced Leaf 

Phylloscopus cantator 



Radde's Leaf Warbler 

Phylloscopus schwarzi 



Allied Flycatcher-Warbler 

Seicercus affinis 

Naga: Inshushia-gate 


Blackbrowed Flycatcher- Warbler 

Seicercus burkii 

Naga: Inshuchia-gadeba 


Greyheaded Flycatcher-Warbler 

Seicercus xanthoschistos 

Pun: Tik tiki piddi, Naga: Inshuushia 


Greycheeked Flycatcher-Warbler 

Seicercus poliogenys 



Chestnut-headed Flycatcher- 

Seicercus castaniceps 


1622, 1623 

Yellowbellied Flycatcher-Warbler 

Abroscopus superciliaris 

Cachar: Daotisha mini 

1624, 1625 

Blackfaced Flycatcher-Warbler 

Abroscopus schisticeps 



Whitethroated Flycatcher-Warbler 

Abroscopus albogularis 

Cachar: Daotisha mini 


Broadbilled Flycatcher- Warbler 

Abroscopus hodgsoni 




Regulus regulus 



Crested Tit-Warbler 

Leptopoecile elegans 


1633, 1634 

Stoliczka's Tit- Warbler 

Leptopoecile sophiae 



Gould's Shortwing 

Brachypteryx stellata 



Rustybellied Shortwing 

Brachypteryx hyperythra 


1637, 1638 

Rufousbellied Shortwing 

Brachypteryx major 

Ta: Kurun jettai kuruvi, Mai: Sandhyakkili 


Lesser Shortwing 

Brachypteryx leucophrys 

Naga: Inrui-piji 


Whitebrowed Shortwing 

Brachypteryx montana 



Rufous Chat 

Erythropygia galactotes 

Baluchistan: Surkh dumak, Guj: Rakhodi peeth 



Erithacus megarhynchos 




Erithacus calliope 

Ben: Gunpigora, Nepal: Gangula 

1644- 1646a 


Erithacus svecicus 

Sind: Dumbak, Hindi: Nil kanthi, Husaini pidda, Kash: Nyul hot, Pun: Nil kanthi piddi, Ben: Gunpigera, Gurpeorah, 
Guj: Neelkanthi 


Himalayan Rubythroat 

Erithacus pectoralis 

Kash: Yaquat hot, Cachar: Dao gulugajao, Nepal: Gangula 

1650, 1651 

Blue Chat 

Erithacus brunneus 

Lepcha: Manzhil pho 



Erithacus pectardens 




Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 


Siberian Blue Chat 

Erithacus cyane 



Orangeflanked Bush Robin 

Erithacus cyanurus 

Lepcha: Manzhil-pho 

1657, 1658 

Golden Bush Robin 

Erithacus chrysaeus 

Lepcha: Manzhil-pho 


Whitebrowed Bush Robin 

Erithacus indicus 



Rufousbellied Bush Robin 

Erithacus hyperythrus 

Naga: Aching-yon, Tsen-tsen-gai 



Copsychus saularis 

Hindi: Dhaiyal, Dhaiyar, Sans: Bharat dadhyak, Pun: Dhial, M.P: Kali sooi chiria, Munda: Hatiure, Bhil: Kabro, 
Ben: Dhaiyal, Dhaiyar, Ass: Dahikataraa, Mani: Uchinao, Lepcha: Zannid-pho, Cachar: Dao-gophu-gachim, 
Guj: Daiyad, Daiyad, Mar: Dominga, Dayal, Ta: Gundu-kavitchan, Vannati-kuruvi, Pattukari-kuruvi, Te: Pedda 
nalanchi, Sarala-gadu, Mai: Mannattipeechi, Kan: Madivala, Suwi, Sinh: Polkichcha 



Copsychus malabaricus 

Hindi: Shama, Sans: Shyama., Ben: Shama, Ass: Shama sorai, Guj: Shyama, Shama, Mar: Shyama, Ta: Solai padi, 
Te: Poda nalanchi, Tonka nalanchi, Mai: Shamakkili, Sinh: Wal-polkichcha 


Eversmann's Redstart 

Phoenicurus erythronotus 



Blueheaded Redstart 

Phoenicurus caeruleocephalus 


1671, 1672 

Black Redstart 

Phoenicurus ochruros 

Hindi: Thirthira, Thirthir-kampa, Pun: Kala thirthara, Ben: Phirira, Lal-girdi, Munda: Kankal, Ladhak: Sin-tick, 
Guj: Thartaro, Te: Nune bundi gadu 



Phoenicurus phoenicurus 



Hodgson's Redstart 

Phoenicurus hodgsoni 

Nepal: Thar-capni 


Bluefronted Redstart 

Phoenicurus frontalis 

Lepcha: Tak-tirriri-pho 


Whitethroated Redstart 

Phoenicurus schisticeps 



Daurian Redstart 

Phoenicurus auroreus 



Guldenstadt's Redstart 

Phoenicurus erythrogaster 



Plumbeous Redstart 

Rhyacornis fuliginosus 

Kash: Kola tiriv, Pun: Thirthara, Lepcha: Suradum parbo-pho, Bhutia: Chubbia nukki 


Hodgson's Shortwing or Whitebellied 

Hodgsonius phoenicuroides 



Whitetailed Blue Robin 

Cinclidium leucurum 

Lepcha: Mangshia 


Bluefronted Robin 

Cinclidium frontale 




Grandala coelicolor 



Little Forktail 

Enicurus scouleri 

Lepcha: Ooong-sumbrek-pho 


Blackbacked Forktail 

Enicurus immaculatus 

Naga: Inruidiba gajeba 


Slatybacked Forktail 

Enicurus schistaceus 

Naga: Inruidiba 


Leschenault's Forktail 

Enicurus leschenaulti 

Naga: Inruidiba gadiba 

1688, 1689 

Spotted Forktail 

Enicurus maculatus 

Baluchistan: Khanjan, Kash: Shakhel-lot, Lepcha: Oong-sam ching-pho, Bhutia: Chuka-leka 


Purple Cochoa 

Cochoa purpurea 

Lepcha: Lo-nyum-pho, Nepal: Cocho 


Green Cochoa 

Cochoa viridis 



Brown Rock Chat 

Cercomela fusca 

Hindi: Shama, Pun: Bhuri galri, U.P: Dauma, Guj: Kalo patharal piddo 


Stoliczka's Bush Chat 

Saxicola macrorhyncha 

Guj: Stoliczka-no piddo 


Hodgson's Bush Chat 

Saxicola insignis 

Bi: Gar-gugga 


Stone Chat, Collared Bush Chat 

Saxicola torquata 

Hindi: Kharpidda, Sans: Patti-kantha shup-ashvak, Kash: Dofa tiriv, Pun: Lai galri, Munda: Rab tine, Guj: Mendio 
piddo, Mar: Gappidas, Te: Adavi-kampa-nalanchi, Adavi-kampa jitta, Kan: Beli chataka 



Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 


Whitetailed Stone/Bush Chat 

Saxicola leucura 



Pied Bush Chat 

Saxicola caprata 

Sind: Pidda, Hindi: Pidda, Kala pidda, Sans: Shabal shup-ashvak, Pun: Kali galri, Guj: Shyama, Mar: Kavda 
gappidas, piddo, Ta: Kallu kuruvi, Te: Kampa nalanchi, Mai: Chutteental-killi, Kan: Kappu bili beli chataka 


Jerdon's Bush Chat 

Saxicola jerdoni 

Cachar: Daotisha-gashim 


Dark-grey Bush Chat 

Saxicola ferrea 

Lepcha: Sarrak-chak-pho 


Isabelline Chat 

Oenanthe isabellina 

Baluchistan: Gidik, Guj: Pilo piddo 


Redtailed Chat 

Oenanthe xanthoprymna 

Guj: Lai punchh piddo 



Oenanthe oenanthe 


1709, 1710 

Desert Wheatear 

Oenanthe deserti 

Guj: Rann piddo, Rana piddo 


Barne's Chat 

Oenanthe finschii 



Pied Chat 

Oenanthe picata 

Baluchistan: Monu, Pun: Dabbi galri, Guj: Kabaro piddo, Strickland-no piddo 


Hooded Chat 

Oenanthe monacha 

Baluchistan: Monu 


Hume's Chat 

Oenanthe alboniger 

Baluchistan: Monu 


Pleschanka's Chat/Wheatear 

Oenanthe pleschanka 

Baluchistan: Monu 


Whitecapped Redstart 

Chaimarrornis leucocephalus 

Hindi: Gir-chaondia, Kash: Chets tal, Kumidi, Pun: Dariai galri, U.P.: Kali-pholia, Lepcha: Mati-tap-pho, 
Bhutan: Chubia mati 


Indian Robin 

Saxicoloides fulicata 

Hindi: Kalchuri, Sans: Kal-pushta dakshin chatka, Pun: Pidda, Ben: Kalchuri, Bhil: Dachko, Guj: Deoli, Kali deva, 
Devaya kali, Mar: Kaldumnat, Chirak, Kalokhi, Ta: Kari-kuruvi, Kaddukari-kuruvi, Vannati-kuruvi, Te: Nalanchi, 
Mai: Kalmannati, Kan: Robin, Sinh: Kalu-polkichcha 


Rock Thrush 

Monticola saxatilis 



Blueheaded Rock Thrush 

Monticola cinclorhynchus 

Hindi: Nila sir kasturi, Sans: Neel-shirsh giri kasturika, Kash: Pala tiriv, Pun: Nili siri kasturi, Nepal: Krishen-patti, 
Cachar: Daohangar, Mikir: Vohtigle, Naga: Hengmeruine, Guj: Bhura mathano kasturo, Nilasharir kasturo, 
Mar: Shail kastur, Kastur, Mai: Parakili 


Chestnutbellied Rock Thrush 

Monticola rufiventris 

Lepcha: Ningri-pho, Cachar: Daohangar 

1725, 1726 

Blue Rock Thrush 

Monticola solitarius 

Hindi: Kashmiri kasturi, Sans: Kashmir giri kasturika, Kash: Pala tiriv, Pun: Nili kasturi, Lepcha: Ningri-pho, 
Cachar: Daohangar, Mikir: Vohtigle, Naga: Hengmeruine, Guj: Pandu shyama, Nil kasturo, Mar: Nila kastur, 
M: Pandu, F: Maal, Te: Podakachi pitta, Mai: Parakili, Kan: Neeli thrush 


Ceylon Whistling Thrush 

Myiophonus blighi 



Malabar Whistling Thrush 

Myiophonus horsfieldii 

Hindi: Bhangraj, Sans: Shree kasturika, M.P: Bhangraj, Ass: Dhapolika, Guj: Kasturo, Indraraj, Mar: Shilkari kastur, 
Gogi, Ta: Sikaram, Te: Singala karewe, Kasturi pakshi, Mai: Chulakakka, Kan: Gunta-ukkee, Sillu hakuva thrush 

1729, 1730 

Blue Whistling Thrush 

Myiophonus caeruleus 

Kash: Hazar dastaan, Kasturaa, H.P: Kasturaa, Narel, Pun: Pahari nili kasturi, Pahari: Kholchara, U.P.: Kuljel, 
Kaljit, Lepcha: Chamong-pho, Cachar: Di-daokat gashim, Daokat meberung, Khasia: Simtung, Bhutia: Tetiman 


Pied Ground Thrush 

Zoothera wardii 

Mai: Kozhikli 


Siberian Ground Thrush 

Zoothera sibirica 



Orangeheaded Ground Thrush 

Zoothera citrina 

Hindi: Safed gaala kasturi, Sans: Shwet-kanth bhu kasturika, H.P.: Malagir, Pun: Santri kasturi, Ben: Dama, 
Cachar: Daokat-gajauiaba, Guj: Malagir kasturo, Narangi kasturo, Mar: Kshiti kastur, Ta: Mampala chittu, 
Mai: Kozhikili, Koori kannan kattupulleh, Kan: Shweta kanta thrush, Nicobar: Chook-chyong 


Spottedwinged Ground Thrush 

Zoothera spiloptera 

Sinh: Wal avichchiya, Goma avichchiya 

1738, 1739 

Plainbacked Mountain Thrush 

Zoothera mollissima 

Lepcha: Phanniok-kiok-pho, Bhutan: Telia kanrim. 


Longtailed Mountain Thrush 

Zoothera dixoni 



Golden/ Smallbilled Mountain Thrush 

Zoothera dauma 

Mai: Kozhikkilipponam, Sinh: Wal avichchiya 



Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 


Large Brown Thrush 

Zoothera monticola 


Lesser Brown Thrush 

Zoothera marginata 

Cachar: Daokat-buku-lowia 


Blackbreasted Thrush 

Turdus dissimilis 

Cachar: Daokat gashim gajao 


Tickell's Thrush 

Turdus unicolor 

Hindi: Desi pawai, Kash: Kostur, Kao kumr, Ben: Machasah 


Whitecollared Blackbird 

Turdus albocinctus 

Hindi: Kundoo kastura, Pahari: Charchar 


Greywinged Blackbird 

Turdus boulboul 

Hindi: Kasturi, Pun: Saleti par kasturi, Ben: Pahariya masaicha, Lepcha: Phoyiong-pho, Bhutan: Chemam 



Turdus merula 

Hindi: Kasturi, Sans: Krushna-paksha kasturika, Pun: Kali kasturi, Guj: Kasturi, Shyamasharir kasturo, 
Mar: Kasturi, Ta: Kari-kuruvi, Te: Poda palisa, Mai: Karimkili, Sinh: Kalu kurulla 

1758, 1759 

Greyheaded Thrush 

Turdus rubrocanus 

Hindi: Lai kastura, Kash: Wan kastur, Tibetan: Chiama gunka 


Kessler's Thrush 

Turdus kessleri 



Fea's Thrush 

Turdus feai 

Cachar: Daokat jadi 


Dark Thrush 

Turdus obscurus 

Cachar: Daokat gashim, Guj: Baikal 

1763, 1764 

Blackthroated/Redthroated Thrush 

Turdus ruficollis 

Kash: Wanda kastur, Pun: Van kasturi, Ben: Mach-reycha, Cachar: Daokat gashim/gajao, Nepal: Chachar, 
Guj: Lalkanth kasturo 


Dusky Thrush 

Turdus naumanni 

Cachar: Daokat 



Turdus pilaris 




Turdus iliacus 



Missel Thrush 

Turdus viscivorus 

Kash: Techal kastur 



Troglodytes troglodytes 

Lepcha: Marchek-pho 


Whitebellied Dipper 

Cinclus cinclus 

Kash: Dungal, Galkar, Cachar: Daodui-di 

1775, 1776 

Brown Dipper 

Cinclus pallasii 

Kash: Dungal, Galkar, Cachar: Di-dao-bui, Lepcha: Nambong-karriak, Bhutia: Chutia-nakka 


Alpine Accentor 

Prunella collaris 

Kash: Zanda tsar 


Altai Accentor 

Prunella himalayana 



Robin Accentor 

Prunella rubeculoides 

Lepcha: Phoo-ching-pho 

1782, 1783 

Rufousbreasted Accentor 

Prunella strophiata 

Lepcha: Phoo-ching-pho 


Brown Accentor 

Prunella fulvescens 


1786, 1787 

Blackthroated Accentor 

Prunella atrogularis 



Siberian Accentor 

Prunella montanella 



Maroonbacked Accentor 

Prunella immaculata 



Sultan Tit 

Melanochlora sultanea 

Cachar: Dao-rajah-gatang-lili, Lepcha: Bon-tylia-pho 


Grey Tit 

Parus major 

Hindi: Slatey ramgangara, Sans: Bhasm valguli, Kash: Ranga tsar, Dantiwu, Pun: Saleti tit, Ben: Ram-ganga, 
Ass: Bhudder coolee, Tibetan: Chi-kiaga, Guj: Rakhodi ramachakali, Mar: Rakhi ramgangara, Rakhi balguli, 
Ta: Puttani kuruvi, Sittu-kuruvi, Mai: Marappottan 


Whitewinged Black Tit 

Parus nuchalis 

Guj: Kabari ramachakli, Te: Nalla patsa jitta 


Greenbacked Tit 

Parus monticolus 

Lepcha: Sarak-chak-pho, Cachar: Daosi-whet, Pahari: Chichin kothi 


Azure Tit, Yellowbreasted Blue Tit 

Parus cyanus 



Blackbibbed Tit 

Parus hypermelas 




Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 


Crested Black Tit 

Parus melanolophus 

Kash: Pintsakon, Tajdar tsar 


Coal Tit 

Parus ater 



Black Tit 

Parus rufonuchalis 

Kash: Pintsakon, Tajdar tsar, Lepcha: Liho tasso 


Rufousbellied Crested Tit 

Parus rubidiventris 


1807, 1808 

Brown Crested Tit 

Parus dichrous 


1809, 1811 

Yellowcheeked Tit 

Parus xanthogenys 

Hindi: Peela ramgangara, Lepcha: Muchetink pho, Guj: Pili chotili ramachackli, Chotili ramachakali, 
Mar: Pivala ramgangara, Mai: Pacha-marapottan 


Blackspotted Yellow Tit 

Parus spilonotus 

1813, 1814 

Yellowbrowed Tit 

Sylviparus modestus 


1815, 1816 

Firecapped Tit 

Cephalopyrus flammiceps 



Penduline Tit 

Remiz pendulinus 



Redheaded Tit 

Aegithalos concinnus 

Lepcha: Pyiong-samyi. 


Whitecheeked Tit 

Aegithalos leucogenys 



Whitethroated Tit 

Aegithalos niveogularis 



Rufousfronted Tit 

Aegithalos iouschistos 



European or Kashmir Nuthatch 

Sitta europaea 

Cachar: Daomojo-gophu, Guj: Kathaipet zad-chad 


Chestnutbellied Nuthatch 

Sitta castanea 

Hindi: Siri, Sans: Pitta raktodar shilindhri, Pun: Siri, Ben: Chor park/parki, Cachar: Dao-mojo-gajao, 
Lepcha: Sidhyi-phip, Guj: Kathaipet zad-chad, Mewadi siri, Narangipeth siri, Mar: Siri, Te: Siri pitta, 
Mai: Thamraudharan gowlikkili, Maram nirangi 


Whitecheeked Nuthatch 

Sitta leucopsis 


1834, 1835 

Whitetailed Nuthatch 

Sitta himalayensis 

Lepcha: Siddyi-phip 


Rock Nuthatch 

Sitta tephronota 



Beautiful Nuthatch 

Sitta formosa 

Cachar: Dao-mojo-gadeba, Lepcha: Tishe kuyi gumbo, 


Velvetfronted Nuthatch 

Sitta frontalis 

Hindi: Siri, Sans: Shilindhri, Cachar: Dao-mojo-buku-gajao, Guj: Makhmali zad-chad, Nil siri, Mar: Makhmali siri, 
Ta: Pasai edukira kuruvi, Mai: Tandan kili, Sinh: Panu-kurulla 


Wall Creeper 

Tichodroma muraria 

Pushtu: Dewal gaiyuk, Kash: Lamba dider, H.P.: Suppurotsu, Pun: Kandh charhi, Lepcha: Sag-forsa-lamdong-pho 

1840, 1841 

Spotted Grey Creeper 

Salpornis spilonotus 

Guj: Rakhodi thad-chad 


Tree Creeper 

Certhia familiaris 



Himalayan Tree Creeper 

Certhia himalayana 

Kash: Koel dider, Pun: Rukh charhi 

1849, 1850 

Sikkim Tree Creeper 

Certhia discolor 

Pahari: Sulsuli, Ass: Chua sorai, Cachar: Dao-mojo, Mani: Voh-ti-ti-ling, Lepcha: Saddyer-pho, Naga: Inrui-m-jet 


Nepal Tree Creeper 

Certhia nipalensis 


1852, 1853 

Indian Tree Pipit 

Anthus hodgsoni 

Hindi: Musarichi, Pun: Rukh charchari, Ben: Muchassi, Lilashvali dhan chidi, Munda: Ambal-serwi, 
Guj: For pipits - Dhan chidi, Ta: Pulkuruvi, Te: Liku jitta 

1854, 1855 

Tree Pipit 

Anthus trivialis 

Hindi: Musarichi, Ben: Muchassi, Munda: Ambal-serwi, Ta: Pulkuruvi, Te: Liku jitta, Maid: Fanfouduni 


Meadow Pipit 

Anthus pratensis 



Paddyfield Pipit 

Anthus novaeseelandiae 

Hindi: Rugail, Charchari, Sans: Dhan-tulika, Pun: Charchari, M.P.: Suriam, Serwi, Chanchir, Guj: Deshi dhan chidi, 
Mar: Bhartriya pipit, Panthal charchari, Ta: Pulla puraki, Nettai-kali, Te: Gurapa-modi-pitta, Bharata jittangi, 
Mai: Chatuppan, Varamban, Kan: Pipileeka, Sinh: Gomaritta, Panu-kurulla 



Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 

1861, 1862 

Tawny Pipit 

Anthus campestris 

Hindi: Chillu, Pilashvali dhan chidi, Pun: Baggi charchari 


Blyth's Pipit 

Anthus godlewskii 

Hindi: Chillu, Ragail, Charchari, M.P.: Suriam, Serwi, Chanchir, Ta: Pulla puraki, Nettai-kali, Te: Gurapa-modi-pitta 


Redthroated Pipit 

Anthus cervinus 

Hindi: Lai gala chillu 


Vinaceousbreasted Pipit 

Anthus roseatus 

Pun: Lai charchari, Guj: Hodgson-no dhan chidi 


Brown Rock Pipit 

Anthus similis 

Pun: Bhuri charchari, Guj: Patharal dhan chidi, Mai: Paranirangan 


Nilgiri Pipit 

Anthus nilghiriensis 

Mai: Pullolian 

1871, 1872 

Water Pipit 

Anthus spinoletta 



Upland Pipit 

Anthus sylvanus 

Pun: Pahari charchari 


Forest Wagtail 

Motacilla indica 

Ben: Khanjan, Guj: Vana ghodo,Ta: Kodikal vaal-ati, Te: Uz-halla-jitta, Mai: Kattuvalkulukki, Sinh: Gomarita 


Yellow Wagtail 

Motacilla flava 

Hindi: Pilkya, Pani-ka-pilkya, Sans: Pitta khajjan, Urdu: Pila mamola, Pun: Saleti sir pila mamola, Kala sir pila 
mamola, Kala sir mamola, Guj: Matano pilakiyo, Bhura mathano pilakiyo, Rakhodi mathano pilakiyo, Mar: Pivla 
dhobi, Pivla parit, Te: Pacha kampa jitta, Mai: Charathalayan valkuluki, Kan: Haladi sipilae, Maid: Fanfouduni 


Yellowheaded Wagtail 

Motacilla citreola 

Hindi: Pilkya, Pani-ka-pilkya, Sans: Jal khajjan, Pitta-shirsha khajjan, Kash: Ledor dobbai, Peench kani, Pun: Pila si 
mamola, Mirshikars: Pan pillakh, M.P.: On munda, Ass: Tooni, Guj: Pila mathano pilakiyo, Mar: Pivalya dokyacha dhobi 


Grey Wagtail 

Motacilla cinerea 

Hindi: Saleti khanjan, Sans: Dhusar khajjan, Kash: Khak dobbai, Pun: Saleti mamola, Ass: Haldiya balimahi, 
Guj: Vana pilakiyo, Mar: Rakhi dhobi, Karda parit, Te: Mudi-tippudu-jitta, Mai: Vazhikulukki, Kan: Boodu sipilaea 


White Wagtail 

Motacilla alba 

Hindi: Dhoban, Sans: Bharat shwet khajjan, Kash: Peenchkani, Dobbai, Buyachin, Pun: Chitta mamola, 
M.P. Khanjana, Gara chanchir, Bhil: Nachangol, Ben: Khanjana, Ass: Tipochi, Lepcha: Tangzhenfleu, 
Guj: Khatrianni, Diwali ghodo, Mar: Pandhra dhobi/parit, Te: Wellakampa jitta, Mai: Vella valkulukki, 
Kan: Bili sipilae, Kundi kusuka 


Large Pied Wagtail 

Motacilla maderaspatensis 

Hindi: Mamula, Bhuin mamula, Khanjan, Sans: Bhat shabal khajjan, , Pun: Wadda mamola, M.P.: Nachangol, Hata 
rowe, Ass: Balimahi, Tipochi, Mani: Khongrangchak, Guj: Khanjan, Mar: Kavdya dhobi, Thorla dhobi, Kavda parit, 
Shabal, Ta: For wagtails: Vaal-ati kuruvi, Vannathi kuruvi, Kulatthu kuruvi, Te: Sakala sarela-gadu, Batta kampa 
jitta, Mai: Valukunukki pakshi, Kan: Kappu bili sipilae 


Thickbilled Flowerpecker 

Dicaeum agile 

Pun: Full chuki, M.P. Che, Guj: Phul sunghani, Jadichanch fulsunghani, Mar: Phultocha, Ta: For flowerpeckers - 
Poon-chittu, Poon-kothi, Te: Chittu-jitta, Poopudupu jitta, Mai: Ittakkannikuruvi 


Yellowvented Flowerpecker 

Dicaeum chrysorrheum 



Yellowbellied Flowerpecker 

Dicaeum melanoxanthum 



Legge's Flowerpecker 

Dicaeum vincens 



Orangebellied Flowerpecker 

Dicaeum trigonostigma 


1899, 1900 

Tickell's Flowerpecker 

Dicaeum erythrorhynchos 

Hindi: Phoolchuki, Lepcha: Sungti-pro-pho, Guj: Pilichanchvali phul sunghani, Ta: For flowerpeckers: Poon-chittu, 
Poon-kothi, Te: Poopudupu jitta, Kan: Badanike hakki, Sinh: Pililer-geddi sutikka 


Plaincoloured Flowerpecker 

Dicaeum concolor 

Cachar: Bongfang daotisha, Guj: Sadi fulsunghani, Mai: Ittikkanikuruvi 


Scarletbacked Flowerpecker 

Dicaeum cruentatum 

Cachar: Daomoji gajao 


Firebreasted Flowerpecker 

Dicaeum ignipectus 

Lepcha: Sangti-pro-pho 



Anthreptes singalensis 

Cachar: Daotisha sundai 

1907, 1908 

Purplerumped Sunbird 

Nectarinia zeylonica 

Hindi: Shakar khora, Ben: Man choongi, Guj: Pachrangi phul chakli, Pacharangi shakkarakhoro, Mar: Chumka, 
Shinjir, Ta: Then-chittu, Then-urinchan, Te: Tene pitta, Mai: Manja tenkili, Kan: Khagaratan, Sinh: Mai sutikka 


Small Sunbird 

Nectarinia minima 

Hindi: Chhota shakar khora, Guj: Nano shakkarakhoro, Mai: Cheru tenkili 


Van Hasselt's Sunbird 

Nectarinia sperata 


1911, 1912 

Loten's Sunbird 

Nectarinia lotenia 

Ta: For sunbirds: Then-chittu, Then-urichan, Mai: Tenkili, Vali tenkili, Sinh: Ran sutikka 



Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 


Olivebacked Sunbird 

Nectarinia jugularis 

Nicobar: Raycha 


Purple Sunbird 

Nectarinia asiatica 

Sind: Dunbarg, Hindi: Shakar khora, Phul soongni, Urdu: Shakar khora, Phul soongni, Pun: Kala pidda, Shakar 
khora, Full sunghni, Bi: Jugi-jugi, M.P.: Sue, Ben: Thun-thuni, Mauchung, Ass: Moupiya sorai, Guj: Phul chakli, 
Jambli shakkarakhoro, Mar: Chumka, Jambhla suryalakkshi, Ta: Then-kudi, Pu-kudichan, Te: Thena-pitta, Ooda 
thene pitta, Mai: Karuppan tenkili, Kan: Makarandaehame, Sinh: Sutikka, Gewal kurulla 


Mrs Gould's Sunbird 

Aethopyga gouldiae 



Nepal Yellowbacked Sunbird 

Aethopyga nipalensis 


1925, 1925 

Blackbreasted Sunbird 

Aethopyga saturata 



Yellowbacked Sunbird 

Aethopyga siparaja 

U.P.: Phulchuiya, Guj: Phulraj, Mai: Tenkili 


Firetailed Sunbird 

Aethopyga ignicauda 



Little Spiderhunter 

Arachnothera longirostris 

Mai: Tenkilimatan 


Streaked Spiderhunter 

Arachnothera magna 

Lepcha: Dom-siriok-pho, Bhutia: Ydong-pichang 



Zosterops palpebrosa 

Hindi: Baboona, Pun: Sunakkhi, M.P: Motichur, Cachar: Daotisha-gophu-pi, Guj: Babuna, Swethnayana, 

Mar: Chashmewala, Ta: Vellai kanni, Kannadi kuruvi, Pu-kuruvi, Te: Vella kanti, Mai: Vellikkani, Sinh: Mai kurulla 


Ceylon White-eye 

Zosterops ceylonensis 

Sinh: Mal-kurulla, Ta: Pu-kuruvi 


House Sparrow 

Passer domesticus 

Baluchistan: Ginjishki, Hindi: Gouriya, Urdu: Gouriya, Kash: Kantur (M), Tsar (F), Pun: Chiri, M.P.: Garhwa, 
Bhil: Charkalpe(M), Ben: Choti charai, Ass: Ghon chirika, Mani: Sendang, Nepal: Guora, Guj: Chakli, Mar: Chimni, 
Ori: Gharachatia, Ta: Chittukuruvi, Ur kuruvi, Adaikala kuruvi, Te: Oora pichchuka, Mai: Angnadi kuruvi, Kuruvi, 
Narayanappakshi, Kan: Gubbachi, Gubbi, Sinh: Ge kurulla 


Spanish Sparrow 

Passer hispaniolensis 

Pun: Chini chiri 


Tree Sparrow 

Passer montanus 

Hindi: Chhoti gouriya, Ass: Konchika, Mani: Sendung, Tibetan: Kang-che 


Sind Jungle Sparrow 

Passer pyrrhonotus 

Pun: Jangali chiri 

1946, 1947 

Cinnamon Tree Sparrow 

Passer rutilans 

Hindi: Lai gouriya, Ass: Pichi, Mani: Sendang, Tibetan: Kang-che-go-ma, Naga: Inkurui 


Scrub Sparrow 

Passer moabiticus 


1948, 1949 

Yellowthroated Sparrow 

Petronia xanthocollis 

Hindi: Raji, Jangli-chiria, Pun: Pila gal chiri, M.P.: Mahoroi, Daidem, Ben: Ban-charai, Te: Adavi-pichike, 
Konde-pichike, Cheruka-pichika, Mai: Manjatali, Guj: Pahelwan chakli, Raji 


Rock Sparrow 

Petronia petronia 

Tibetan: Dnok-che 


Pallas 's Snow Finch 

Montifringilla nivalis 



Tibet Snow Finch 

Montifringilla adamsi 

Tibetan: Richi-kya-shok, Abe je 


Mandelli's Snow Finch 

Montifringilla taczanowskii 

Tibetan: Go-pang 


Rednecked Snow Finch 

Montifringilla ruficollis 

Tibetan: Abye, Rib-che-kar-po 


Blanford's Snow Finch 

Montifringilla blanfordi 

Tibetan: Abye-po 


Pere David's Snow Finch 

Montifringilla davidiana 




Ploceus philippinus 

Hindi: Baya, Son-chiri, Pun: Bijra, Baya, M.P.: Suyam, Ben: Babui, Ass: Tookora sorai, Cachar: Dao-tiri-bhai, 
Guj: Baya sugari, Mar: Sugran, Gavlan, Vinkar, Ta: Thukanan-kuruvi, Thonga-nathan, Tokora sorai, Manja-kuruvi, 
Te: Pasupu pitta, Mai: Attakkuruvi, Kan: Nekara pakshi, Sinh: Wadu-kurulla, Tatteh-kurulla, Goiyan-kurulla 

1960, 1960a 

Finn's Baya 

Ploceus megarhynchus 



Blackthroated Weaver Bird 

Ploceus benghalensis 

Hindi: Sarbo baya, Pun: Kala gal bijra, Ben: Shor baya, Kantawala baya, Guj: Kalagalani sughari, Shyamkantha 
sugari, Te: Nallagontu pichuka, Ori: Baya chatia, Kan: Kappedeya nekara pakshi 

1962, 1963 

Streaked Weaver Bird 

Ploceus manyar 

Hindi: Bamani baya, Telia baya, Pun: Dharidar bijra, Ben: Telia baya, Tite-babui, Tal chata, B' desh: Bawayi, 



Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 

Guj: Lintivali/Rekhankith/Rekhavala sugari, Ta: Thukanan kuruvi, Manja kuruvi, Te: Charala pichuka, 
Mai: Attakkuruvi, Kayatatta, Sinh: Wadu kurulla 


Red Munia or Avadavat 

Estrilda amandava 

Hindi: Laal munia, Guj: Surakh, Laal muniya , Laal tapu shiyu, Mar: Laal munia, Pun: Laal munia, Surkhan, 
Te: Torra-jinuwayi, Yerra jinuwayi, Mai: Chuvanna moonia, Kan: Kempu munia 


Green Munia 

Estrilda formosa 

Hindi: Hari munia, Guj: Lili munia, Lili muniya, Lilu tapushiyu, Te: Pacha jinuwayi, Kan: Hasiru munia 


Whitethroated Munia 

Lonchura malabarica 

Hindi: Charchara, Charga, Charakka, Pidda, Pun: Chittgali munia, Ben: Piduri, Sar munia, Guj: Pavai munia, 
Munia, Tapushiyu, Sweth kanth tapushiyu, Mar: Malmunia, Ta: Nellu-kuruvi, Te: Jinuwayi, Mai: Vayalatta, 
Kan: Bili kantada munia, Sinh: Wee-kurulla 


Whitebacked Munia 

Lonchura striata 

Hindi Shakari munia, Kutis, Ben: Shakari munia, Kutis, Lepcha: Samprek-pho, Cachar: Dao-muni, 
Bhutia: Namprek, Guj: Kabara tapushiyu, Ta: Nellu kuruvi, Tinayan, Tinai-kuruvi, Mai: Attakkaruppan, 
Kan: Bili bennina munia, Sinh: Wee-kurulla 


Rufousbellied Munia 

Lonchura kelaarti 

Ta: Nellu kuruvi, Mai: Tottakaran, Sinh: Wee kurulla 

1974, 1975 

Spotted Munia 

Lonchura punctulata 

Hindi: Telia munia, Seenabaz, Pun: Telia munia, Mirshikars: Sinewaz, Ben: Tiley munia, Ass: Tooni sorai, 
Guj: Bharati tapkavali munia, Taliyun tapushiyu, Mar: Thipkewala munia, Ori: Munia, Ta: Nellu-kuruvi, Tinna- 
kuruvi, Te: Kakkara jinuwayi, Chukkala jinuwayi, Mai: Chuttiatta, Kan: Chukke munia, Sinh: Wee-kurulla 


Blackheaded Munia 

Lonchura malacca 

Hindi: Nakalnor, Telia munia, Sing-baz, Pora munia, Nukroul, Ben: Nakalnur, Mani: Ushuk, Guj: Shyamsharir 
tapushiyu, Ta: Thinai kuruvi, Nellu-kuruvi, Te: Nalla jinuwayi, Mai: Attachemban, Kan: Kappu taleya munia, 
Sinh: Wee-kurulla 


Java Sparrow 

Padda oryzivora 




Fringilla coelebs 




Fringilla montifringilla 




Coccothraustes coccothraustes 



Black-and-Yellow Grosbeak 

Coccothraustes icterioides 

Kash: Wyet tont 


Allied Grosbeak 

Coccothraustes affinis 


1984, 1985 

Whitewinged Grosbeak 

Coccothraustes carnipes 



Spottedwinged Grosbeak 

Coccothraustes melanozanthos 

Kash: Wyet-tont, Lepcha: Maltam-pho 



Carduelis carduelis 

Kash: Shaira, Pun: Sunahri tooti 


Himalayan Greenfinch 

Carduelis spinoides 



Tibetan Siskin 

Serinus thibetanus 



Eastern Linnet 

Acanthis cannabina 


1995, 1996 


Acanthis flavirostris 

Tibetan: Pe-che, Deng-deng-ma 


Redbrowed Finch 

Callacanthis burtoni 



Goldfronted Finch 

Serinus pusillus 

Kash: Tyok, Taer (juv) 

1999, 2000 

Plaincoloured/ Hodgson's Mountain 

Leucosticte nemoricola 

Tibetan: Kib-che 


Brandt's Mountain Finch 

Leucosticte brandti 



Trumpeter Bullfinch 

Carpodacus githaginea 



Mongolian Desert Finch 

Carpodacus mongolicus 



Lichtenstein's Desert Finch 

Rhodospiza obsoleta 

Pakistan: Kabul gulabi 


Crimsonwinged Desert Finch 

Callacanthis sanguinea 




Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 


Common Rosefinch 

Carpodacus erythrinus 

Hindi: Tuti, Lai tuti, Surkhab tuti, Hash: Gulab tsar, Pun: Lai tooti, Ben: Gulabi tuti, Lai tuti, Cachar: Dao- 
gajaviaba, Lepcha: Phulin-pho, Naga: Ingerui, B' desh: Chhota tuti, Nepal: Amonga tuti, Tibetan: Do-di-ma-mo, Guj: 
Gulabi, Gulabi thuthi, Te: Yedru-pichike, Yedru-jinowayi, Mai: Rosakkuruvi 


Nepal Rosefinch 

Carpodacus nipalensis 

Lepcha: Ka-biya 


Blanford's Rosefinch 

Carpodacus rubescens 



Pinkbrowed Rosefinch 

Carpodacus rhodochrous 

Nepal: Gulab tuti, Gulab chiriya 


Vinaceous Rosefinch 

Carpodacus vinaceus 



Redmantled Rosefinch 

Carpodacus rhodochlamys 



Spottedwinged Rosefinch 

Carpodacus rhodopeplus 



Whitebrowed Rosefinch 

Carpodacus thura 


2023, 2024 

Beautiful Rosefinch 

Carpodacus pulcherrimus 

Tibetan: Do-di 


Large Rosefinch 

Carpodacus edwardsii 



Threebanded Rosefinch 

Carpodacus trifasciatus 



Great Rosefinch 

Carpodacus rubicilla 

Tibetan: Awal-luk-si 


Eastern Great Rosefinch 

Carpodacus rubicilloides 

Tibetan: Awal-luk-si 


Redbreasted Rosefinch 

Carpodacus puniceus 




Loxia curvirostra 



Redheaded Rosefinch 

Propyrrhula subhimachala 



Scarlet Finch 

Haematospiza sipahi 

Lepcha: Phanying-pho-biu, Bhutia: Labbia-mapho 


Goldheaded Black Finch 

Pyrrhoplectes epauletta 

Lepcha: Lho-sampreh-pho 

2036, 2037 

Brown Bullfinch 

Pyrrhula nipalensis 



Beavan's Bullfinch 

Pyrrhula erythaca 

Lepcha: Kobyu 


Redheaded Bullfinch 

Pyrrhula erythrocephala 

Lepcha: Kobyu 


Orange Bullfinch 

Pyrrhula aurantiaca 

Kash: Sama sonatser 


Corn Bunting 

Emberiza calandra 



Pine Bunting 

Emberiza leucocephalos 



Blackheaded Bunting 

Emberiza melanocephala 

Baluchistan: Zarden drushk, Sind: Booree, Hindi: Gandam, Pun: Kala sir boli, Guj: Kala mathano gandam, 
Shyam shir gandam, Te: Nalla tala jinuwayi 


Redheaded Bunting 

Emberiza bruniceps 

Sind: Dalchidi, Hindi: Gandam, Pun: Lai sir boli, Guj: Lai mathano gandam, Lai shir gandam, Te: Pacha jinuwaji 


Chestnut Bunting 

Emberiza rutila 

Hindi: Lai gandam 


Yellowbreasted Bunting 

Emberiza aureola 



Blackfaced Bunting 

Emberiza spodocephala 



Whitecapped Bunting 

Emberiza stewarti 

Pun: Chitta sir boli, Guj: Sweth shir gandam 


Ortolan Bunting 

Emberiza hortulana 



Greynecked Bunting 

Emberiza buchanani 

Hindi: Jamjohara, Guj: Patharal gandam, Thoriyo gandam 


Rock Bunting 

Emberiza cia 

Kash: Won tsar, Pun: Pahari boli 


Greyheaded Bunting 

Emberiza fucata 

Hindi: Patthar-chiria 



Common Name 

Scientific Name 

Local Names 



Little Bunting 

Emberiza pusilla 

Cachar: Dao miji, Guj: Nano gandam 


Striolated Bunting 

Emberiza striolata 

Guj: Laherio gandam 

2058, 2059 

Reed Bunting 

Emberiza schoeniclus 



Crested Bunting 

Melophus lathami 

Hindi: Patthar-chiria, Pun: Bodal boli, Guj: Mor chakli, Kathai-pankh, Mor gandam 


Ass. - Assam 

Mani. - Manipur 

Abor - Assam 

Mikir - Assam 

Ben. - Bengal 

Mar. - Maharashtra 

Bhil - Madhya Pradesh 

Miri - Assam 

Bi. - Bihar 

Ori. - Orissa 

Bhutia - Sikkim 

Mirshikars - Bihar 

Guj. - Gujarat 

Pun. - Punjab 

Cachar - Assam 

Mishmi - Assam 

H.P. - Himachal Pradesh 

Sans. - Sanskrit 

Dafla - Arunachal Pradesh 

Pahari - Offshoot of Rajasthani spoken in the Himalayas 

Kan. - Karnataka 

Sind. - Sindh 

Gond - Madhya Pradesh 

Plains Miri - Assam 

Kash. - Kashmir 

Sinh. - Sinhala (Sri Lanka) 

Khasi -Meghalaya 

Pushtu - Afghanistan 

Mai. - Malayalam (Kerala) 

U.P - Uttar Pradesh 

Kuki - Assam, Meghalaya & Nagaland 

Turki - Turkish 

Maid. - Maldives 

Lepcha - Sikkim 

Santhali - Bihar 

Yerkali - Andhra Pradesh 


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Note: The order of the index is as per the classification order of birds in Ali & Ripley's Handbook. The number following each family or subfamily is the page number. 

Divers: 6 

Grebes: 6 

Petrels & Shearwaters: 6 

Storm Petrels: 6 

Tropic-Birds: 6 

Pelicans: 6 

Boobies: 6 

Cormorants & Darters: 6,7 

Frigate Bird: 7 

Herons, Egrets & Bitterns: 7, 8 

Storks: 8 

Ibises & Spoonbills: 8-9 

Flamingos: 9 

Ducks, Geese & Swans: 9-11 

Hawks & Vultures: 11-13 

Falcons: 13 

Megapodes: 13 

Pheasants, Partridges & Quails: 13-15 

Bustard-Quails: 15 

Cranes: 15 

Rails & Coots: 15-16 

Finfoots: 16 

Bustards: 16 

Jacanas: 17 

Oystercatchers: 17 

Plovers, Sandpipers & Snipes: 17-19 

Painted Snipe: 19 

Stilts & Avocets: 19 

Ibisbill: 19 

Crab Plovers: 19 

Stone Curlews: 19 

Coursers & Pratincoles: 19 

Skuas & Jaegers: 19-20 

Gulls & Terns: 20-21 

Sandgrouse: 21 

Pigeons & Doves: 21-22 

Parakeets & Lorikeets: 22-23 

Cuckoos: 23-24 

Owls: 24-25 

Frogmouths: 25 

Nightjars: 25 

Swifts: 25-26 

Trogons: 26 

Kingfishers: 26 

Bee-eaters: 26-27 

Rollers: 27 

Hoopoes: 27 

Hornbills: 27 

Barbets: 27-28 

Honeyguides: 28 

Woodpeckers: 28-29 

Broadbills: 29 

Pittas: 29 

Larks: 29-30 

Swallows: 30 

Shrikes: 30 

Orioles: 31 

Drongos: 31 

Swallow-Shrikes: 31 

Starlings & Mynas: 31-32 

Crows, Magpies & Jays: 32-33 

Waxwing & Hypocolius: 33 

Cuckoo-Shrikes & Minivets: 33-34 

Fairy Bluebird, Ioras & Chloropsis: 34 

Bulbuls: 34-35 

Babblers: 35-39 

Flycatchers: 39-40 

Thickheads/ Mangrove Whistlers: 40 

Warblers: 40-43 

Thrushes & Chats: 43-46 

Wrens: 46 

Dippers: 46 

Accentors: 46 

Tits: 46-47 

Nuthatches & Creepers: 47 

Tree Creepers: 47 

Pipits & Wagtails: 47-48 

Flowerpeckers: 48 

Sunbirds & Spiderhunters: 48 

White-eyes: 48-49 

Sparrows: 49 

Weaver Birds: 49 

Avadavats & Munias: 49-50 

Finches: 50-51